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Burberry has recently released another outstanding foundation to its line–the Burberry Velvet Foundation Long Wear Fluid Foundation ($54). Although with a more limited shade range that the lines standard Sheer Glow Fluid Foundation, the consistency and excellence of the first has been retained.

Once again, Burberry has released a foundation that is long wearing, truly buildable, long wearing and non-clogging. This is a fabulous foundation for someone who wants to look flawless. In this released, the foundation provides a matte finish–one that is best in class.

Nordstrom was kind enough to provide me with tiny sample pots of all shades for this line:

You’ll notice that notice 201 is warm, and 202 quite pink. I am #203. Originally, I purchased #205 sight unseen by phone, but found it far too dark for my NC15/20 skin tone. Although it is a matte, it does not feel dry or accentuate any dry patches or tiny lines. Another picture:

I found that I had retained my tiny sample pots from my original swatching session of the Burberry Sheer Glow release. Although some of the pots had dried a bit, I did my best to find enough of each so that you’ll have a comparison. The Burberry Velvet Swatches are across the top. The Burberry Sheer Glow Foundation shades are across the bottom. As you can see, there is not an absolute correlation between the shade numbers–for example, #4 in Sheer Glow is quite different from #204 in Velvet.

One more:

 Bottom line: If you are looking for a matte foundation, Burberry Velvet Long Wear is well worth your time. This is available from Nordstrom.com with free shipping.

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  19 Responses to “Burberry Velvet Foundation Long Wear Fluid Foundation: Review and Swatches of All Shades and Comparisons”

  1. These swatches are so helpful. I snagged a sample of the original foundation in shade 1. Loved the finish but it was too warm and a touch too dark. It looks like shade 2 would be a much better match for me so I’ll have to give both foundations another look.

  2. Thank you so much for the swatches! Lovely pictures! Love your site and look forward to all of your posts 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for these comparison swatch pictures! Can you comment on how this formula compared to Chanel Perfection Lumiere? Thanks, Amy!

    • Hi Stella–Good question–the Burberry has a slightly nicer feel. I also have better luck building it up. If you already have your Perfection Lumiere, I would likely use it up before jumping into Burberry. As your question seems to recognize, they seem like cousins so probably don’t “need” both at the same time.

      • Thanks, Amy! I found better luck matching my skin color with the Chanel range. I really wish I can use Burberry — somehow the color is a bit off on me. The velvet range, though, seems a bit different in coloration than the sheer range. But yes, I agree w/ you, I don’t need both.

  4. Shade 204 is my best bet even though it’s deep – at least the undertone is right on. I can sheer this out with moisturizer.

  5. Thank you so much for the swatches! I wonder what shade you use in the original formula? I use no 5 in summer and 4 in winter and am contemplating trying the new matte line.

  6. Do you think this would accentuate any dry or flaky spots?

    • I haven’t seen that to be so compared to a foundation for normal skin (like MUFE HD, for ex). But it would be better to use a moisturizing foundation like Guerlain Parure Gold or Chanel Vitalumiere.

  7. I’m a MAC NC40, do you think that 207 could be the right shade for me? thanks 🙂

  8. Hi! This may seem silly, but does the matte range have stronger coverage than the original range? I’ve heard great things about the original, but stayed away as I like stronger coverage. Thanks for the review and so many swatches.

    • Anna, the original is called “sheer” but it is the most build able foundation I’ve ever used. Even more so than Armani’s. You want to use a foundation brush for the best control. Honestly, you can build it up to medium-to-full with a decent brush without caking. Both foundations are roughly similar in terms of coverage.

      • Wow, Armani’s is the gold standard, so if this is better, it must be amazing. Thanks for your reply. I’ll think about trying this when I use up my current round of foundations.

  9. I sampled it, but I think I prefer the original formula for my skin type.

  10. Interestingly I matched to 201 despite being cool-toned. It’s just a bit lighter, I think, or maybe I’m more neutral than I thought, I don’t know. I haven’t picked this up yet but it’s next on my list – I just purchased Fresh Glow, which I’m experimenting with at the moment. Thank you for the swatches!

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  12. Ooooooooh I might have to check this out. I think I too would be 203. It looks more olive.

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