Jul 112012

The drought of new collections coming into France continues. Here, “Fall 2012” actually means Fall 2012.  I saw one exception today going through Sephora–Lancome is launching a new mascara– Hypnôse Star.  They’re using Betty Boop as the star, who is adorable (between you and me, is Betty Boop’s mascara photoshopped?). Anyway, here’s the introductory video for the mascara, starring Betty Book and Daria Werbowy:

What really caught my attention is that Lancome has appeared to have  entirely changed its eyeshadows–these are called Ombre Hypnôse Mono Eyeshadows. They are separated into three categories. On the left, light neutrals in Fresh and Luminous.  In the center, deep, striking, and accent colors in Sophisticated and Chic.  On the right, deep crease and liner colors in Glamour and Intensity (click to enlarge):

I really loved the Fresh & Luminous shades (No. 102 was an especially nice pearly beige), but there were so many buttery soft and gorgeous ones in this entire grouping. I noticed that Lancome (wisely) retained Erika F (it’s in the middle Sophisticated and Chic group on the top).

I’d certainly love to see these come to the U.S. someday (hint, hint!). In my opinion these are so different from the ones available in the states. They would really add depth to Lancome’s U.S. offerings.

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  5 Responses to “Lancome Launching Hypnôse Star Mascara and Ombre Hypnôse Mono Eyeshadows”

  1. LOVE Betty Boop—and Daria Werbowy is gorgeous of course, Plus, those eyeshadows look AMAZING. YES, definitely need this in the U.S

  2. I got my email to let me know I could order my Betty Boop mascara today :D. As I mentioned on Twitter, Betty may sway me! Thank you so much for the information about the eyeshadows. I read something about the new eyeshadows in the email about the mascara and didn’t really understand. Your pictures of the display are exceptionally useful. Much appreciated.

  3. What’s the official reason Erika F isn’t sold here? The glitter isn’t FDA approved? I confess a general glitter ignorance as I do not see how wildly differentand much more dangerous they can be, especially since plasticized and phthalate rich glitters are permitted in cosmetics here already.

    • Jane-I’ve heard that it is one of the ingredients, but I’m sorry I don’t know which one. I don’t think that it’s the glitter though–we’ve got our share of glitter! 🙂

  4. I love Hypnose Star, I reviewed it some days ago. Those eyeshadows look gorgeous indeed, especially coloré ones!

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