Jun 112012

Burberry Tulip Pink Lip Cover ($30/ #27) is a pretty peachy pink cream lipstick.

This is a very easy, sophisticated spring/summer color that looks lovely with neutral makeup.

Sometimes a neutral or nude can take life from one’s face–Burberry Tulip Pink has just enough of a suggestion of color.  It has a creamy, pearly texture that feels very moisturizing and comfortable. As with any on-the-lips picture, please remember that your own natural lip color might give you a different look. This medium rose came out a lighter creamy pink on Megan:

Here is a comparison with the more nude Burberry Nude Rose. It’s not a vibrant as Chanel Rouge Coco Magnolia, and less red than Chanel Rouge Coco Camelia.

Burberry is one of my top five lipstick brands–well deserving of the title high-end. Burberry Tulip Pink is a good “keep in your purse” color–it’s universal enough to go with almost anything.

As an aside, I love the Burberry website–their lipstick collection colors are all so tempting!

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  4 Responses to “Burberry Tulip Pink Lip Cover #27 Review”

  1. Burberry is one of my favorite beauty brands. The Nordies closest to me doesn’t carry the line, so I have to do all my shopping online, but most of the items I’ve bought have been perfect!

  2. Pretty! This will be absolutely perfect for weddings! <3

  3. This lipstick is gorgeous. I am loving everything Burberry comes out with.

  4. I agree with you on that–Burberry’s lip colors are to die-for!!! I’ve never really been all that interested in lipstick–and I’ve NEVER came across a brand where I literally want every single color of their lip products (I am not a big wearer of bright, opaque lipsticks), but I do want everything from the Burberry lip line. That is huge for me!

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