Nov 232012

For a touch of tropical in this chilly holiday season, Dior has released the Cruise 2013 nail collection of three gorgeous colors:  Mango, Pasteque, and Lime ($23 each). I purchased these online at


The formula on these is excellent, shiny and smooth. The hot pink Pasteque, which I would say is probably the most duplicatable color of the three, is in fact a one-coat wonder with a beautifully shiny finish. For that reason, I suspect that I’ll use Pasteque the most. For those looking for something entirely unique, both Lime and Mango are refreshing looks that remind me of palm trees and salty margaritas. However, both Mango and Lime did require 2-3 coats to reach full opacity.

Get it: Mango and Pasteque.

Try it: Lime (this color won’t appeal to everyone).

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  18 Responses to “Dior Vernis Cruise 2013: Mango, Pasteque, and Lime”

  1. I want them and I will get them.

  2. This might sound absolutely crazy, but my favourite Chanel sales associate left last year (I felt quite forlorn when I found out) and has recently gone to Dior, so I have been looking at Dior cosmetics so that I can give her my business. Pastèque looks like just the ticket! Thanks!

    • Sounds normal to me Melanie! You have to hold onto the gems when you find them. Dior’s products are getting better every day, so I’m happy you have her! 🙂

  3. I knew I wanted all 3 when I saw the promo ad but I was hesitant to buy them without seeing real swatches first. Thank you for posting this. Your swatches and review helped confirm my decision to buy these.

  4. Pasteque looks delicious! And so does Mango (which reminds me of Chanel June ca. last Spring –> any thought on how this compared to June?). Thanks for the preview!

  5. *sigh* This is the prettiest Dior collection I’ve seen in a while. Bright polishes really appeal to me and I love to wear them year-round. I usually don’t buy high-end polishes, but I think I need all 3 of these! I’ve never seen such a bright, mango-y mango before and that lime is just luscious!! 😀

  6. hi amy!!! just nail polishes? anything for eyes, lips, cheeks, or is that considered spring collection? i’m not finding these available at stores unless dior boutiques? i live in a small city. macy’s sales associates never heard of them. they told me spring collection could be coming in late december, middle of january. they have to go to school first to view it. although, spring is slowly being introduced over the internet. i see pink, gray, black. xo. p.s. interesting comment about a sales associate going to dior. many have done that here too! i saw chanel for spring. their prices always go up in 2013. not 100% sure but, the duo seems to be repromote from summer. sable emouvant (spelling)?? if it is, i’d better grab 1 now! xo.

    • This is just Cruise. There is more for Spring of course. Sime amazing palettes. I want it all but it is not for sale yet.

  7. My Dior SA told me about the new collection and I am so pleased you featured them. I think Pasteque will find it’s way into my nail polish stash.

  8. Hi! Did you see Keira Knightley’s makeup for her movie premiere? I can’t figure out that bright pink lipstick she is wearing with that mint green dess. I am pretty sure it’s Chanel because it has that unique sheen. Do you have any ideas what lipstick/s was used?

  9. wow!!!!!! I love these nail polish *_*

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