Dec 262012

Chanel Raffainment1a

Chanel Spring 2013 brings us the Chanel Raffinement Eye Shadow quad ($58 /.24 oz). This is a well-pigmented, very smooth, neutral palette themed with a touch of mauve. This includes a light, wearable cream toned highlight, a soft heather taupe, a pretty mauve-gold, and a deep brown-burgundy liner color.

Chanel Raffainement2

Chanel Raffinement has a remarkably smooth texture, and is ideal for those looking for a neutral palette with a touch of cooler colors. Those with pink-cool skin tones will love this, although those with warmer skin tones can wear it easily as well.

Chanel Raffainement3

Liz and I found this very easy and wearable. If this were 2005,  I’d say this is a “must have.” Now, I’d say this is definitely worth considering. The quality is smooth and excellent, and Chanel Raffinement is a pleasure to use. At the same time, there are so many high end neutral choices–take a look at The Beauty Look Book’s comparison post for some examples. Also, Edward Bess’ Over the Moon has similar cool tones although it has an overall deeper-toned impression. Swatches of Chanel Raffinement:

Chanel Raffainement11

Comparisons with Chanel Raffinement and Tom Ford Enchanted eyeshadows are here. Here are some pictures of an eye look that Liz did with Chanel Rafinnement. Here, she used the bottom left as a base color, then placed the upper left color in the crease. She also barely touched the liner color in the crease (this liner color is very pigmented).

Chanel Raffinement look1

Another (you can see she went deeper with the crease colors on the right side, so you can see some variation and versatility of the quad:

Chanel Raffinement look3

One more:

Chanel Raffinement look4

There’s also a nice tutorial on Temptalia’s site using CHanel Raffinement. Overall, I’m glad that I have Chanel Raffinement. Essentially, it’s a lighter version of Chanel Kaska Beige, which I thought was a very lovely palette (again, The Beauty Look Book has comparison swatches). I love neutral palettes that bring light to the eye. Admittedly, this is an indefinable quality, yet Chanel seems to hit the mark with Raffinement.

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  8 Responses to “Chanel Raffinement Eyeshadow Quad Review”

  1. I love the colours and it is fresh and great way to start spring 2013 year. I wonder what liner shades they suggest to go with this set?

    • The new one Santal looks very pretty and I also used the new MAC one – very dark like Chanel’s Espresso – called Rich Experience and I used MAC Teddy and Prunella and The Chanel Espresso – Black works also – very nice quad – I tend to use alot of the darker brown matte shade so it looks much darker on me but so lovely on Liz this way.

      • I love matt shadow. I will have to take a look at different liners to go with this quad. I can’t wait for it to be available here in Canada.

  2. I hate to put you on the spot Amy, but if you were choosing between just the quad and just the highligher, which would you choose? Like if someone threatened to push you off a boat and you had to shout which choice you’d make in order not to drown..three seconds….what do you choose? 🙂

  3. Hi Amy!

    This might be really far off, but how does Raffinement compare to Rives? Thanks 🙂

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