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Edward Bess Eyeshadow Palettes

Edward Bess has recently released three new eyeshadow palettes, Over the Moon, Cosmic Bliss, and Sun and Stars ($68 each). Each offers a selection of lovely neutral shades with gorgeous pigmentation and very smooth blendability.

Edward Bess Es palette

These are slim glossy black mirrored palettes packed with tiny brushes (one end is a sponge, the other a brush). I found that these applied beautifully with Edward Bess’ Luxury Eye Brush (pictured here). This review is for Sun and Stars, a lovely selection of a matte neutral base shade, a coppery brown, a khaki-toned taupe, and a lovely soft black.

Edward Bess Sun and Stars 4

I’ve worn this over Laura Mercier’s Eye Basic in Linen and got all-day wear. I used the middle two shads side-by-side on my lid, with the black as a liner. The lightest shade, which is a soft neutral that nearly matches my skin tone, was placed in my inner corner. So easy, it’s perfect for those times when you want to look confident and effortlessly perfect.

Edward Bess Sun and Stars 1b

The lightest shade is matte, and the other three have a touch of shimmer. This gives a touch of glow on the lid, without leaving any obvious sparkle.

Edward Bess Sun and Stars1

More swatches of Edward Bess’ Sun and Stars:

Edward Bess Sun and Stars2

So far, I love it. This price point is similar to Edward Bess’ Soft Smoke Palette (which I still use quite frequently). I found that the quality of Sun and Stars eyeshadows is remarkably similar to the Edward Bess eyeshadow singles. Here’s Liz’s eye look, using only the three lightest shades (blush is Tom Ford Wicked):

Liz Edward Bess Eye

One more:

Edward Bess

Bottom line:  Lovely, effortless and perfect. The colors of all three are so universal. The palettes are so easy to use, and give a gorgeous, polished and flattering eye.  These are finely milled and blended like a dream. Over my eyeshadow base, I had all-day beautiful wear.

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  8 Responses to “Edward Bess Eyeshadow Quad in Sun and Stars Review and Swatches”

  1. These look SO smooth and pigmented. Ahhh–there’s SO many new, gorgeous palettes and duos that have come out (Kevyn Aucoin Burberry, Edward Bess, Chanel…) that it’s getting REALLY hard to pick and choose what to buy next. I just end up feeling overwhelmed and putting off buying ANYTHING 😛

    • Fortunately, nearly all of those (except perhaps some of the Chanel) are permanent so you have time to think and compare. Thanks for your comment Becca! 🙂

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  3. Lovely review Amy! I fell in love with Cosmic Bliss the second I saw it and Over the Moon when I swatched it 🙂 I thought Over the Moon may be similar to the Becca Enigma palette but that’s not the case, so excited for some new, amazing quality eyeshadows to play with! I felt the texture and pigmentation of these was really good, you barely have to touch the pan to get the pigment, so I would say softer than his regular line.. what do you think?

    • I love the convenience of having this high quality in a single palette–so much easier than using singles! It’s much better for packing too! You may be right–perhaps slightly softer than the singles, which is unusual. Typically, the palettes are not a good–but I find these very, very nice! Thanks for your thoughts, Gorgeous!!

    • Hi Lakshmi,

      I also bought Cosmic Bliss and started ooohing and aaahing over how smooth, silky, and rich these shadows are the moment I swatched them. They glide on and blend like a dream. And, yes, they’re definitely softer than the singles. No one crafts elegant and sophisticated neutrals like Edward Bess 🙂

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