Nov 072012

Själ Skincare has just introduced the Själ Saphire Concentrate Anti Aging Face Oil ($175). I was sent these three mini-samples for review.

Like the other Själ products that I’ve tried, this is an extraordinarily refined and effective product. Literally, a tiny drop provides clear, pleasant and surprisingly immediate benefits. IThe first time that I tried this product, I had a dry patch from a “skincare experience gone wrong” on my cheek. During the course of a few minutes after I first applied Själ’s Saphire Concentrate, I literally watched the area become smooth and healed. Before my eyes. Overall, it provides a glowing, well-oxegynated look to my skin.

The company’s description:

A powerful, modern treatment oil made with an artisanal blend of rare essential oils and supra-3, a proprietary anti-aging bioactive complex designed to visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase elasticity, plump and revitalize skin. This ‘liquid silk’ weightless oil is infused with Himalayan blue sapphires and aquamarine known to facilitate clarity, calming and balance.

I keep hoping to find something “just as good” for a lower price whenever I try Själ products. No dice–I’m sorry. I’ve tried.  As with some luxury products, this oil will last for a very long time given its high concentration and effectiveness.  It’s a gorgeous product that works.

No breakouts or adverse effects. Wonderful as a moisturizer to take along on a flight–this substance is remarkably effective at preserving my skin in the unforgiving over-10,000 feet air.  As someone who has tried her share of face oils, trust me there is something really fantastic about this one.

Bottom line: Love to the last drop.

This is available at Själ’s online site, at Barney’s New York, as other online skin retailers. This was sent by PR to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review. My samples did not come with an ingredient list.

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  2 Responses to “Själ Saphire Concentrate Review”

  1. This sounds incredible! I absolutely love face oils.

  2. Glad you love this! I am obsessed and just scored this on the gilt website. May go back and get another after reading your review. Hope it is still available.

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