Jul 032012

I took a wander through Paris and thought I’d post some pictures as a scrapbook. Above, a chiseled street sign on the Rue des Francs Bourgeois in the Marais. Below, the Place Vendome.

Yesterday, Louis Vuitton opened a new boutique on the Place Vendome for its growing fine jewelry collection.

By the way, the company has significantly expanded the selling space in the Champs Elysee store. There is a complex second floor area now that includes a second handbag selling counter, fine jewelry and watches, an expanded shoe area, and several rooms for the ready to wear clothing. Pretty windows:

Pretty door:

Outside the RItz, Glee fans gathered hoping for a celebrity sighting (apparently, actress Lea Michele):

Finally, in my quest to find the perfect macaron, I explored Le Cafe Pouchkine.  Some bloggers are pronouncing these better than Laduree. They certainly seem larger and they have a sort of shimmery sheen on the cookie part.

I cannot imagine why I bought so many. The store is located on the first floor of the fashion (or “mode”) building of Le Printemps. As for a comparison of quality, I think more testing is required. Much more.


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  4 Responses to “Paris: Some Random Pretty Pictures”

  1. I am travelling to Paris a lot and love it so much there. The architecture is amazing and I always take a lot of pics and still think that I couldn’t capture the whole beauty of this city. Love your pictures! I couldn’t choose between Laduree and Pouchkine though 😉

  2. Testing macarons–it’s a hard task, but someone has to do it 😀 Enjoy!

  3. Beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing these with us Amy 🙂

  4. Oh là là Paris!!! Beautyful! I’ve been in France but not in Paris yet..so thanks for letting us travel there through photos!!!

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