Oct 192012

Tom Ford Noir Absolue for Eyes ($35/0.12 oz.) is a creamy dark blue-black eyeliner designed to brighten and define. Like many of you, I have a few black liners. I’ve been using Bobbi Brown’s Black Ink Gel Eyeliner for at least ten years–I’ve used up (and replaced) several pots. Tom Ford’s is along the same lines with a few differences.

First, Tom Ford Noir Absolue is infused with a pretty blue tone and slight micro-shimmer. According to the sales associate, this is intended give a brightening effect to the whites of the eye. I think it’s pretty–the blue tone is not nearly as blue as a true blue or midnight blue, such as Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Sapphire Shimmer.

The difference in effect is subtle–if you have a very good monitor I suspect you will see that the Tom Ford swatch on the left is cooler.

Second, Tom Ford’s Noir Absolue seems to have a firmer texture compared to my familiar Bobbi Brown Black Ink. I use Laura Mercier’s flat-top synthetic push brush, as the Tom Ford sales associate recommended using this, rather than investing in the Tom Ford brush. I have to sort of aggressively push the brush into the pot to get full eyeliner coverage. There seems to be plenty of pigment, but the product isn’t as soft as a Bobbi Brown gel. So as an application tip, get in there like a tiger woman–don’t be shy.

Because of the micro-shimmer, I have not used this on my waterline. Typically, I add tightlining to my upper waterline by using another Laura Mercier push brush and the mascara straight off the spoolie.

Finally, the overall effect is amazing particularly when a I add a tightline. It’s fascinating how a subtle twist can really make a difference that leads to perfection. This liner does look really amazing, particularly if you are using a cool toned shadow (but I’ve worn it will all colors). Lasts all day.


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  8 Responses to “Tom Ford Noir Absolue for Eyes Review and Swatch”

  1. What do you mean by tightlining with eyeliner and mascara? Thanks in advance!

    • Take a little mascara from the wand/spoolie to put on the tightline brush. So dip the tightline brush in between the mascara bristles, then tightline as usual.

    • Hi Holly,

      This is a technique that a lot of MA’s are now using to add definition to the eye shape and to enhance the look of the lashes. Applying mascara along the underside of the lashline also gives a bit of a boost to the lashes and helps hold them up. Once you learn to do this, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it all along 🙂 If you already tightline, this is just a little bit different. Apply mascara to your brush and then push the mascara into the base of the lashes from the underside. Couldn’t be simpler.

  2. Hi Amy, is TF one also waterproof like BB gel liner? I’m always on the look out for somewhat blue-er tone black as it does make a difference in the way it looks on my eyes. Also, would you say that the texture is dryer than that of the BB gel liner, or just perhaps more of a cake than a gel? Thanks!

    • I can not tell if it is a cream or a gel. It is not a powder. The texture of Bobbi’s is softer. It is more a difference of formulation If I don’t use enough pressure, or very light pressure, the color isn’t as deep and vivid as I’d like.

      The product doesn’t say waterproof, but many hyper high end products do not seem to emphasize function. I am in a super humid climate at the moment and have had no problem

  3. I’ll have to try this – using mascara to tightline. I’ve been using pencils to do it. The TF liner looks interesting, but I’m reluctant. I just returned the Tom Ford plum creme shadow because it dried out immediately!

  4. Hi Amy-
    I went to Saks yesterday to check this out. The SA applied it to my eyes and it was “WOW”!
    It is amazing how it brightens to eyes!
    Thanks so much for informing us about this product!

  5. Do you know if it has red dye #5 or whatever product is used in most color makeup such as blues and purples? I have an allergic reaction to this ingredient (such a bummer!)

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