Jul 022012

Due August 1, 2012, NARS will offer Sephora Foreplay, an exclusive blush/highlighter palette ($49). Inspired by NARS best-selling Orgasm blush, Foreplay is Orgasm “deconstructed.” The original is a peach, pink, and gold combination. This palette includes the original Orgasm, plus each of the components separately–pink, peach, and gold. You can layer the iconic original with shimmery gold highlighter, or intensify either the peach or pink by adding the matte tones to create your own signature Orgasm glow.

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  1. […] (конечно, речь идет о знаменитом «Оргазме»). Когда Cafe Makeup показала промо этой палетки из 4х оттенков румян Peach Matte, Gold Highlighting, Pink […]

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