Aug 152012

Guerlain has just released a new blush series, Rose Aux Joues ($50), which has a duo format of lights and darks (Messywands has counter-swatched them all). These come in the now-familiar Guerlain gold format palette, which includes the full mirror. It is relatively sleek for packing, yet has enough impact to retain elegance.

I chose Golden High ($50/ #05) as my first test into this new line. This is one of the more unique combinations, yet extremely versatile for frequent wear.

Golden High’s top color is an apricot-brown with a soft shimmer, and the small bottom shade is a matte soft peach that is a more pigmented version of Nars Sex Appeal. Swatches:

The duo is a nice combination for a subtle “nude with a splash of color” look. It’s sophisticated, will work well with nearly all fall colors (reds, burgundy, greys, khaki greens, and navy), whether worn with these colors as eyeshadows, accessories or clothing.

I found that the glowy shimmer in the top shade did not translate very strongly to my cheek. Although your effect may vary, the found that the shimmer was very slight once applied.  The effect of the lighter peach shade (in the bottom small pan) was very subtle.

The Guerlain Rose Aux Joues blush pans are relatively small–to apply the color separately, I first tried a MAC 168, which has a small, dense head. Because the top shade is so pigmented, I found this was unsuccessful. It concentrated the color too strongly in my application areas (I prefer a more subtle, glowing look). I had far better results with the Nars Yachiyo brush (reviewed here at The Non Blonde).  The small bristles at the top of the Yachiyo, in combination with the steep cut of the bristle head, allowed me to get softer color with edges that blended naturally into my skin.

Overall, I liked Guerlain Golden High. It doesn’t have a gasp-worthy effect of a Chanel Joues Contraste, but the effect is beautifully natural. The powder is very finely milled–it does melt into the skin. Golden High also fits well into the rest of Guerlain’s gray-toned eyeshadow palettes (there are a few in the line). Looking in my car’s rear-view mirror driving around town, I really liked the subtle and flattering effect. Those who find some blushes too “powdery” or obvious will love the very natural effect that these give.

It will be easy to pass these by if you look at the pans on a counter. The texture is a bit hard, and the colors do not jump out at you. At the same time, if you try these on during a makeover, I think you’ll be persuaded that these add a really nice, natural and sophisticated effect. I prefer this duo blush duo range to Guerlain’s 4-color blush line.  Except for Red Hot, I’m not tempted to get too deeply into the rest of this range. The colors are subtle and lovely, but some may find that they already have similar colors from other lines.

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  13 Responses to “Guerlain Rose Aux Joues Blush Duo in Golden High”

  1. I took a look at these and didn’t feel compelled to buy anything at this time. They are nice, but not part of a special seasonal collection so they’ll be around for quite awhile. It’s the same situation as when Guerlain introduced their collection of quads last year as part of their permanent line. We’ll undoubtedly see some limited editions emerge, but as for the basic line-up? No hurry!

  2. I was just playing around with these last night at the counter but I unfortunately didn’t swatch this one for some reason. I think I thought it would be too pale, but I really like the apricot-brown shade!

  3. Which is the correct name, Golden Boy or Golden High; you used both.

  4. When I saw the swatches at Messy Wands, I thought for sure I’d get Peach Boy. To my surprise, I ended up with Golden High. I’ve been loving it so far! I think I might visit a counter to re-test the other colors though.. you know.. just in case. 🙂

    • I do Reene–as I’ve worn Golden High over the past few days, I’ve found it’s really nice. I’m playing with the idea of a few Tom Ford blushes but I’m wondering if I need a few more Guerlain LOL.

  5. Ahhh so pretty! I definitely didn’t take a close look at this one, but now I definitely will! I think I thought it would be too pale too, but it looks quite nice on you!

  6. I got Beach Boy from the new Rose aux Joues. Love their texture. I found every blush duo have a different finish. Some with frost, some are matte. I particular like Beach Boy as I can wear it every day. I agree with you that this new blush duo is more flattering than their old 4 color version.

  7. This question has nothing to do with this post but I did not know where to ask. Now that Chanel has come out with Rouge Allure Lipstick in Rouge Noir can you do a New Battle of the Rouge Noir? I think a long time back you did this when they had Hydrabase and Rouge Coco Rouge Noir. I would love to know how you think this new one compares. Thanks if you can. 🙂

    • Nancy–wow I can’t believe you remembered that post! I’m so flattered. Well now that you asked I’d better, hadn’t I? It won’t be super soon though I’m sorry to say. I did order some of the Chanel lipsticks, but Rouge Noir was not one of them. I’ll work on it though!

      • I will be Soooo excited to see what Rouge Allures you got. I can’t find any posts on them yet. I ordered one online so far and it is a pretty color but looks awful on me. Its number 96 Excentrique Very Orange I actually like orangey lipsticks but this shade just does not go with me. I am waiting for my counter to get them so I can see them in person. What colors did you get?

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