Jun 092012

1. 2013 Resort Collection information is pouring in (we’ve already seen Chanel here).  Here are some highlights that caught my eye–first from French fashion house Lanvin (gasp-worthy):

As always, Marc Jacobs brings the eye candy, ensuring that brights will continue to be a trend during 2013 (click to enlarge):

Here’s a sprinkling of looks from Burberry Prosum, Thakoon and Oscar de la Renta:

2. The business of beauty continues to evolve.

  • Karl Lagerfeld will collaborate with Shu Uemura to create a makeup line, described here at Bellasugar. Cafe Makeup readers will recall that Lagerfeld has been known to draw with Shu Uemura eyeshadows.
  • Urban Decay has announced expansion into China, amidst questions that are described here at Lipglossiping, and the British Beauty Blogger has this nicely researched piece.
  • The Kardasian sisters have announced a new makeup line called “Khroma,” which is described at Kim’s blog.

3.  I’m excited to try this Untiled Scent sold by olfactory curator Chandler Burr (the program is described here at The Nonblonde). Essentially, Burr has chosen a scent and sold a limited run without any labeling or packaging so that the scent can be experienced for its own sake.

Mine arrived without a box in this rather simple, functional bottle yesterday from Opensky (it’s a site you’ve got to join in order to see, but joining is free). Although I don’t know if I’ll be participating in the entire series, I thought that experiencing a perfume chosen by a curator would be an interesting experiment to try.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to explore this fragrance on another day–I’ve just applied a rather strongly scented hand creme to test this morning, which is threatening to overpower everything in its path.  Burr will be offering a new scent every month, and revealing the name of the scent on the last day of the month. If you haven’t seen Chandler Burr’s Ted talk on scents, it’s here on Youtube.

So, lovely readers, what are you obsessed with this week?


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  11 Responses to “Three Things I’m Obsessed With This Week”

  1. Please don’t ruin this blog by starting to cover fashion, there are plenty of generic fashion blogs out there, we read this one for the makeup.

    • I must disagree.
      Amy does well curated, and thoughtfully edited pieces, with a keen artistic eye, and I very much appreciate her linking beauty, and color, with haute couture, upcoming fashion trends, and even architecture. It is like opening a delicious, and special box of bon bons!

      • Aw, you’re very sweet Pam–thank you!

      • Curation, ha, that is done by someone with a PhD.

      • I agree 100% with you, Pam. I always make my cosmetic purchases based on the looks and color palettes featured in the fashion world. For example, if Lanvin is showing a gorgeous streamlined collection in shades of cream, taupe, red, and gold, I’m not going to look at a violet eyeshadow no matter how beautiful because I think of cosmetics as an extension of the fashion experience. I, for one, thank you, Amy, for the peeks at what lies ahead.

    • Caroline!
      You always have a choice not to read!
      Amy! I love your blog! Thank you!

    • Hi Caroline,

      I don’t think any of us want to come across as “mean girls”, so if we did, I want to apologize for that. Many of us are long time readers who have followed Amy’s blog ever since it began. She has always incorporated pictures of her travels, especially to France, and of the fashion collections. Makeup looks are created around the latest fashion collections and reflect the current trends in color and texture. In that sense, getting a peek at a collection can tell us a lot about the kinds of products that will be appearing on the makeup counters. This is far from a fashion blog and never has been. I really don’t think you need to worry about Amy modeling her “Outfit of the Day” or showing off her latest purchase from the mall. 🙂

  2. I love these sneak peeks on resort. I think my favorite is Burberry!

  3. I am very interested in what you think of Scent S01E01…
    I have enough scents without buying more, unsniffed.
    But, it does kind of sound like a fun game for perfume lovers!!

    I do miss your more frequent postings, Amy, so it is good to hear what is on your mind these days.

  4. The Lanvin collection is awesome…I am curious about the Kardashian’s makeup line and what it will offer, it is worth a look.

  5. Please tell us more about the mystery perfume! I’d love a full review!
    I love your blog with and without fashion!

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