Living in the U.S., I’ve heard so much about Bioderma Crealine H2O Solution Micellaire. European bloggers and vloggers have recommended this product as a gentle, effective, and very inexpensive makeup remover on a consistent basis. Lisa Eldridge has recommended this product in five videos, including her “French Pharmacie Favorite Skincare.”

As many of you already know, Bioderma Crealine is a “micellaire water,” which is a clear makeup remover that looks like water but has many more gentle and effective ingredients, including typically very small oil particles. You soak a little on a cotton pad, whisk across the face, and obtain soft, cleansed and moisturized skin.

Right now, Bioderma Crealine is so cheap it’s practically running out of the faucets here in France— you can get two giant bottles for under 20 euros and it’s available everywhere.  As I’m paying about $30-60 for a much smaller quantity of makeup remover oils, I couldn’t resist trying it. I added this tiny travel sized bottle for 4.95 euros to my overloaded arms at the local Monoprix to find out…is it really that good?

The answer is “yes.” It’s gentle, it takes off everything (including mascara, sunscreen, and bb cream) with the greatest of ease. My skin is left feeling soft and hydrated. It’s lovely.

The problem in that in the States, no stores carry the product near me close to this price. So one of its major selling features in Europe (the affordability) isn’t so. New London Pharmacy carries the product at $48 for a single bottle. Although Mon Guide Sante lists this two-pack at $24-ish, shipping these heavy, bulky bottles to my U.S. address adds another $39 bringing the total to $63. Under those circumstances, the Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water at Sephora begins to look quite reasonable at $39 for one bottle (adding another $11 to your cart gets free shipping).

Bottom line–awesome if you live in Europe or near a reasonably priced source. As your total price ratchets up, I’d explore another micellaire option. If you have any U.S. recommendations (high or low end, given our options) we’d love to hear about them!

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