Oct 222012

Tom Ford’s Bronzer Brush ($115) is a luxurious investment. Rather than attempting to create a brush that might mimic others, this brush is lovingly made to deliver incredible results, albeit with the price tag to match. The bristle end is soft as kitten fur, lush and thick.

 The handle is balanced without being too heavy.

Of course, the brush is designed to work with the large, luxurious pan of the Tom Ford Bronzer. Below is Gold Dust, which is a beautifully shimmered glowing-with-gold powder perfect for light, warm skin tones. It has a very large, flat pan.

In fact, the bristle head of the Tom Ford Bronzer brush is far larger than the pan of a Chanel Joues Contraste blush. Of course, most bronzers are on the larger side. Some of the Guerlain special edition pans are almost the size of European dinner plate. However, if your favorite bronzer has a small pan, the Tom Ford Bronzer Brush might actually be too large for it.

Together, the combination of the Tom Ford Bronzer Brush and Gold Dust is a wonderful experience that delivers beautiful, transformative results.

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  13 Responses to “Tom Ford Bronzer Brush Review”

  1. I’m laughing to myself thinking that I’d probably get bronzer all over my face (badly done) with a brush bigger than a Chanel blush pan but…that set looks lovely as a Christmas gift. Maybe that will be my gift to me this Christmas!

  2. I have the matte version of the TF bronzer that came out this year. Did you try that one? What did you think of it. I have been using my LMDB powder brush with it so far and not liking the effect. Does the TF brush really work great with this bronzer, better than a powder brush would?

    • Hi Tammy,

      I haven’t tried TF bronzers yet so I don’t know if it is the product or the brush that is the problem, but I can say that the two brushes are worlds apart in shape, density, and softness. I have both of those brushes and find the LMdB scratchy in comparison to the TF brush. The LMdB is also much smaller. I believe that different textured products require different brushes, but if I could only have one, it would be the TF.

    • Hi Tammy,
      I love my Tom Ford Bronzer in matte! Using the Tom Ford bronzer brush picks up all the pigment and deposits it on the face just perfectly the finish is incredible. I have other bronzer brushes and tried them with the TF Bronzer and absolutely no comparision. I will not use another brush on my face other than Tom Ford now. I am a bit of a bronzer addict – and the Tom Ford bronzer with the Tom Ford brush – becomes the dream team. There is nothing else to compare. The Tom Ford Bronzer and Bronzing Brush hands down the winner.

  3. This is an incredible brush and both of mine (yes, I have two) actually felt softer and had a fuller and better shape after I washed them for the first time. I use one for bronzers and mid-toned luminizers like Chanel’s Lumière D’Artifices Beiges and I use the other for finishing powders and light luminizers. There are brushes galore at a much more modest price point that will do a good job, but the TF brush is in a class by itself right up there with the best that Hakuhodo has to offer. It applies and diffuses product like a dream leaving a natural finish on the skin. For anyone who loves brushes, this one by TF should be on the wishlist.

  4. I bought the Tom Ford Bronzer brush in mid-summer and it is the best brush I have ever bought – hands down ever. Incredibly soft brush which picks up the pigment of the bronzer perfectly. I have very, very sensitive rosacea skin and this brush is the only brush which does not hurt my face. I love it so much that I will buy the blush brush too. Best investment ever! I’ve never had bronzer look so absolutely beautiful on me ever!!!! I probably will buy another brush like this one to put on face powder. Finally a brush that does not burn my face and have it go beet red. Best bronzer and best bronzing brush ever!!!!

  5. I have both Gold Dust and Terra, the 2 Tom Ford bronzer colors. I am VERY pale with red/blue undertones. I can tell you that their quality is unlike any other. They are much more sheer than most bronzers thus a larger pan makes application goof proof with the right brush. A softer, fuller brush like the TF one or the Claudio Riaz ones at Barney’s (I have the full collection and they are amazing) makes for perfect application every time. A denser brush will pick up more color and not spread as well, something you don’t want when dealing in bronzer. I have other higher end blush, bronzer, powder brushes from Armani and they don’t even hold a candle. I also have rosacea and they are dry, brittle and prickly on my skin. They also don’t provide any decent application. This is a splurge worthy item and I think that travel kit is a deal considering how much each of the brushes in it would cost to buy individually.

    • Thank you so much for the detailed response, this was very helpful! I am ordering the bronzer brush tonight!

  6. I bought the Tom Ford bronzer brush last July and love it to death. The full soft brush head gives me an incredibly natural looking application of bronzer. Well worth the money!

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  9. Hi Amy,

    I’m wanting to purchase the 5 piece Tom Ford brush set, do you have a counter that you’d use on a regular basis that would ship to Australia?


    • Hi Meta, the counter that I know best is Neimans in San Francisco. They’ve been awesome in-person, but I don’t know about their shipping policies.

      One small point–I do order by phone frequently I suggest confirming the amount of ship charge in advance (I’ve heard that some US retailers used to charge $75 for an international package, which adds considerably to the price!). Also, ask the SA to confirm the contents of your order before you hang up. It may sound over the top, but surprises aren’t always welcome. Saks (many carry Tom Ford) and Bergdorfs (there is only one in New York City) are other options, but the brush set might be Neiman’s exclusive.

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