Guerlain has sent product information for its Fall 2012 collection. The one has a large variety of new lip products which (in addition to powders and foundations) is one area of Guerlain’s excellence.

In August 2012, Guerlain will introduce a new liquid lipstick range in the Rouge G series–called “Rouge G L’Extrait.” This appear to be highly pigmented, liquid lipsticks that dry to a matte finish that has “exceptional hold.”  $48 (click to enlarge)

Guerlain is introducing new Rouge G colors, a new lip pencil, and two new Kiss Kiss Gloss colors. I’ve reproduced all of the information that I have here (click to enlarge). We’ll have to wait to correlate the shade names to their colors.

 To round out the collection, there are six new Rose Aux Joues Blush Duos, which contain one shade for contouring and the other for a pop of color on the cheek. It’s nice to see Guerlain reformulating the blush range. They do such a nice job with powders, and “Red Hot” sounds like it has real potential. Also, there is a new (permanent) warm eyeshadow palette, Les Fauves.

Guerlain has indicated that it will not be sending Cafe Makeup test product, so I’ll have to see these in person before investing. I’m most interested in the new liquid lipstick formula and hopeful for the blush duo’s. How does this collection look to you?

By the way, I was in a cafe the other day, and I did see one or two Parisian women pulling their Rouge G lipsticks out of their purses for a quick touch-up. It looked rather elegant.  It is evident they fit nicely for some women who love the house of Guerlain.

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