Jun 302012

First, there’s a new online free foundation matching service called Findation. If you tell it your foundation match, it gives you suggestions for other brands. I was surprised to see how many brands they do include–it gave me a suggested match for Chantecaille, for example. I thought it worked pretty well for me, give it a spin and see what you think?

Second, I’m obsessed with the dance that is performed while trying on perfume (and makeup, too) in Paris. In the U.S., sometimes we  think nothing of walking up to a counter and spritzing away on our wrists. I’ve seen some amazing things done with department store testers, I’m sure I’m not alone. At any rate, I went to the house of Dior to see whether I could find the Violets nail release (reviewed here by The Beauty Look Book, and rumored to become available at Nordstrom Anniversary Sale). After the incredibly elegant Dior associate found two of the polishes for me, she invited me very politely to try the new Dior Addict fragrances.

Caron Cut Crystal Perfume Globe

First, she sprayed each separately on white Dior cards so that I could test each one and we could discuss them in depth. She pointed out their differences in notes (in perfect English, I might add). When I chose my favorite of the two, she asked politely if I would like to wear it. I agreed, and she spritzed around my head as if she were circling me with a garland (no direct contact with the skin). I walked  out enhanced by a cloud of Dior. It was such an elegant experience.

Third, the Paris fashion houses are readying to show their annual couture collections this upcoming week.

Chanel Invitation to Couture 2012

They must be so very busy right now. If you’d like to learn more about the last day before a major show, the Sundance Channel has produced some documentaries in a series called The Day Before (available on iTunes). The one that focuses on Jean Paul Gaultier shows the incredible craftsmanship of an haute couture collection very well. (Note that the one about Karl Lagerfeld is about his work with Fendi, not Chanel).

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  6 Responses to “Three Things I’m Obsessed with Right Now”

  1. OH! This findation thing is GREAT!! Thanks for the linky dink!

  2. I just discovered findation recently too–that’s how I chose my shade for the Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer I just bought!

  3. The best Institute Esthederm sunscreen is their spray, UV InCellium!!

  4. I love the sound of the french perfume spritz!
    Findation sounds a bit like Temptalia’s Foundation Matrix http://www.temptalia.com/foundation-matrix

  5. I guess we still have some of those purple Dior polishes here in Stuttgart, Germany. If you let me know which one you miss, I can take a look for you. I got shadow and orchid, then recognized how stupid i am to miss out poison, went there and bought it just last week and have seen there were still a few bottles.

    • Thank you so much, you are so thoughtful! I think I’m okay–these are supposed to appear at our Nordstrom in July. But I so appreciate your offer!!

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