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Tom Ford Cheek Brush ($75/#06) is a luxuriously soft and beautiful brush. There are some products that are so perfect, and such complete joys to use, that they are worth every penny regardless of the price. Like Tom Ford’s Bronzer Brush, the Cheek Brush is one of those products.

The head of the brush is tapered and full. After a few washes, the head looks the same as it does out of the box.

The handle is lighter than one might expect, but round and large enough to make use easy and comfortable.

There are few reviews for this brush, although the Non Blonde has done a beautiful job here. While were at it, I’m going to post some first impressions of some Tom Ford blushes that I purchased–Frantic Pink, Wicked and Narcissist ($55 each). I haven’t played with these enough for a full review, but was able to take some pictures that I can share.

First, all of these blushes have a pearly quality that gives a gorgeous, sparkle-free glow. Here is Frantic Pink, a light soft pink-with-a-peach twist:

I don’t typically love blushes that impart only subtle color. I found that Frantic Pink does give enough color to give a blush effect to my NC15 skin tone, and the soft highlighter shimmer was gorgeous.

Wicked is an amazing cool raspberry with a cool pearl.

Close up:

I haven’t had time to play with Wicked or the next blush, Narcissist (released for Fall 2012):

Narcissist does not appear to have quite the amount of shimmery pearl as Frantic Pink or Wicked. It reminds me a bit of a more luxurious, complex version of MAC Full Fuchsia Pro blush.

Swatches, outside in sun:

Swatches, indoors with flash:

I hope that you might enjoy my experiment with Tom Ford. Personally, these all look amazing to me. The packaging is compact and light enough for travel, and the color payoff is amazing. I’ve worn Frantic Pink for a few days, and love the effect. Have you played with Tom Fords blushes or brushes? What do you think?

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  20 Responses to “Tom Ford Cheek Brush and Frantic Pink, Wicked and Narcissist Blushes”

  1. Aww sometimes I’m kinda happy that we don’t get the blushes here yet, because I’d want so many of them! They seem to have the most beautiful sheen! The brush looks bunny soft as well 🙂

  2. I checked Flush, Love Lust and Frantic Pink last week and was so drawn in to all of them. But as you, I’m fair skinned and Frantic Pink is incredibly elegant for a blush for fair skin.
    It comes to something like 75-80 dollars in my country with all the taxes but I’m sure they are worth it.
    Though nothing have caught my eye that much to invest in that day, I think I’m gonna get Frantic Pink asap. 🙂

    I love your blog by the way! x

  3. I’ve heard that Tom Ford brushes are amazing – a lot of people I know are besotted with them! I have yet to try any Tom Ford stuff, I think I’m just waiting to see if it’s worth the price. All the reviews I’ve read so far seem to say a resounding yes!

    Frantic pink looks gorgeous! Then again, I find myself drawn to subtle blushes but then getting frustrated that they’re too subtle, if that makes sense – I think I’m a high contrast lady deep down.

  4. The brush does look beautiful. I love the white hairs, very luxurious. I suppose it also lets you know when it is indeed, clean. Frantic Pink is just stunning, I will most definitely be checking it out. Everything is do beautiful. 🙂

  5. Amy what a beautiful review. I loved reading about your Tom Ford brush and blush experiment. First – I totally agree the blushes are amazing. The texture and pigment is just phenomenal – I splurged on every single blush shade in his line. My favorite is Flush which surprised me, it’s a scary looking orange but goes on so beautifully. My only issue with the blushes is the packaging – the base (gold bar) seems to be an attachment which has become a bit wobbly on some of mine – making it feel not quite as sturdy as I would expect for packaging of a high-end luxury brand (just my two cents). Still the actual blush quality is amazing enough to make me love them.

    For the brushes – your bronzer brush review was so helpful and assured me the quality and design of the brushes were worth the high price. When the line was first released I was so put off by the price points of the brushes I didn’t even bother to check them out when I was at an actual counter. After seeing numerous raves I decided it was worth checking out. The blush brush is really amazing and worth every penny as everyone says. It makes a world of difference in application for Frantic Pink which is borderline too pale for my skin. It barely shows up with other brushes but the Tom Ford makes it glow.

    I’m looking forward to more thoughts/reviews from you on Tom Ford. I purchased Enchanted because of your review and it’s perfect just as you described 🙂

  6. Narcissist is to die for!! It’s on my wishlist!

  7. narcissist is gooooorgeous, i want that one

  8. I’m a big fan of Tom Ford’s cosmetic line. The bronzer brush is amazing and I’m definitely wanting the blush brush. The blushes look gorgeous and I’m eager to try them! Great post – love your blog!

  9. I only have Frantic Pink but the other two are definitely on my list now. When I bought Frantic Pink I was worried it might be another Orgasm which despite all the acclaim, I dislike. No comparison between the two and Frantic Pink I feel is better suited to my NC 15 skin. I’m definitely interested in the brushes now; I think I’ll drop some hints for Christmas!

  10. Love Lust is an absolute must! I love Tom Ford’s blush, soft like cashmere, seamless in application. I am fair with light eyes and may have to try frantic pink and the blush brush as well after this well edited review. Thank you!

  11. Oh what beauty! I am seriously needing Wicked and that brush! My Christmas gift to myself…..thank you for a beautiful post.

  12. Narcissist looks lovely! Doesn’t it somewhat remind you of Chanel’s Tweed Fuchsia from the Winter 2010 collection? A more saturated version.

    • Yes, for sure. And it is very very saturated! I tried it today lightly with a duo-fiber brush. Lots of beautiful color!

  13. Beautiful post…must try Frantic Pink ASAP! I tend to go a bit heavy handed with the blush so starting with a pale color is prudent!

    Have a lovely week,

    The Beauty Professor

  14. I bought Wicked a few weeks ago and it has amazing staying power. You dust it on and it stays put for a full 14 hour day. Expensive but worth it imo. As are TF’s lipsticks.

  15. These blushes are all so lovely, especially Frantic Pink. It seems like it’d be perfect for my skin, definitely going to have too see if I can find a stockiest nearby asap!
    Zoe xx

  16. I’ve only tried Tom Ford’s lippies and nail polishes but they’re of most extreme high quality! On my wishlist for this holiday season is definitely the 5 piece brush set. I’ll probably get that on my next pay cheque (once all the essentials have been covered of course!) I only wish the city that I live in would get the rest of the cosmetic line already!

  17. So gorgeous! I have the TF Shade & Illuminate brush (that I use with Shade & Illuminate – duh). At some point I think I’ll have to pick up this brush along with the Wicked blush – so, so pretty! Well…either Wicked or Frantic Pink…both so pretty!

  18. I need to revisit Tom Ford blushes. Narcissist looks amazing, but I am afraid of bright blushes. Hoping it will work for me.

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