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The very glamourous Dita Von Teese knows makeup. When I heard that she had done a collaboration with Art Deco, a German brand sold all over the world, I was interested. Many U.S. customers do not have ready access to the brand, but I’ve played with Art Deco a bit during my travels in Paris. Art Deco is an affordable makeup line that offers a modular compact system. You can choose the shades you like to create compacts, and the quality of several of the items is quite nice. Combining convenience with Dita Von Teese’s quality standards? When I was contacted to try a few of the items from Tender Loving Skincare who ships worldwide (including to the U.S.), I happily agreed.

Dita Von Teese’s Classic Collection for Art Deco has forty (40 pieces), so there is a broad selection (Art Deco’s website describing the collection is here), including lipsticks, lip pencils, eyeliners, eyeshadows, blushes. There are lovely looking nail polishes, a primer, false lashes, mascara, gel eyeliner, lip lacquer, an eye brush….the list goes on.  Except for a foundation (which I’ve heard might be released in the future), there’s a bit of everything.

The collection includes a limited edition Beauty Box ($22.70) (pictured above) which has a a magnetized bottom designed to house the eyeshadows and blushes. This little Art Deco touch really grows on you–the products are just big enough to feel generous in size, yet nicely fit within the Art Deco system in a very compact way. The mirror has a tiny “Beauty is Art”–a fun little Dita touch–inscribed. Here are my blush and eyeshadows in their new home:

 One of my favorite pieces from the collection was the Dita Von Teese Art Couture Lipstick in Parlez Vous ($29).

 Parlez Vous is a warm, gorgeous, highly-pigmented red. Just, wow. Seriously. This woman knows her red lipstick. The quality felt quite luxurious (and without the fussy scent that some high-end lipsticks have). One swipe gave me a dramatic, beautiful color.

 The Lip Liner in Vermillion ($15.81) was the perfect accompanying shade for Parlez-Vous lipstick. Unlike some lip pencils, which feel dry, the Dita Von Teese lipliner felt smooth and gave me even coverage without pulling.

My other favorite piece from the collection was the Eye Styler in Minuit ($15.81) This is an excellent black liner, particularly at this price point. This applies as a highly pigmented, cool-toned black. Some eyeliners can tug and pull. Dita Von Teese’s Minuit was another “wow” product for me–it went on smooth as butter (not a single tug), yet had the excellent all-day lasting power. Worth twice the price. Love.

The Minuit Eye Styler is a twist-up pencil (no sharpening required), and has a hidden tip-sharpener in the back for a precise line.

The blushes in the line are soft and subtle, which coordinates nicely with the red lipsticks in the line. I tried the cool mauve Dita Von Teese Blusher in Paramour ($16.62). The blush has a very slight shimmer/sheen, is nicely pigmented, and applied smoothly and easily with my Nars Yachiyo brush. Although I noticed some fading by day’s end, I found the Paramour very wearable, flattering and finely-milled.

Art Deco’s Dita Von Teese Classics offers two eyeshadow formulas–the matte Matt and the shimmery glimmery Glamour. Although all shades delivered, I had a strong preference for the mattes, which were nicely textured.

Gilded Lily ($9.73) is a shimmery bone-beige base with high shimmer/glimmer. This is a sparkling highlighter.

Opulence ($9.73) is a high-frost white-mauve. The texture resembles a MAC Veluxe Pearl.

Sepia ($9.73) is a soft, nicely pigmented brown crease. This is a very easy-to-use crease color.

Veuve Noir ($9.73) is a well-pigmented matte black that can be worn either concentrated near the liner or sheered out softly.

Each of these eyeshadows comes with a magnetized bottom and plastic over-slide. They are designed to be housed in an Art Deco compact.

Here are swatches of Parlez Vous lipstick, Vermillion Lip Liner and the Minuit Eye Styler:

Here are Paramour blush, and the four eyeshadows (Opulence, Gilded Lily, Sepia and Veuve Noire).

As previously mentioned, these are available to buyers worldwide (including the U.S.) from Tender Loving Skincare. You can selected “U.S. Dollars” for the prices on the site (the Currency Convertor is on the bottom left of the page), and the ship rates to the U.S. are a flat rate fee of £5.50 (roughly $9.00).

There’s also an adorable “Get the Look” page on Tender Loving Skincare for styling advice for the collection.

 Overall, I thought the Art Deco Dita Von Teese collection was a nice way to get bombshell glamour at an excellent price point. I thought the lipstick, lip liner and eye styler had an excellent quality. As I said earlier, I like Art Deco’s modular compact system for the blush and eyeshadows.

All products from the Art Deco Dita von Teese Classics collection were sent to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration and review.

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  10 Responses to “Art Deco Dita Von Teese Classics Collection Review and Swatches”

  1. I am very excited about these pieces as I love a neutral eye and cheek, as well as red lips (not that as a stay at home mom red lips feel entirely natural). The shipping is reasonable, too. I might actually bite! Thanks so much for the swatches.

    When Art Deco was at Walgreens, I wasn’t much interested in the offerings. I wonder how I’d feel about it now? Perhaps it was just skin are there at that time? I don’t remember.

  2. I saw the collection at my local beauty store and I found it very interesting especially when I compare price with quality! I liked the clasic colour range very much! Now that I see Paramour again I see that I shouldnt have passed it, maybe its time to go back… 😉
    Minuit Eye Styler is another one I may have to try!

  3. I really like the lipstick and the blush, not so much impress with the eyeshadows. Thanks so much for the review!

  4. Is the Minuit Eye Styler retractable?

  5. I was fan of Art Deco pen concealer. It is very much like Dior Skin flash.

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  7. I love the lipsticks, I have them all excepts the orange one.

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