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Living in the U.S., I’ve heard so much about Bioderma Crealine H2O Solution Micellaire. European bloggers and vloggers have recommended this product as a gentle, effective, and very inexpensive makeup remover on a consistent basis. Lisa Eldridge has recommended this product in five videos, including her “French Pharmacie Favorite Skincare.”

As many of you already know, Bioderma Crealine is a “micellaire water,” which is a clear makeup remover that looks like water but has many more gentle and effective ingredients, including typically very small oil particles. You soak a little on a cotton pad, whisk across the face, and obtain soft, cleansed and moisturized skin.

Right now, Bioderma Crealine is so cheap it’s practically running out of the faucets here in France— you can get two giant bottles for under 20 euros and it’s available everywhere.  As I’m paying about $30-60 for a much smaller quantity of makeup remover oils, I couldn’t resist trying it. I added this tiny travel sized bottle for 4.95 euros to my overloaded arms at the local Monoprix to find out…is it really that good?

The answer is “yes.” It’s gentle, it takes off everything (including mascara, sunscreen, and bb cream) with the greatest of ease. My skin is left feeling soft and hydrated. It’s lovely.

The problem in that in the States, no stores carry the product near me close to this price. So one of its major selling features in Europe (the affordability) isn’t so. New London Pharmacy carries the product at $48 for a single bottle. Although Mon Guide Sante lists this two-pack at $24-ish, shipping these heavy, bulky bottles to my U.S. address adds another $39 bringing the total to $63. Under those circumstances, the Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water at Sephora begins to look quite reasonable at $39 for one bottle (adding another $11 to your cart gets free shipping).

Bottom line–awesome if you live in Europe or near a reasonably priced source. As your total price ratchets up, I’d explore another micellaire option. If you have any U.S. recommendations (high or low end, given our options) we’d love to hear about them!

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  43 Responses to “Bioderma Crealine H2O Solution Micellaire Quick Review”

  1. Lancome micellaire water is amazing, and it costs something like 32€ for FOUR HUNDREDS ML.!
    Seriously a huge bottle

  2. It’s an awesome product, really, and it’s cheap even to our standards, considering the quantity you get. Here, though, the range is called Bioderma Sensibio 🙂

  3. Bioderma’s starting to come into Asia now and I’ve given it a shot for all the stellar reviews it has garnered with bloggers. It sells for around 20USD for 250ml at very selected drugstores only (Guardian Paragon in Singapore).

    I use it as a wipe-off cleanser in the mornings and as an eye/lip-makeup remover. It’s comfortable, not dying at all and all in all awesome for light cleansing provided you’re alright with the fuss of cotton pads. When I have all the works on my face though, I tend to prefer mineral oil removers and use Bioderma for the stubborn lip stains and eye pigments first so I don’t get it all mixed in the oil all over my face. Another reason why I use it in limited ways is that for this price, I’m not ok with soaking that many cotton pads to get my face to the level of ‘clean’ I like it to be.

    1 problem with the Bioderma is that it cannot get rid of my lash glue at all. What happens is that it reduces the glue into globs mixed with whatever eyeliner/ mascara etc and gets stuck to my lashes. Worse still, the globs smear into a tar-like substance that will only come off my Clarisonic and nails with mineral oil and vigorous scrubbing. Not sure if anyone experienced this problem, but I just hate it.

    • Hi Bridget,

      I think you hit the nail on the head. It’s great for an all over light cleaning, for pre-cleaning the lips and eyes, or for erasing makeup boo-boos. When I first tried the sensitive skin formulation of Bioderma, I was thrilled. But after awhile, I noticed my skin wasn’t as clean as usual and I was getting some minor skin eruptions. I switched to using it as an eye-makeup remover followed by my SKII cleansing oil and my skin quickly returned to normal.

      Amy, I was able to get the 500ml bottle for $27 with Super Saver Shipping on Amazon. I don’t know if it is still available, but it’s worth a look-see.

  4. Ooh I love Bioderma too, but it’s hard to find in the UK too. I’ve been using Caudalie’s version,and it’s really nice. I might even prefer it to Bioderma! Try it out Amy!

  5. I love Bioderma! Have you tried the Caudalie beauty elexir? It is amazing as well. Very refreshing!

    • Hi there–I think I’d better try Caudalie’s–so many lovely commenters are suggesting this one, as well as Lancome, Nars, and a few more. In my experience, so many informed readers are never wrong! 🙂

  6. Does this take off makeup as easy as cleansing oils do?

    • Yes it gets off mascara! I should add that I always use a Clarisonic and toner as well, though. I use some pretty heavy duty sunscreen and now that I’m wearing a BB cream, I go the extra mile. See Eileen’s comment–she’s used this water longer than I have.

  7. Besides Lancome and Caudalie, I think YSL and NARS have them as well. I’ve used the Lancome one with really good results!

  8. Try other French pharmacy brands like La Roche Posay, Vichy, Avene etc… if they are easier to access in the US of course.
    Most of these brands (and also higher-end French brands like Caudalie & Nuxe) got their own version of micellaire water. I don’t know how they compare to the Bioderma as I’ve only been using the Bioderma since I can get them quite easily. But always worth trying, right?
    I’d heard that the Caudalie one is quite similar, maybe you should try 😉

    • I actually prefer the caudalie and nux to the bioderma because it removes my mascara better, but nothing removes everything best than the Avene and Biotherm!! I have tried them all because I was bed ridden for years in the hospital and I used it to cleanse my face at night. One sweet soul of a friend would put make up on me some days to make me feel better and pretty. I still use them now, on good days and bad. I find it helps my combo skin relax and behave itself, washing with water once a day is enough, even in the summer.

      • Thank you Kristina–I’m looking at the Caudalie online and it looks lovely–very tempted! Perhaps I’ll have the chance to try the Avene and Biotherm before I leave as well. 🙂 Thanks for the advice!

  9. it is available here in Canada, everywhere also on Canadian online beauty retailers that ships to the US. Your dollar will stretch much further. 🙂 hth

  10. Lancome’s Eau Fraiche Douceur is wonderful. I actually started using it as a non-alcohol based toner, but it is designed as a Micellar-based cleanser. Very reasonably priced and you get a large bottle that lasts a long time. I just swipe it across my face after I wash to remove any last bits of makeup, but I know you can use it as a cleanser. It’s very gentle.


  11. Vicy has a really nice micellar water you can get online at drugstore.com. Ive tried both and I think it works just as well as bioderma!

  12. Why don’t you try eBay?

    I live in Denmark and I buy from easyparaharmacie, they are so cheap and they stock every French brand one could imagine. Shipping is 13€ to Europe and it is pretty quick. Bioderma does excellen sun care as well!

  13. I LOVE this product, and it’s great seeing it here with your stamp of approval. I love that you can soak a cotton pad, leave it pressed against your eyelid for a minute, and eyeliner, mascara, and shadow all come off like magic.

    I purchase mine on Amazon, and I’ve had no troubles at all with shipping cost, product quality, etc: http://www.amazon.com/Bioderma-Crealine-Ultra-mild-Non-rinse-Cleanser/dp/B000EGIQB0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1340209628&sr=8-1&keywords=bioderma+crealine

  14. LOVE this stuff! So gentle but super effective. And I love that if I use it to clean up eyeliner on someone, the powder of the eyeshadow doesn’t have a problem being applied on top. I don’t know if you’ve had that experience, but with other makeup removers, they create a patch on the lid and no matter how much I try, powder just won’t stick to it. Not so with Bioderma! This will forever be in my kit! :p

  15. Hey Amy!
    I have been using Bioderma for over a year now and have truly found my Holy Grail makeup remover: the clincher is how well it removes my mascara and is still gentle enough for the dry/dehydrated facial skin even in the peak of NY winter. Now I have found a couple of resources to find Bioderma online and I believe they are all quite reasonable which I personally prefer to eBay.
    1. Beautyhabit,com This was the first place I ever ordered from http://www.beautyhabit.com/bioderma.html The downside is that they only carry the 250 mL version, but they occasionally have coupon/discount offers
    2. iMomoko.com This is a GREAT resource for *all* kinds of Japanese, Korean and other Asian products, I get my Shiseido Tsubaki (camelia oil) shampoo & conditioner refills from them on a regular basis and they also have recently started stocking Suqqu makeup.
    Their pricing is among the best I have found, especially if you take into account the free US shipping over $50.
    http://www.imomoko.com/product.php?cID=_12-125- They also stock three varieties of Bioderma, all priced at $33 for 500 mL
    Additionally they have the *best* pricing on SK II Facial treatment essence which I’m kind of love with at the moment!
    3. When Lisa Eldridge did her French phramacie video, I went on a hunt for some of the Bioderma moisturizers she mentioned and stumbled upon this treasure trove of French Pharmacie goodies:
    http://www.myhealthcounter.com/default.asp This site is awesome Amy, you have to check it out: they stock the most extensive range of Bioderma in the US to my knowledge, receive shipments from France every week. They also have free shipping over $35 and occasional special offers. I have since tried the Bioderma moisturizer for dry skin that Lisa mentioned in her video and a sunscreen. They were also very generous with samples.
    Whew! Hope that wasn’t too overwhelming
    Let me know if you need anymore info! 🙂

  16. I’m a faithful user of Bioderma—tried to find other, more-accessible options from other brands—but it really is amazing. Ahhh… I want that mini for travel! I wonder how I can get my hands on it in America.

    The best price I’ve found for it here is frenchcosmeticsforless. It’s not quite as cheap as $20 for two, but it’s better than $50 for a single bottle.

  17. Hi Amy,

    I’ve lived in France and visit regularly and find myself sending this back to myself via la poste like a mad woman … however I’ve just discovered a wonderful (equally French) alternative. I’ve wanted to try Klorane’s new makeup remover with cornflower water for ages, and it just appeared at a Walgreen’s not that far away from where I live. Who knew? It’s typically very difficult to find French products in run of the mill US pharmacies.

    If you can find it near you I highly recommend that you give it a go!
    ♥ Jessica

  18. So glad you love this product as much as I do! I recommend trying Amazon, eBay, and Cosme-de (which has free shipping). It’s not as cheap as in France but it’s around $20/bottle. I can live with that!

  19. I usually get Bioderma Crealine from Amazon – two 500ml bottles for about $49-$50 including shipping. That’s the best price I have found. Here is the linky. I have very sensitive skin and have found the Bioderma to be quite gentle. I use it as a pre-cleansing agent to take off most of my makeup before I cleanse with CeraVe, and also as an eye makeup remover.

  20. I have also used the Vichy one and acutally like it better than the Bioderma. I have found it easily at drugstores. Also, in Seattle we have a Melvita store and they have 2 great micellar waters that I have been happy with and it is a good price. They have a great online store.

  21. You can get it at Beautyhabit.com GREAT website with fabulous samples!!!

  22. Hi Amy! I’ve been using Bioderma since it was listed on Lisa E’s blog last year? I stock this up whenever I go across the border to Canada (got 0.5 Litre of it for CAN$16). Another micellaire cleanser I’ve tried is Vichy’s, which — in my personal experience — is comparable and more readily available in the U.S. That’s all I can add.. I also agree with the suggestions to follow up cleansing with your regular cleanser after using Bioderma. I look at it as sort of a pre-cleanse cleanser.

  23. Just as a note, Amazon also has this from multiple sellers for a reasonable price. I also discovered through Amazon that this particular micellaire water is for normal to dry skin, but they have one for combo/oily skin too, so I may give that a try 🙂

  24. I bought it in Paris a few years ago and liked it…but can’t see spending $50 for makeup remover to order online. Try Mustela Cleansing Water, French brand, which you can find on Amazon — same idea (though I personally haven’t tried); or Japanese brand Harudada cleansing water — which I picked up on recent trip to Hong Kong, 500ml for maybe $10 and can be found online, still way cheaper even with international shipping. If you do get this, keep in mind that pretty much all is in Japanese…I have no idea what it says, but no harm has happened to my skin 🙂 plus Japanese brands are generally great. It’s been a while since I used Bioderma, so I don’t remember enough to give comparison, but I’m sure all the various other brands that others have mentioned will work similarly, for example, Klorane, which another person mentioned, is found in French pharmacies–and now in the US. (PS– great site btw — I just happened upon this recently while looking for a discontinued product)

  25. I agree with everyone on the Caudalie version. I’ve been using it for a long time now and I LOVE it!!! It’s so gentle yet effective and doesn’t irritate or break out my acne-prone skin–nor does it make it oily, yet it keeps it nice and balanced and soft. love it!

  26. Lierac makes a cleansing water. I purchased mine at CVS! I always wanted to try Bioderma but wasn’t too find of the price. I purchased the Lierac brand at $14 for 200 ml =]

  27. I’ve been using Koh Gen Do water…any one know how it compares to this, Avene or La Roche Posay?

  28. I, too, love Bioderma. However, I recently started using the Klorane product mentioned above by Jessica. It rocks! I blogged about it earlier this week, if you’re interested.

  29. I bought my second bottle today. Here in Mexico City is available only in a fancy supermarket chain and it’s a well kept secret. The price is 20 USD aprox for 100 ml, but I really, really love it. I forgot all about Lancome Bi-Facil with this formula.

  30. The La Roche Posay Physiollogical Micellar solution is a great dupe for Bioderma. I have tried both, and I find them to be just as good as each other. La roche Posay is much easier for me to find here in the UK and at £11 it’s more affordable than Bioderma. They are both very gentle and great for my sensitive skin.
    I have also recently discovered L’Oreals gentle eye makeup remover, which is SO inexpensive yet works amazingly! I didn’t have much hope for it, but after trying it for a month now, it’s my new favourite eye mu remover! Not only is it super cheap, it’s very gentle ( suitable for contact lens wearers too ), and very effective. For the price it’s fantastic and has impressed me more than some of the high end eye mu removers I’ve tried! I will never splash out on high end eye mu removers again!
    Great post as always xxx

  31. Not as inexpensive as France, but if you’re ever in Canada, it’s available in many drugstores here (both Shoppers Drug Mart & Rexall carry Bioderma in many stores). The same stores carry lots of other French lines too – Biotherm, Lancome, Avene, Vichy, Ducray, Nuxe, Etival, La Roche Posay & Leirac.

  32. It´s an awesome product and I love it!
    My 500ml botteld ist almost empty 😉
    In Germany you must 18€ pay for it.

  33. This is available in Canada & I do use this on regular basis. It is extra help to remove eyeliner before I use my cleanser. I find that I don’t use a lot of it.

    Also, sales are frequent here and recently I bought a bottle because it was on sale and I had a surprise to get the second bottle for free, along with cotton pads. Nice Bonus!

  34. I’ve been using this for about 6 months and I absolutely love it. I got mine at IMATS from Guru Make-Up Emporium for about £15 which I guess is more expensive then France, but still worth it! They ship it worldwide, but not the best prices for shipping out of the UK though.

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