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Together with the release of its innovative Maestro foundation (reviewed here), Giorgio Armani released Giorgio Armani Maestro Eraser Concealer ($40). This is a softly tinted, lightweight concealer in a squeeze tube. The innovative part of this concealer is Armani’s promise to deliver not only temporary concealing but also long term results. That is, the product promises gradual fading of the blue tone under eyes.

For my part, I immediately noticed that the texture of this concealer imparts a very natural look. There is far less of a “concealer texture” effect. Even very finely made concealers can, if one looks closely, provide a slight creamy look under the eyes. As we know, sometimes another does get very close to your face (or at least I would hope so!).  Like the foundation, the Maestro Eraser adheres to the skin.

I also noticed the brightening effect. There is an illuminating quality. Because the texture is so fine, I can see some considering Armani’s Maestro Eraser this the next time one’s Yves St. Laurent Touche Eclat runs out. I have not been using the product long enough to notice the “blue-tone erasing” effect. Also, I found the Armani Maestro Eraser too sheer to cover my undereye circles without wearing a corrector underneath. Will the Armani still work with a corrector underneath–even an Armani Master Corrector? Only time will tell.

Here are swatches of two of the shades, Number 2 and Number 4:

I purchased a full size of Number 2, and a little packet of Number 4 came as a free sample with my foundation purchase. By my estimate, the Amani has about 1/4 of the coverage power of Lancome Effacernes, Edward Bess Platinum Concealer, Cle de Peau concealer, or Burberry Concealer (all of which gives me full coverage).

Because of its light coverage, I’ve used this primarily to layer over any imperfections on my face while layering the Armani Maestro Fusion foundation over the top. Because of its texture, the Maestro Corrector also works well layered over the foundation if I find that I missed something after applying foundation. It works well for that purpose–the effect lasts all day.

Bottom line, the Armani Maestro Eraser concealer will work beautifully if you need a light-coverage concealer. The effect is very natural –remarkably so. Those who have blue tones or need significantly more coverage will require a corrector. Perhaps the fading effect will take care of this over time, as the literature suggests. According to the website, this requires roughly two months of use.

This is available online with free ship at Nordstrom.com.

Ingredient list (click to enlarge):

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  9 Responses to “My Thoughts: Armani Maestro Eraser Concealer Review”

  1. How do you think this concealer compares to the armani High Precision retouch concealer? I have used this for several years and it is light but very smooth on the eye area.

  2. After falling in love with the Maestro Fusion foundation, I simply had to try the Eraser. It is an extraordinary concealer for those of us who just need a bit of brightening and coverup. It is best applied with the fingers (as is the foundation) and can be used under or over the Maestro foundation. (It is not recommended for use with other foundations because of formulation comparability issues.)

    Don’t order this based on your foundation number. There is no direct correlation. It is best to visit the Armani counter to select the appropriate color. Even though I am wearing #4 in the foundation, #3 in the concealer was best for my particular needs. In trying out the Eraser, the Armani MA first applied a bit of Crema Nera under my eyes and then she lightly patted on the Eraser with her fingertip. I was speechless when I looked in the mirror. There was not a bit of discoloration visible and yet it looked like I had nothing on. The MA said that it was not necessary to set with powder, but I am a self-professed finishing powder addict and always use an ultra fine powder like Météorites or La Mer Transparent as a final touch. I’m 68 and loved how the Eraser wore throughout the day without settling into lines or fading away. What I start with in the AM is what I remove in the PM 🙂

    As Amy has emphasized, this is not a heavy duty concealer. Maestro Eraser is for those who want natural illumination and correction without heavy concealment.

    • Eileen – I completely agree with you – the color of this foundation needs to be seen and selected in person. I am still not comfortable with the #5 I chose. 4 is too yellow for me, and the best match seems to be combining 3 and 5, but that is quite an investment, even though this is the best foundation finish I have ever seen. In the corrector, I was definitely a 2, no question, perfect. Any thoughts or advice?

      • Hi Nina,

        That’s a shame about a single foundation color not working out for you. Supposedly there is enough color adjustment (smart pigments) to accomodate a wide variety of skintones. At $62 a pop, though, I wouldn’t want to have to mix a couple of shades, either 🙁 You might want to try the lighter shade at the counter, give it about 5 minutes to “adjust”, then see how it looks. If it’s just a tad too light but is otherwise a good match for your skintone, you can always enrich the color a bit with a bronzer or finishing powder. If that doesn’t work, then the foundation just isn’t for you.

        • I have been color-matched to the Maestro 3 times now, and all the SAs say I’m a perfect 5! 2 and 3 are definitely too pale, and 4 is too yellow. 4.5 is way too dark. I just love the finish, so I guess I’ll stick with it!

  3. Yay finally tried this today! Feels really great on your face,
    Overall gave me a glowing look but not much coverage.
    The associate built coverage with the concealer ( or tried too..)
    Very sheer. I’ll stick with my Ed bess:) but I did love the way the foundation
    Feels. Also they put a milk cleanser, that u can or can’t wash off.
    Only problem, got home and me and my girl friend I was with
    Both had two pimples sprout up!
    We agreed it has to be something he used but don’t know what..
    The cleanser had no fragrance I’m wondering can it be the
    Any thoughts?
    Amy love my Ed bess collection now I rely on ur reviews and
    I’ve loved everything so far!!:)

  4. Thanks for the post! Just wondering: what is your go to concealer?

  5. […] that I happen to have with me on this trip–Burberry Sheer Luminous Concealer in #1, Armani Maestro Corrector in #2 and Chanel Pro Lumiere Corrector in #10 (this may be […]

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