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Chanel Ultra Rose4c

Recently, there was a quiet overseas release of Chanel Ultra Rose Blush (#74), which I discovered from reading Reika’s review at Front Row Beauty.  To be honest, I don’t know much about the release beyond Reika’s post–that Ultra Rose appears to be a permanent non-U.S. addition to the line.

Despite Chanel Ultra Rose’s vibrant look in the pan, I found that it applied well with a standard blush brush. It’s a vibrant shimmery cool pink with a fair amount of blue undertone.

Chanel Ultra Rose reminded me of the former Chanel Turbulent, a limited edition U.S. release from several years ago. I pulled out my well-stored backup of Turbulent to compare. along with a few other cool vibrant pinks from my collection. These include Tom Ford Narcissist, and three MAC Pro ShadesFull Fuchsia, Azalea, and Rhubarb. Swatches:

Chanel Ultra Rose6a

As you can see, Chanel Ultra Rose applies more satiny and deeper compared to Chanel Turbulent. The Tom Ford and MAC Pro shades are more deeper and vibrant. Tom Ford Narcissist, MAC Full Fuchsia, MAC Azalea, and MAC Rhubarb must all be applied with a duo-fibre brush on my fair NC15/20 skin tone–these are all very pigmented compared to Chanel Ultra Rose.

Overall, I’m pleased to add Chanel Ultra Rose to my collection. Unfortunately, I do not know if this will be added to the U.S. line. I purchased mine at Izzy’s for $65.

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  11 Responses to “Chanel Ultra Rose Joues Contraste Blush Swatches and Comparisons”

  1. I’m in the stage of red/bright pink blushes so this is an eye-candy post. Thanks for the great swatches and review xx

  2. Well that looks great!

    Off-topic, but would you know where I could purchase Chanel quad online, in the US, non-baked version? I get the baked one in France, and it’s really frustrating to read rave reviews of some Chanel quad when we’re stuck with more mediocre versions most of the time.

    • Some US sellers ship internationally–for example, I believe Nordstrom does, although you’ll want to get a shipping quote before committing. Sometimes the rates can be quite high, or might only be smart if you buy enough to make the shipping costs worth it.

      • Thank you for your answer! It does, but not for Chanel products. I’m not sure why. I’ve looked around, but I can’t seem to find a site that would ship US versions of Chanel products internationally. And I’m not to keen on trying a seller I have no feedback on, because I’d rather be cautious about internet frauds. Dammit Chanel, just give non-baked quads to the world!

        • I believe Harvey Nichols in London sells all internationally. It a “Chanel Studio”. There maybe other Chanel studios throughout Europe as well

          • Hi Amy. I just wanted to let you and your readers know that the Chanel Studio is no longer in Harvey Nichols in London. In fact, it moved to Selfridge’s a few years ago (2009 I believe).

            So just in case someone wants to go to a Chanel Studio in London, it’s in London Selfridge’s.

            On another note, all the blushers are beautiful in this post. Not sure I can choose a favourite!

          • Thank you! I love our international readers–so helpful!

        • I second your wishes Anne!!!
          On the last trip I made to the US I bought the US versions of my favorite chanel quads (Prelude and Kaska Beige), and the texture is really superior, and you get much more product for your $.
          The colors differ slightly though – Prelude’s colors are more complex and beautiful in the baked version (the darker color in particular is very different), but the softness and blendability of the US formula is far superior.
          I hope if someone has some tips concerning where Europeans may buy the US formula they post the info here – Amy would you agree?

          On a side not, I bought Ultra Rose the minute I saw it: love the color and smell. I’m not sure I found how to apply/wear it in a flattering way, though… It doesn’t last on me, so any mistake will be erased within an hour.
          How good does it last on you Amy? Which kind of brush works best? I am using this with the Tom Ford cheek brush (which I love, BTW, and bought thanks to your great review!).

          • Zazie–of course I’m happy to have my readers post information! 🙂 I found that Ultra Rose seems to last all day on me–I’ve been using a travel Chanel brush (it’s an angled brush that’s smaller than most). I hope this helps!

  3. This lovely blush was released here in Europe with Turbulent and Rouge. The are new to us as the texture is the one you usually have in the States (not baked, but this wa the novelty for these blushes). I don’t think they were ever made in the baked version. I own the Turbulent blush which is absolutely beautiful, so natural looking and dumproof. Here they are all available at any Chanel counter.

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