Sep 222012

My favorite product from the Nars Andy Warhol Collection is the Flowers 3 palette, a shimmery combination of taupe, two medium browns, a deep brown and a shimmery white.  An overview of the format of this palette is here, in my review of Flowers 1. Here is the review of Flowers 2.

If I were to choose one single item to purchase from the items that I’ve tried (which do not include the kits), it is Flowers 3. These shadows are a shimmery neutral lover’s dream. I’ve worn this for about a week, and was still exploring the combinations that I could make. This palette’s Warhol inscription: “All is pretty.” 

Swatches (from left to right) 1) background taupe; 2) white flower; 3 & 4) both medium shimmery flowers; and 5) the deep brown flower:

Here, Liz used all three colors (but just a touch of the white in the inner corner), and used Nars Andy Warhol Soft Touch eye pencil in Heat under her lower lashline. She also used a standard black liner (Giorgio Armani) on her inner waterline:

Same look, different angle:

A full look, same combination of Flowers 3 and Heat, together with Chanel Rouge Allure Intense in Seduisante.

Overall, I found the texture excellent, and the palette very easy to use to achieve a beautiful look. Definitely my favorite of the Nars Andy Warhol Flowers format, and possibly my favorite palette of the collection.

Nars Cosmetics sent Flowers 3 and Soft Touch Eyeshadow Pencil in Heat to Cafe Makeup for consideration for review.


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  7 Responses to “Nars Andy Warhol Eyeshadow Palette Flowers 3”

  1. This is my favorite too. Thank you so much for switching it. I was dying to see it. It looks beautiful on Liz!

  2. Hi Amy, I can see why this is your favorite; the colors look much more wearable. However, I still think there’s some NARS intrigue in the pairing of a cool purple taupe with warm golden browns!

  3. This looks so beautiful on Liz but overall, I was quite disappointed with these Nars palettes. I feel they could have been done better :/

  4. Amy & Liz, you guys have done it again with this Warhol series! I love this palette the best on Liz, her look is a chic rock ‘n’ roll, quite edgy yet still very feminin. I’m curious to try these palettes next time I go on shopping trip.

  5. This is so beautiful – I love Liz’s unique twist with the teal liner to give it an edgy feel. I will definitely be getting this one. Seems like what I had hoped the Calanque (spelling?) would be like.

  6. love all this,
    any clue when it will be available?? i wonder how the pricing will be… cant wait for the glosses

    • Most products will be on Sephora starting early October (scheduled for Oct. 1st, but sometimes the dates aren’t really precise). Everywhere else in November. I suspect the pricing will be similar to Nars typical prices ($24ish for the glosses). These palettes are much larger than the others–so they are going for $55.

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