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Last week, I picked up Dior ‘Diorsnow UV Shield ‘ White Reveal BB Crème SPF 50 PA+++ ($50/1.2 oz.). I’ve been curious about BB cremes, which began their formulation in Asian markets and are intended to provide skin care benefits along with foundation-like coverage. Dior has been at this a while–it has a formulation of a BB Creme under its Hydralife series sold at Sephora. Recently, Dior  released this  formulation to its whitening Diorsnow line in the U.S. market.

According to the description on Nordstrom’s website, Diorsnow BB Creme:

  • Is a clinically proven brightening-treatment collection that evens the complexion, diminishes the appearance of dark spots and increases radiance
  • Powered by Icelandic glacial water and Dior’s exclusive transparency-enhancing complex, the new formulas counteract skin acidity and target all five features of a radiant complexion (evenness, luminosity, moisture, texture and plumpness).
  • Immediately skin is illuminated with a flawless, even radiance that is intensified day after day.
The product is packaged in a pump-tube. Because the product is fairly thick, it helps to tilt the pump downward (gravity is your friend here). Some thoughts:
  • Diorsnow BB Creme comes out a bit dryer and heavier than a traditional foundation.  Some mix it with a moisturizer. I used it just as it is.
  • This product looks just terrible when it is first applied–gray, thick, pore-emphasizing. Wait. After about two full minutes, the foundation seems to settle and color adjust.  It looks significantly different a few minutes after application. If you are testing it at a counter, insist on a full-face trial.
  • I found coverage medium toward heavy (it is certainly more pigmented than Nars Tinted Moisturizer, or Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua fluid). Still, you don’t need much product to get full-face coverage.
  • It feels a little heavier on my skin compared to some of the new lightweight foundations. As I said earlier, you might mix this with a moisturizer to lighten the coverage. I didn’t and not much of my own skin texture showed through.
  • Once it settled in, the texture was very fine and worthy of a high-end foundation category. I really enjoyed the way that it looked.
  • Because the coverage is strong, I really needed a bronzer/blush to add dimension to my face.
  • Diorsnow BB Creme holds up beautifully in 90 degree heat. This BB creme goes the distant in warm weather–I’m getting a 16 hour day out of this with no problems so far.
  • This leaves my forehead with a little glow–a powder helps. Interestingly, I do not typically have to re-powder during the day.
Currently, I was able to find only one color of Diorsnow BB Creme at my local counter, although it appears that there are two colors released in Asia (see this review at My Woman Stuff, with comparison swatches). I found that this color runs warm and light, which works for my NC15/20 skin tone. Here is a swatch–at the bottom, you can see how unnatural it looks when the product is first applied before it dries down (at the bottom).
Dior’s Diorsnow BB Creme has one of the highest rated sun protection on the market–this is rated at SPF 50. Still, never one to rely on my foundation alone, I’ve been wearing this over my Chanel UV Essential 50 sunscreen. My face is quite pale right now, i can assure you. Nothing seems to get through that combination. Ingredient list (click to enlarge):
Because I just purchased this last Friday, I can’t speak to the skincare benefits. You will typically need to use a lightening product for a good 6 to 8 weeks (or longer) in my opinion to tell whether it can deliver. I have not experienced any breakouts or clogging so far. As with any foundation and sunscreen, I remove everything at the end of the day with a Clarisonic brush, followed by a gentle toner. Active ingredients (from the tube):
Like some other reviewers, I was surprised to see Octinoxate listed although it appears that one study has concluded this is a safe sunscreen ingredient. To be honest, I’m neither a chemist nor an oncologist. Just a friendly beauty blogger.
As such, as far as a summer foundation– so far, so good. It does well in heat, it has a respectable SPF rating (although one should typically wear a sunscreen anyway), medium to heavy coverage without using much product. It feels a bit heavy. I’m interested to see if I will obtain any skincare benefit. Certainly sample-worthy. This is available (with free shipping) at Nordstrom.com.
Although I was playing with the idea of exploring more BB cremes, I’m wondering if it is possible that I’ve stumbled on a “best in class.”  Have you tried any? Which have you loved (or hated)?
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  37 Responses to “Dior Diorsnow BB Creme: First Impressions”

  1. The Diorsnow BB cream is far superior than the Dior Hydralife BB cream (which turned me into an Oompa Loompa by the 3 hour mark.) As an avid BB cream user, I absolutely love the Missha Perfect Cover, because it’s long wearing and transfer-resistant. On days when I’m not feeling the full-coverage heavier BB cream like the Missha, I opt for the Lioele Beyond The Solution. The realm of BB cream is a dangerous one, and I find myself constantly testing different ones but the two aforementioned are certainly of HG status :))

    • I also love the Missha Perfect Cover. Since it is so pigmented, I only use a very small amount of it, so I don’t use it for the sunscreen (I wear a sunscreen underneath if I wear it during the day). However, I love it because it wears like iron in the humid DC weather! It is really fantastic with regards to wear. Also, it comes in quite a few shades, so I’ve found a match for my very pale skin (the Dior one shown above would certainly be too dark and yellow for me).

  2. Hi! I wanted to point out that this BB cream is actually more in the formula of a traditional BB cream. The BB creams released in Asia are 99% thicker and provide much more coverage than a foundation or tinted moisturizer. Also most of the Asian BB creams have a grey-ish cast to them when first applied, which then adjusts to the skin tone. This is probably what Dior was looking for when designing this BB cream because it was aimed for the Asian market. BB creams were originally designed for people who just had surgery to cover up their scars, so the true BB cream must have skincare and sun protecting elements in them.

    In comparison, BB creams made for the Western market, i.e. the ones you would find in Sephora, are more like tinted moisturizers than true BB creams because most of them either lack the skincare or the sun protecting element, or both. The coverage is also sheer to medium for Western BB creams, which is why most people compare it to tinted moisturizers. In Asia, BB creams are a whole different breed of base products.

    I hope that helps kind of put it into prospective =)

    • Yes, thank you Shella!! Very, very helpful!! Are there any that you like?

      • Thank you, Amy!

        Missha (the Korean brand) makes several amazing BB creams that just melt into the skin and also photograph beautifully. They are crazy grey-toned though, which kind of works with Asian/olive skintones but not pink-based skin. That’s the only one I can think of that I remember liking. I actually much prefer foundation or TM to BB cream, haha.

  3. This product sounds amazing! I must get my hands on it!

  4. This is not available in Belgium, but we do get Dior Hydra Life BB cream and I absolutely love it! I don’t think I’ve worn a foundation ever since I got it! The consistency is most probably thinner than this one, and the coverage doesn’t sound as much, but it’s exactly what I need and it matches my skin tone very well! It also contains oxybenzone which I wish it didn’t, but I heard the danger is MOSTLY just for people who are allergic to it (please don’t pelt me with stones if I’m not right! I’m not a chemist either). Anyways it works very well for me. Don’t think I’ll need a foundation anytime soon with this one!

  5. I use the Nars one and I really like it. It does not feel heavy on my face at all and I have seen improvement in my skin. I haven’t been using as much concealer since using the Nars. Not sure whether that is because it has more coverage than the Becca tinted moisturizer that I was previously using or whether it is becuase my skin is better.

  6. I would love to read a comparison with the Armani Luminessence BB, any chance to review that as well ?
    Many thanks.

  7. I received a sample size of the Boscia BB cream and it’s surprisingly wonderful. It’s not ridiculously overpriced and I have noticed a difference in my skin since using it. I almost don’t need to use as much foundation since I’m getting more coverage (I’m using Perfection Lumiere and Koh Gen Do currently).

    • Hi there–are you using the BB cream with a foundation? I’ve been using this Dior alone (well, with a bronzer and blush typically, but no extra foundation). I tried a Boscia sample that I got from Sephora–it felt really nice. It was only a small packet so I didn’t use it very long (just one evening). Do you find it lasting well on you?

      • I did. I only use a small amount of foundation as there isn’t that much pigmentation in the cream itself (specifically under my eyes and my chin – using the BB cream first I’m able to blend enough for coverage). I believe that Sephora is where mine came from also, but I did get a small tube. I’ve tried Nars PRTM and it made me look shiny by 1pm.

  8. Now this is one of the few BB creams that I’m actually interested in trying out, as it’s not just another tinted moisturizer in BB clothing. Thank you so much for the review!

  9. I have tried the Omorovicza BB Cream and the 3Lab Perfect BB Cream. I really liked the Omorovicza one since it’s silicone free but it wasn’t the perfect color match for me. I’m yellow undertone and for me it came off a little pink. I also was looking for more coverage. The 3Lab Perfect BB Cream was alright but my skin reacted badly to it since it is has so many various silicones in it 🙁 It was too bad cause the color match was very good – I got a sample of Light. The coverage was great too and it was long lasting.

    I want to try the Lioele BB Cream next – Korean brand that is pretty popular and seemed to get lots of positive reviews. I also want to try the one from Sulwhasoo…I have used some of their skincare items and was impressed so hopefully the BB Cream will be positive as well.

    • Thank you Nikki!! Very useful– I was curious about Sulwhasoo’s as well. I’ve been reading very good things about it.

  10. I tried this over the weekend and the results were horrible on me. I am a BR12 and it was way too dark, heavy and fake looking on my skin. Sometimes the ‘one color fits all approach’ works but not in this case for us super pale /cool toned girls. Stay away if you’re like me.

    I DID think it would be excellent for women of a very tan, olive or darker complexion though. And I know those ladies have problems finding foundations that work with their coloring sometimes. For those women, I say try it.

  11. Hi

    I just ordered bunch of Bb creams directly from Korea as I first want to learn what the real authentic product is about so I can compare to western brand. As I tend to like more natural simpler products that those with one page long list of ingredients I decided to go with popular korean brand Skin food and their Good Afternoon Line and ordered Bbs in Berry, Peach/green tea and Rose/lemon.
    Im just recently starting to be very interested in Korean beauty as I have fallen in love with Korean day spa/sauna including body scrubs and yogurt cucumber masks. They know what they are doing.

    Also wanted to note if you are mixing various sunscreens I believe some counteract each other, such putting foundation with chemical sunscreen over physical filters sunscreen. Im no expert but I guess it is good to pay attention to what the actual filters are.

    • Good advice Ivana. Thank you!

      • Physical and Chemical sunscreens don’t counteract each other if you layer or mix them. They may not “play together” well as far as their interaction on your skin – pilling, peeling and overall unevenness and that would cause you to have ineffective protection. Thank you for this review, Amy. I am eager to try this Dior BB cream as I found the Hydralife one way too orange! Also, the quality and composition of your photos is so lush – makes me want to buy, buy buy!

  12. This post is such a coincidence. I’m a big fan of Cafe Makeup and have it on my RSS feed. I was just about to hit publish for a BB cream spotlight I was writing for my magazine when I saw this on top of my feed. Coincidentally, I also wrote about the DiorSnow BB Cream. The new formula is far superior to the original and some say the Hydralife version (currently not in Asia). The grey cast was practically permanent in the original DiorSnow formula.

    So far, I have been most impressed by Laneige’s new Soothing Cushion BB. It is lighter than the Nars TM but has amazing coverage and is budgeproof in humid weather. I hope you don’t mind me sharing the link to my story – http://www.tonguechic.com/beauty/spotlight-the-bb-creme-grows-up/

    • Nice slideshow feature Kathia–is thet a plug-in? Do you know the name?

      • Thanks! Yes it’s a plug-in. I didn’t install it and don’t have full access to the admin profile so this is a long shot. I dug in the code and found that it’s called Jcarousellite. We feel it can be improved. Currently doesn’t allow font selection, line breaks and forces all our text in a non-friendly alignment.

        We also use another gallery feature called NextGen Gallery for Style Snaps. The trouble with NextGen is that you need all the pics to be in the same orientation and size, so it is better for pics we take on our own as opposed to press pics.

        A revamp is in the pipes. I’ll keep you posted on gallery updates. 😀

  13. Hi there,

    Dior BB Cream is a staple in my makeup bag and it is best in class as you suspect. Another highly rated counter BB cream in Asia is the one from Lancome. A recent up and coming BB Cream is the one from Ettusais. MAC also does a BB Cream, while Chanel has jumped straight to CC Creams now.

    It is true that Western high-brand BB cream formula is not authentic to the original Korean BB creams in that they are leaning more towards the tinted moisturizer type of product and blend out sheer. Word of caution is that if you already find the Dior to be heavy on the skin, Korean BB Creams will feel like war paint!! The pigmentation and coverage on Korean brands is just really thick and impossible to blend til sheer no matter how little product you use! It is really important in this sense to get the right match to your skin tone or you’ll look really funny.

    Also, the range in Korea is exhaustingly extensive. Even within a single brand, there might be up to 10 types of BB creams. That said, if you want to try Korean, Hanskin is said to be the brand to try! A few samples I picked up from Hanskin on my last trip to Korea include Blemish Cover, Premium Repair, Super Perfect, Mineral Magic, Moisture BB, Cavier Gold.. Yeah, you get the idea.. There’s a BB Cream for every finish and every skin problem you might have from anti-aging to lifting to moisturizing. That’s Korean BB Creams for you. 🙂

    • Bridget–what a goldmine of information! Thank you! I cannot wait to try the Chanel CC Creme (for the name alone :)) I’ve not heard of Ettusais–I’ll take a look for that one. Take care and thank you!

  14. Hi Amy, thank you so much for the link love 🙂 I am a big fan of this particular BB Cream too which I find superior to many of the other “branded” ones out there. Whilst the regular one worked well enough for me, the lighter version really does make a difference to my skin tone, helping it look brighter. I hope you get to try it some day 🙂

  15. The only BB cream I’ve tried is the one from Omorovicza, so I can’t compare–but I can say I love it. I’m in my mid-40s, and their BB cream gives me a glow that my skin really needs. I have quite dry and (very) sensitive skin, and the Omorovicza is both moisturizing and NOT irritating. (That alone is a miracle.) My skin is about NC20–but not as yellow as “NC,” much more neutral. That said, the cream does lighten my skin very slightly, I think because of its illuminating properties (not sparkles, mind you). I’ve made it work better for me by using a powder bronzer here and there; more recently, I’ve added a drop of liquid bronzer to the BB cream before applying, and that works well. (In winter, neither form of bronzer will be necessary.) I don’t mind doing this extra step, which might be a pain for some, because the cream overall is fantastic for my needs. I’m now using it instead of TM or foundation. I’d been looking for something with light coverage (as this has, at least used as I do–a thin layer), but that wasn’t irritating or drying (which, unfortunately, the NARS TM was for me). I’m so happy I found it–and would love to read a review of it by you!

  16. I haven’t tried this one…but I have been using Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45 for a while – in fact, I’m on my second tube. It’s only available in one color, but that color happens to be perfect for me (I’m pale and pink). It’s definitely NOT a tinted moisturizer and is available at Sephora. I change it up between this and some various foundations that are in my current repetoire – I highly recommend a look at this one!

  17. I’ll have to check this one out! My current fave is the one from 3LAB but it’s a bit pricey. However, it’s a miracle worker.

  18. For such a high price, I’m glad to hear this BB Cream is worthy of it’s price tag.
    I spent $20 on a BB Cream by Garnier and it’s just terrible! I would have rather spent the extra $30 and got a product that’s worth my money.

    Great review!

  19. dang it, laden with silicones. I wish companies would lay off the silicones. It severely limits what I can use on my skin without a massive rash!

  20. Hi Cafe Makeup!

    I absolutely love my Estee Lauder BB Cream. It is quite thick in consistency and looks gorgeous on the skin! It also has an SPF of 35 which I think is pretty decent. The only downside is that because it’s quite thick, it’s easy to apply too much of it. The best way to use it is to blend it well with a buffing brush to make sure that everything is smooth. It does have that Estee Lauder scent to it but I don’t mind it – other people might.

    Thanks for the review! I’m definitely open to trying different BB Creams!

    • My HG is also Estée lauder’s bb cream. Have tried many over the years including the Korean ones. Favs include Estée Lauder, Korean brand legere (original one) and étude house’s.

  21. Diorsnow BB creme is my favorite go to base product is hot sunny Singapore. A sunblock, base and foundation all in one makes it so much convenient. 🙂

  22. I had a sample of Hydra Life BB creme and was quite happy with it. Only thing that i found it a little bit dark for me (i usually wear Nude Glow 020). Is the Diorsnow any better than Hydra Life?? If yes, why? Thanks!! 🙂

    • I’m sorry Suzi, I never tried the Hydra Life BB Cream, except as a sample at Sephora. My sense is that the Diorsnow is more of a traditional BB Creme–the lasting power, the skincare benefits, are truly there. I understand the the Hydralife BB Creme was more of a tinted moisturizer labeled as a “BB Creme”

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