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Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait Lip Color Paresse ($48 /M65) is a pigmented, liquid, matte medium pink lipstick. Packaged in a longer variation of the Guerlain Rouge G line, this is an intricately packaged formula.

Readers familiar with the Rouge G lipsticks will recognize the iconic packaging, which is based on the design of Lorenz Bäumer (both are affiliated with LMVH, and so the collaboration likely derives from this relation). The mirrored surface, although flawlessly executed, does show fingerprints.

The design is a bit high-maintence–one must first pull the small end out, then twist. It’s not rocket science, but it’s not necessarily intuitive either. Directions are included.

After the first pull, the mirrored top opens like a butterfly, just like Guerlain’s Rouge G lipsticks.

I must admit it is nice to have a mirror when I’m applying a highly pigmented formula–and these are highly pigmented in just the right way. Although these are bulky for a lipstick, they are certainly less bulky than carrying and opening a separate compact to apply. For craftsmanship, the packaging is beautifully done.

Unlike the lipsticks, Guerlain has added a color chip on one side so you can quickly tell which color tube you’ve grabbed. However, the color dot for Paresse is a vamp red but the color applies as a medium pink. Some mental translation will be in order.

The formula, which is applied with a doe foot applicator, has a light scent. It feels very moisturizing when applied, and dries down to an almost-entirely-matte finish.

Unlike many mattes, Guerlain’s Rouge G L’Extrait never feels drying. It doesn’t feel quite as moisturizing as the Chanel Velvets, but it is so much better than many others which seem to pull the moisture out of one’s lips entirely. It takes a few minutes to “dry down” and go matte. It doesn’t feel completely dry–there’s a little movement to the formula even after a while. Like anything else, you can top with a gloss if you like.

The wear time is quite good–nothing lasts on me, but the Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait did give me a few hours of color (even with my chronic water-drinking).

Guerlain Rouge G L’Exrait in Paresse (a medium/deep pink) on Liz:

I liked Guerlain Paresse so much better than Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Pur Couture (which I returned rather than doing a review). I found the YSL a little thinner in texture and I didn’t like the stain format (or the scent). The Rouge G L’Extrait is more of a pigmented, long-wearing liquid that wears as a matte. On Liz:

Because the color is so pigmented, this is about how it looks on my deeper toned lips as well.

Overall, I love Guerlain Paresse. At some point, I will probably pick up one of the deeper reds. I know that some want to pick up all of the line, but I will refrain. The packaging, although intricate and beautiful, does seem to be a major component of the price.

I wouldn’t hesitate to pull this out in a restaurant or the like, although others might find the gesture a bit de trop. The formula is lovely, but I believe that not all of the colors will work for me (for example, I tried on a deep mauve that seemed a little draining).

Some swatches next to some other medium range pinks–the very sheer Burberry Tea Rose Gloss, Chanel’s now-discontinued Rouge Allure Laque in Empire and Chanel Glossimer in Courtisane. This picture really shows the difference in texture–of course, no one makes a matte liquid lipstick so exact comparisons would be hard to find.

No stickiness (particularly important for passing the “kiss test”). Long-wearing. No feathering. Lovely texture. I completely trust Guerlain for excellent lip product formula. Liz and I both wanted (and now own) Paresse. It’s a beautiful easy-to-wear color. Love.

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  23 Responses to “Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait Lip Color Paresse”

  1. Sold! Looks lovely on Liz!

  2. Hi Amy! Welcome back. I just returned from vacation myself and was reading back posts on my favorite blogs. When I got to yours—there weren’t any! 🙂 I hope your time off was as enjoyable as was mine.

    Although Paresse translates as the deadly sin “Sloth”, I prefer to translate it as the gentler summertime “Laziness”. Of the new colors, it was the only one I could wear. The combination of matte with intense colors was just too much for these old lips 😛 But, I really wanted to try the new formula, so I selected the color that was most flattering and add a tiny bit of my Jack Black balm over it once it has dried down. I find it gives a little slip without changing the overall effect.

    I know that the trend this year is towards more intense and saturated colors–a trend that might give some of us older ladies pause–but a dab of gloss can take the edge off and make the color seem more mellow. By the way, when I say older, I’m not referring to you ladies in your forties or even fifties. I’m talking about those of us in our sixties and beyond 🙂

    Those of you who are familiar with how the Noir G Mascara works will find that this case works exactly the same way: pull and turn. Simple! The only draw back is that the case is fairly heavy like all the G class cases.

  3. That color is so soft and pretty. I have been wanting to try these, but I just can’t commit. 🙂

  4. I have two of these, Paresse and Avarice, and I love them both, although I like Paresse a bit more. The one issue I have is that the color chip is the same color on all the packaging, so both of mine look identical and I still have to read the small print on the back to figure out which is which. I think color-coding that to the product would have been a better way to go.

    I would also recommend the Shiseido Lacquer Rouge line if you enjoy the Rouge G L’Extraits. I find the Lacquer Rouge formula to be creamy, long-lasting, and incredibly pigmented, very similar. The Guerlain may be slightly more moisturizing but the Shiseido isn’t drying at all, and at $25, you can buy two of them for almost the same as one Rouge G L’Extrait.

    • Thank you Rebecca–which colors of the Shiseido do you like? I’m getting lots of recs for these, clearly I need some 🙂

      • I have the RD607, Nocturne, which is a gorgeous deep red. I also want RD305, Nymph, which is a lighter pink with a tinge of brown in it, more suitable for every day. A friend who was with me tried on OR508, Blaze, and it looked amazingly good on her but she has warm undertones and can pull off that shade of orange, which I can’t 🙂 There are only eight colors in total, and I don’t think any of them except for the orange are really unwearable, so it mostly comes down to personal preference. Sephora has them all out of stock, strangely, but I got mine at Nordstrom’s.

        • Hi Rebecca–I’m sure Sephora will have these soon. They usually display the new products as “out of stock,” and then allow ordering a few days after that. Enjoy!

  5. Wow. Just wow. I’ve been meaning to try these, and now, I must. I am still quite bummed Guerlain did not send you the full range. It does not make one bit of sense. Your photos sell the product, that is for sure. I digress, the photos and shade of this lipstick/gloss are quite lovely.

  6. These are great! 🙂 I have Paresse too and I also bought the blush duo in Chic Pink. Did you try the blush duos yet? I am thinking of picking up Envie next 🙂

  7. You found Chanel’s Velvets nourishing?! It took my lips one week to heal after Velvet disaster!!

    • Yes, Goya I did. However, I do read reviews of both Chanel Rouge Allures and Chanel Rouge Allures Velvets of women reporting the line is very drying (some claim “it made my lips nearly fall off!”). Of course, that’s a terrible result. Personally, I find it has a lot of slip (there is a nice subtle oil slip in my experience, very balm-like), which is also experienced by different women who like the range.

      I’m not sure why there is such a disparity in women’s experience with the Chanel Rouge Allure lines but it does seem to be there. It’s a unique lipstick–I’ve never heard women disagree about a formula like they do with this one! I wonder if there is an ingredient that some react to? I realize every time I report my love of the Chanel Rouge Allures that there’s going to be some disagreement! Viva la difference! 🙂

  8. I just got this one last night!! (amazing for a girl that only wears tinted balm and super sheer lipstick :P) It’s sooo beautiful and I’m so happy to own my first Guerlain lip product 😀

  9. The “colour dot” is the same colour on every one of them. It’s just the colour of the inner refill capsule.

    • Seriously?! I only bought this one, so I didn’t know. That doesn’t seem useful–of course anyone can tell that it is this matte liquid Extrait formula because the casing is so much longer than the other Rouge G standard bullets. This is a little puzzling!!

  10. I’m torn. I definitely want Paresse after seeing it on Liz but I also want Colere. Thoughts on how this would look on a redhead? It just looks so gorgeous on Natalia Vodianova in the ads!

    • Paresse I think is pretty universal–I’m sorry I don’t have Colere, but after seeing this review at Drivel About Frivol I want it!! I’m sure you could do either, the question is which one do you want to add to what you already have?

      That’s a very tough choice–but I’d be tempted to get Colere because Guerlain does reds so beautifully.

      I got Paresse as my very first because it’s truly no-fuss, you can wear it anywhere. Although I will get one of the reds eventually!

  11. This looks amazing on Liz!! I’m planning to pick this up today, and I’m SO excited!!

  12. Guerlain has the best lipstick package in the market and I definitely won’t hesitate to pull it out to apply on my lips at restaurant too. Lol.

  13. Gorgeous color! The packaging is so exquisite. My only complain is I can’t store Rouge G stand up. Great review as usual! xx

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