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Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lipstick in Séduisante ($34 /#91) is a medium pink lipstick with a slight pearl. This new formula is highly moisturizing, and it seems to have a softening effect that makes one’s lips look fabulous.

When I ordered this, the color was described as similar to “a Rouge Allure version of Chanel Rouge Coco in Magnolia,” a color that I really love. I concur in this description. Chanel Rouge Allure in Séduisante is a pretty, glowing medium, slightly warm, pink that one can wear almost anywhere.

Below, Sèduisante is on the far left. As usual with the Chanel Rouge Allure line, arm swatches do not tell the whole story. Séduisante looks quite light here. This is due to to at least two factors. First,  the other colors swatched here are quite intense.  Second, the color does shift as you apply it. I’m used to that occurring, the former Rouge Allure line did so as well. Although Liz has relatively light lip color without wearing anything, Séduisante applied on her with a medium pink tone. As with a fine perfume, trying before you buy on your individual skin will give you the most accurate view of the color for you.

Close up on Liz:

Chanel Sediusciente 12b

I loved the slight moisturizing glow of this formula. You should know that Liz and I had just spent the weekend in very dry air, boating, and sun, and our lips were not in the best condition before application. The Rouge Allure formula seemed to soften and plump, giving a very lovely effect. When she applied it, Liz started laughing and said, “this is ridiculously moisturizing–wow, look at my lips!” There is some sort of magic in there.

Chanel Sedusciente 1

Bottom line- we both loved Séduisante. Almost anyone can pull off this flattering color, which seems suited for all skin tones. Liz had to have it (model’s choice!), so I’ll be re-ordering my own replacement soon.

Edit: Some have asked about Liz’s eye makeup, above. She’s wearing Nars Warhol Flowers 3 palette, together with Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Heat. Both of those products were sent to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review. You’ll be seeing full reviews of the products soon. Suffice it to say that Liz insisted on keeping Nars Soft Touch in Heat, but I’ll be using Flowers 3 for now. I suspect Liz will have it eventually, she’s very persistent (I wonder where she gets that from). She’s also lined her inner rims with an Armani black eyeliner pencil.

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  10 Responses to “Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lipstick in Séduisante”

  1. Hi Amy, Seduisante looks as glowy as you describe it to be! I love how it looks when paired with Liz’s green teal liner.

  2. Gorgeous! I don’t blame Liz for keeping this one, it looks beautiful on her….althought what doesn’t? Anyway, it’s one of my faves too and I’ve been wearing it almost daily since I got it. Thanks for the fantastic swatches of all 5 you got. I have a feeling there will be more in your future very soon. 🙂

  3. I love Liz’s make-up in this post (especially on her eyes). Would you mind sharing what else she is wearing here? Thank you so much. Lovely.

    • Of course, Katie–the post has been revised to reflect her eye makeup. She’s also wearing some of my older Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation (now discontinued), as Chanel Tweed Fuchsia blush. I’m sure there is a bronzer (and self-tanner) as well–I can check with her if you like (although I know she uses Xen-Tan as a self-tanner).

  4. Love, love! I really enjoy seeing lovely Liz on your posts again. I happen to come across these new RAs today at local Nordstrom, so many colors to try, so little time. and you are right about the moisturizing quality, I think I prefer RA formulas than Rouge Coco.

  5. Lucky Liz! Séduisante looks lovely on her–and pink! This was one of the colors that turned orange on me :-). Oh, how I wish I could wear this iteration of RA!

  6. These lipsticks look so beautiful on the lips, and alll three pinks are exceptionally pretty.
    I was wondering with them being a moisturizing formula, if that also equals short wear time – as it so often does – especially the lighter shades…
    How long did Sèduisante last on you?

    • Pam, these seem packed with pigment. I haven’t noticed the shortened wear time that we saw with the sheerer formulas, including Chanel Rouge Coco Shine. I think these give me superior wear time because they seem to add a stain to the lips.

  7. Just to make it clear, in french, there is two accents for “e”. One is l’accent grave, which is è, and one is l’accent aigu, which is “é”. In the case of this lipstick’s name, it is Séduisante and not Sèduisante.

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