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Perricone Blue Plasma1

Perricone MD has just released Blue Plasma ($95 / 2 oz.), an incredibly gentle exfoliant that is designed for daily use. I’m a major fan of frequent exfoliation. Nothing reveals and renews skin like taking the dead layer off, to let the new skin show through. Sometimes I will use AHA chemical exfoliants, and sometimes other types of at-home peels (for example, this one from Le Metier de Beaute is an exceptional twice-per-week peel). I’m also going to take the opportunity to compare it to some other daily peels that I’ve tried recently.

Blue Plasma is a once-per-day lotion that had a beautiful, gentle exfoliating effect and I experienced absolutely zero stinging. If you are looking for an effective peel for sensitive skin, or one that treats your skin like a princess’, then Blue Plasma is for you. The Perricone MD website reads:

This cutting edge liquid treatment works with Bio-specific Peeling to attack only dead skin cells, Micro-extraction to lift surface debris, unclogging and purifying the skin of build-up and finally Hydro-fusion to rebalance skin’s hydration with enriched water. No rinsing needed. Apply and follow with your daily skincare regimen.

I did find the results effective. My skin was softer, brighter, smoother, and more alive. Particularly for winter-wearing skin, it’s lovely to have my glowing skin back without damaging or peeling. I typically put it on first, then wait for a few minutes to apply my moisturizer, then sunscreen. It can also be used before bed in the evenings instead.

As an introductory offer, Perricone MD’s website is running an auto-ship special which reduces the price of the product to $85.50 plus adds a free Citrus Facial Wash with every order.

Blue Plasma Special

Auto-ships from Perricone MD are less scary than they sound. I’ve done an auto-ship special with the Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester 15, and found that I was able to pace the shipments to my needs simply by calling (my shipments arrive every three months, instead of every month, and still get the lower price and freebie product for every shipment).

As an aside, I preferred Perricone MD to Bare Escentuals Intensive Glow Pads Brightening Treatment ($35 for 60 pads).

Bare Escentials Intensive Glow Pads

The Glow Pads are cotton pads (one side smooth, the other rough) that are soaked in AHA and other items, designed to combine manual and chemical exfoliation.  I found that these were fine, they were certainly easy and they packed well. The container is a strong plastic, and they aren’t–strictly speaking–a liquid so they were convenient when baggie space couldn’t accommodate all the skin care that I wanted to bring. Overall, Perricone MD is far more gentle, and left me with more side benefits (softer, hydrated skin). Also, Perricone MD’s Blue Plasma doesn’t make my skin more sun-sensitive.


I did feel a stinging quality on using the Intensive Glow Pads. Generally, with this type of cotton-soaked pad product you’ll want to be diligent about flipping the jar after every use so that the pads don’t dry out. For an AHA product, I still prefer M2, the advanced formulation of the old Mama Lotion. With a bottle of M2, you don’t have to worry about any pads drying out, and you get plenty of product for the price (one bottle seems to last forever).


One product that I became very curious about for daily exfoliation was fresh lemon juice.  I’ve never seen Makeupalley review a skincare product at a 92% approval rating before, so I had to try it. All I can say is, harsh harsh harsh, at least for me.  If you heard someone shouting in pain, that was me. I’ve heard warnings about using this, including making skin go off-balance, or uneven skin tone after using it. I certainly would dilute it significantly the first time.

Of all of these options, Perricone MD’s Blue Plasma is by far my favorite. Together with my other Perricone MD products, my skin is vastly improved. In particular, the Blue Plasma gives me a gentle, daily exfoliation which leaves my skin looking younger, fresher, and with a beautiful luminous quality.  In fact, some day’s I’ll wear the Giorgio Armani Maestro Concealer over a few problem areas and no foundation. To me, that’s a priceless result.

Ingredients for the Perricone MD Blue Plasma (click to enlarge):

Perricone Blue Plasma2

Here’s a short video from Perricone MD illustrating how Blue Plasma works (no sound):

Perricone MD sent Blue Plasma to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review.

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  1. You know it’s funny that I opened the site to this review today as I was just reading about Blue Plasma last night. I have been switching up my skincare routine lately and have been trying different Perricone products and this is definitely on my list. Thanks for the review – especially for ladies with sensitive skin!

  2. Great review. When do you use the blue plasma? I have the vitamin c ester and the formula 15 but wasn’t sure if I could or should work this in?

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