Jul 262012

Nars Foreplay Blush Palette ($49/Sephora Exclusive) is a deconstructed version of the iconic Orgasm blush. This includes the original Orgasm blush (bottom right), together with the individual elements of the original–a matte fuchsia pink, a matte coral, and the shimmery gold highlighter.

The palette is a crowd-pleasing mix of colors that allows you to customize this universally flattering shade as you like. Personally, I’m so attached to cool pinks, I love popping a little bit of the fuchsia on my upper cheek, with the Orgasm down below. Here’s a swatch of all of the shades (softly on the left, more dense on the right):

A few close-ups of the colors:


When I first saw the press for Nars Foreplay, I wasn’t sure as I hadn’t used my original Orgasm in a while (no double entrendre intended). Now that I’ve played with Nars Foreplay, I see its genius. I frequently layer blush in other lines, and having the ability to control the separate elements is sort of awesome. I love adding Fuchsia to Orgasm. It makes the whole color new. Here’s one look on Liz, playing with the colors:

Here, she started with Orgasm as the base shade, then added the fuchsia and coral separately, adding the gold as a highlighter at the end.

Bottom line–The price is right, the package is extremely convenient (especially if you live on the road as I do at times). Awesome, consistent Nars quality. You can get infinite looks easily. This gives a brightening glow. Love.

The Nars Foreplay Palette was sent to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review.

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  13 Responses to “Nars Foreplay Blush Palette”

  1. I must say that I almost never buy Nars products (though I do love their new tinted moisturizer). I really appreciate the beauty and elegance of my Chanel, Burberry, Guerlain- and Nars just doesn’t seem to fit into this aesthetic with its tacky names. I wish that Nars would grow up!

  2. I’ll admit, ever since trying, and hating, Orgasm, Nars blushes never truly appealed to me. Sure, some of them are definitely pretty, but I don’t lust after them like I do with other brands’ blushes. I just think a lot of Nars blushes are a bit too much–too shimmery most of the time or too bright and pigmented (I have a heavy hand with blush so I find a finer, sheerer powder formula works a lot better for me). Love their shadows though!

    • I started with Sin- love. I thinks it is hard to judge a company’s line by a single product. I must admit Orgasm is not my favorite Nars, but this palette works nicely for me. Thanks for your comment!

    • Imho, Orgasm is a very overrated shade, and NARS feels the need to put it in every single gift set and palette, which frankly is annoying. NARS makes some beautiful underrated shades; I only have matte shades from the brand (I hate shimmer and glitter on my cheeks). I’m sure you could find a couple that would suit you.

  3. This is a great idea! I’m so in love with Nars blushes. I now have Orgasm, Sin, Luster, Douceur, Penny Lane, Desire, Gaiety and I want more! Mhhh I should start to review them eheheheh!

  4. Very very pretty … much more economical (a factor that has prevented me from purchasing NARS products), and realistic in that it’s giving me a choice of one, two or all .. love that! This is def. going on my ‘to get’ list! Great swatch/review! Thank you! ox Care

  5. What a deal and I love the concept! Orgasm was the first Nars blush that I purchased years ago, maybe it is time to repurchase it in this palette. The fuchsia and gold shades look really fun.

  6. rarely do I see a blush palette. and there’s a highlighter in gold included!
    something quite special. I’d love to have a champagne-y glow on my face!

  7. I was sooo disappointed by orgasm blush and I quite agree with one of the poster that NARS includes this overated blush in every gift set is annoying. But this set looks fun..it gives me a choice to control the amount of gold flecks on my cheeks. Will try this out.

  8. I love Nars blushes. The color is intense and easy to wear. The content of a blush is huge and my mom has been using Orgasm religously for a year now and still haven’t hit the pan yet. I’m thinking to get this palette as it seems easy to wear. The only thing I don’t like about Nars is their rubbery black case. It’s a dirt collector!

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  10. Omg, such a gorgeous palette!!!

  11. Beautiful palette! I would definitely love to try it out. 🙂

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