Oct 112012

The Tom Ford Enchanted Eye Color Quad ($75) is one of my favorite makeup purchases of the year. The color applies with a beautiful luminousity that is smooth and incredibly flattering. I invite you to click to enlarge:

Tom Ford’s Enchanted quad has a pearly texture that the other eye color quads in the line. There is subtle sparkle throughout, rather than a single shade. The texture applies beautifully with my Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush. Typically I use the lower left taupe-mauve shade as the base color. I tuck some of the deepest burgundy shade in the outer corner. Then, I use either of the top shades in the inner corner.

In shade:


I found that using a base was necessary, particularly so because I am currently in a very humid warm climate.  I used Laura Mercier’s Eye Basic as mine. Swatches:

The department store stock images of this palette give a peach impression, which is quite inaccurate. Instead, the shades are mauve burgundy. The taupe shade in the lower left is incredible.


This shows the subtle sparkle:

The best way that I can describe this is as a more robust version of Chanel Ombres Perlees. The Tom Ford Enchanted Four Color Quad seems to be infused with fairy pearl and beautiful things, yet the palette remains sophisticated (as you would expect from Mr. Ford). If I hadn’t gotten this quad, I would have regretted it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But soon, and for the rest of my life.

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  7 Responses to “Tom Ford Enchanted Eye Color Quad Review and Satches”

  1. That is just beautiful! I recently got my first Tom Frd blush, and I know I will need more from this line.

    • I know, Martha–I feel like I’ve just joined a club getting into this line. A beautiful, perfect, very lovely one…

  2. Argh – I have only just managed to persuade myself to NOT get this – looks like you have ‘enabled’ me 🙂

    • If you can possibly see this in person, I think you’ll love it. I wanted the teal (Emerald Lust) one so much (the texture is similar), but I’m holding off because it’s not a comfortable color palette for me. But the eye that Temptalia did with Emerald Lust stays in my mind LOL.

  3. I have three TF palettes: Cognac Sable, Burnished Amber, and this beauty, Enchanted. I find that all of them wear beautifully without fading or creasing and that the colors are pigment rich and true to pan. I know that some people balk at the price, but if you are going to use all four colors (not necessarily all at once 🙂 ), then TF’s palettes are actually quite reasonably priced. As so many other reviewers have noted, you get a lot of product in these quads.

    Personally, I don’t attach importance to price per ounce because paying a bargain basement price for something I’m not going to wear is throwing money away whereas paying more for a product that I am going to reach for frequently is money well spent. I know, though, that for some people the PPO is a big deal and so I refer them to the Temptalia spreadsheet on eye product cost. Christine lists, in descending order, 94 powder eyeshadows ranging in cost from $73.08 (#1) to $1,150 (#94) an ounce. TF is #30 on that list with a relatively modest price of $214.29 an ounce which makes it a bargain when compared to many other brands, both luxury and moderately priced. As I said, such comparisons are of no value to me, but they are interesting none the less.

  4. This is stunning. I’ve been on the fence on if I need/want this or not… and I think the fact is… I NEED it and want it. *sigh*

  5. I have this quad for couple of weeks already. I really love love love the colors. I think they are super gorgeous. When I look at the palette I just think wedding quad.
    I got it because I tought that since these are subtle and neutral I will get lots of wear from them.
    I do not think they have the best texture. I find Guerlain and Burberry to be superior in texture.
    In general I am not fan of glittery or metallic shadows and that is mostly what TF does so I dont think I will purchase more TF quads at that price point unles he comes up with more satin finishes. But like this one a lot.

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