Aug 262012

This summer, Bobbi Brown’s Desert Twilight Eye Palette ($60) was released as part of the Fall 2012 collection. Although many beauty lovers have a weakness for lip products, mine is eyeshadow palettes. I bought one sight unseen. The palette comes in a beautiful brushed champagne metal package, and it sufficiently small to slip into a carry-on makeup bag to make it eminently travel friendly.

The palette contains a well-chosen, slightly mauve-toned selection of colors. This includes everything from a shell-matte highlighter to a deep espresso liner color. Two of the colors (top right, and third from the left on the bottom) are Bobbi’s sparkle formula, which gives a sheer wash of sparkle. Although this isn’t my favorite formula, I thought that the combination of mattes and shimmers in the palette made the sparkle colors inclusion tolerable.


Unfortunately, I found that the eyeshadow texture of this palette was not up to par. In the past, Bobbi Brown has released some buttery soft palettes that I still love (including this Modern Classic, which was limited edition and I still use quite frequently). The highlighter is very sheer even by Bobbi Brown standards. Most of the textures are quite hard using my standard eyeshadow brushes. It was hard to work up good pigment and texture with these.

Here is Bobbi Brown’s Desert Twilight Eye Palette swatched next to the comparatively richly-pigmented and buttery soft Guerlain Les Fauves. Although the Bobbi Brown palette was workable, I believe that you can do a little better in this season of richly-textured neutral palettes.

I’d like to compare Bobbi Brown’s Desert Twilight to the Nars American Dream (reviewed here by The Beauty Look Book), so I am going to get one. For now, I’d wait to invest in the Bobbi Brown.

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  13 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Eye Palette Review”

  1. I like Guerlain more this Fall as I like the red undertone for the brown eye shadow. It just show up nicely with my brown eyes somehow. Thanks for the swatch!

  2. Neutral shades are amazing!! I like the Desert Twilight collection. The shade will look awesome with my hair extensions.

  3. I’ve seen this in counter, it looks nice but I don’t feel impressed -even when I’m a neutral lover. Thanks a lot for talking about pay-off, I’d rather invest in Guerlain les fauves insted of this palette. I must add that I’m also less interested since Bobbi Brown increases their palette prices too much in my opinion. While in the US you can get it for $60, here in Mexico it’s about $88. On the contrary, there are brands like Nars thay keep their prices very close to US prices.

    Thanks a lot for showing.

    • $60 seems like a lot for this palette, to be honest. I would have pegged it at $45. But $88 is out of the question–you can do much better for that. Is it much more than a Chanel quad then? (or are Chanel quads much more as well)?

      • It is a lot more than a Chanel quad… those are around $59-60 over here, which is in fact close to the price tag you see in Chanel website ($58). There are actually some Chanel items I’ve found have a better price here, for example La ligne de Chanel, which I got for around $40. I tend to do these conversion exercises before purchasing, since I feel some brands really abuse increasing their prices over here.

  4. The eyeshadows look gorgeous in the pan but it’s a shame about the formulation of them.

    • I agree. They’re not full of warm shades like most neutral palettes, so I was excited to see them. Darn.
      Thanks for the review Amy.

  5. Bobbi Brown is one of my absolute favorite beauty brands, but honestly I’ve been feeling like the palettes have been a teensy bit lackluster lately–whether in shade or texture. Lovely swatches though…and that Les Fauves palette?? *sigh* SO insanely gorgeous. I ordered mine and am STILL waiting for it–can’t wait 😀

  6. I’ve always been a fan of Bobbi Brown eyeshadows! This palette looks like a must buy!

  7. The shades look amazing but they are very dupe-able 🙁

  8. dear love,

    your the only make up website that i trust. please keep on doing what you do because there’s alot of people watching even though they might not comment. and i’d like to say we’re grateful for the service you give us. thank you so much.

  9. I’ve found your review very helpful since I was seriously thinking about buying it. For the time being, I’ll be cautious and wait. Instead, I’ll take a look into Guerlain’s palettes. Thank U

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