Oct 202012

As a devout Francophile, I’ve been loving  reading blogger So Lonely in Gorgeous reviews of some Laduree’s makeup items that have been released in Japan. One day not too long ago, she surprised me by sending over this lovely Les Merveilleuses de Laduree Lip Rouge in 06, a creamy nude neutral that fits my taste exactly. Although her reviews of the lip products were favorable, I was delighted to try this myself.

 As with all things Laduree, the presentation in perfection. The smallest details are beautiful, there is a little flourish which makes the experience special. The Laduree box is embellished with images of flowers and leaves, a garden theme. The tube looks like a pearly frosting, evoking the filling of a Laduree macaron. The tube has a small chain and cameo attached–the cameo as another symbol of the Laduree line.

 The little cameo (close up), where you can also see some of the elaborate details on the white pearl tube:

Les Merveilleuses de Laduree Lip Rouge uses a twist-up format (it cannot be retracted once turned up). The formula is highly moisturizing and luxurious. Color 06 is a softly rose toned nude:

On Liz:

I must admit I love the feminine appeal of this design. The tube is long enough to give me a “magic wand” feeling, and the elaborate cameo charm is an adorable touch. Inside, the product is beautiful. Well done, Laduree. Very well done. For an incredible picture of a Laduree makeup counter, see So Lonely in Gorgeous’ post here.


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  7 Responses to “Les Merveilleuses de Laduree Lip Rouge 06 Swatches”

  1. Grgeous shade!! It’s so feminine indeed, I love the box and all the details 🙂

  2. Oh my heavens that is pretty! SO pretty!

  3. Hey Amy, I’m glad you enjoyed the lip rouge! I’ve really been enjoying Laduree’s new fall colors this season. If there’s anything we ever need/want, just let me know

  4. I want the whole collection! Love the cool pinks and how lovely is the blush that is shaped like rose petals!!! Too bad we can’t have it here in the US.

  5. What a beautiful post…I have a penchant for nude lip color and Color 06 is divine! I wish I could see the entire line in person…the packaging is exquisite! Thanks for the review.


    –The Beauty Profeessor

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