Jul 242012

Nars Undress Me Multiple ($39) is a pink nude highlighter shade with a wash of fairy glitter. Right now many of the high concept fashion collections are playing with surface textures in a modernist framework. It seems to me that Nars Fall 2012 collection is made in this same tradition. The items have a beautiful internal connection, they bring something new to the innovative makeup realm. As with many new and inventive textures, these are not traditional. Undress Me fits within this framework–my guess is that very few readers have any duplicates that are close to NARS Undress Me.

This soft, glitter-rich color will act as a highlighter on all but the very lightest skin tones. Here is a comparison between Nars Undress Me Multiple, Nars Angelika Mutliple, and Nars Copacabana Multiple. In this case, I think that the picture tells the entire story, readers will either be entranced and delighted with the gorgeous sheen, and others may find that this does not fit within their personal sensibility:

Nars Undress Me was sent to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review.

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  3 Responses to “Nars Undress Me Multiple Review”

  1. I honestly think yours are the prettiest swatches I’ve seen by far…it almost makes me want to rethink my decision not to get this! 😛 But I don’t really like the cream-to-powder formula of the Multiples to begin with (I find them difficult to blend without looking patchy)

  2. It looks gorgeous but all those glitters aren’t too much?

  3. I absolutely love the idea, but I feel as though this would be much too glittery on my olive-toned skin. I do love NARS though…

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