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Chanel eyeliners

Chanel’s Spring 2013 collection includes three Style Yeux Waterproof Eyeliners in Or Rose (rose gold), Beryl (a light lavender), and Santal (a shimmering warm brown)($30 each).

In the past, I haven’t loved the Stylo Yeux formulation–I found the pencils very hard and requiring too much pressure to use easily. In the meantime, two things happened. First, other pencils from lower and similarly priced brands improved dramatically. Second, Chanel released Ebene, a deep, smooth, and highly pigmented shimmery black that worked beautifully. Other Chanel Stylo Yeux pencils seemed to have improved, which gave me hope for the three new shades in this Spring 2013 release.

Chanel Spring Eyeliners7a

Unfortunately, I found Or Rose, Beryl, and Santal difficult to apply, with the same hard texture as pencils released during the pre-Ebene era. Although Chanel gets points for intra-line consistency with its older pencils, I really wished it had borrowed a page from Giorgio Armani, Nars, Bare Escentuals or even the drugstore brand Prestige, to give me a softer texture. I really had to work to get any pigment out of these, passing them 5-7 times over my lash line to get a good solid color. For example, for Santal I finally gave up and fixed the liner with a quick pass of Laura Mercier’s Brown Copper.

Chanel Spring Eyeliners1

Chanel Beryl is a light lavender. The color is embedded with multicolored particles, but the color applies as a single uniform (very soft) color.

Chanel Spring Eyeliners2b

This type of shade might be used to add a pop of interest in an otherwise neutral eye. Because Chanel Beryl applies so lightly, I found that my best use is an inner corner highlighter. The soft color, which lightens but barely deposits color, gave me a soft cool bit of color that played a just bit with my blue-green eyes.

“Or Rose,” which translates to “rose gold,” is a shimmery warm metallic.

Chanel Spring Eyeliners3

Of these three, Or Rose seemed to have the best pigmentation.

Chanel Spring Eyeliners4a

Here is Chanel Or Rose swatched next to Chanel Rose Platine and Chanel Taupe, both in the Stylo Waterproof formula (and both much better in softness and pigmentation):

Chanel Spring Eyeliner Swatches3a

Liz used Chanel Or Gold in this eye look (on her lower lashline). Do not worry about your vision if you do not see the effect, it is very subtle:

Chanel Raffinement look1

Chanel Stylo Yeux is Santal is a warm shimmering brown.

Chanel Spring Eyeliners5

This was my biggest hope, and therefore my greatest disappointment. When Liz tried to use it for her eye look, above, she also gave up and went over Santal with a trusty black Prestige Total Intensity liner in black.

Chanel Spring Eyeliners6a

Here is Chanel Santal swatched next to Nars Via Appia and Laura Mercier Brown Copper (both of these applied much more easily than Chanel):

Chanel Spring Eyeliner Swatches1a

Final verdict:  I’m not loving these. I found that they got a softer after 5-7 tries, but they never reached the level of pigmentation of Chanel Ebene or some of the newer formulations of eyeliner pencils.

These are currently available at, as well as other department stores and online at

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  17 Responses to “Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliners in Or Rose, Beryl, and Santal Review and Swatches”

  1. Love your blog!! it is so so cute!! The Santal is so gorgeus, i would like to try it!! Kisses from and happy new year 🙂

  2. I had the hardness problem with Or Rose but not with Beryl, which I use on my lower waterline. I wonder if there’s some batch to batch variation with these liners? I have Santal coming…guess I may live to regret that! lol

  3. Rose Platine is hard to apply as well. A Chanel MUA advised me to apply a primer first, which made application of Rose Platine somewhat easier and Or Rose even more so though neither slipped on that way Armani pencils do. I used NARS. Unless you plan to return these pencils, you might try using a primer too. I agree that it’s a shame Chanel hasn’t caught up with Armani or even some of the the drugstore brands.

    • Thank you Ava–did you use an eye primer? Like NARS, or the Chanel? Or a colored base, like Edward Bess or Laura Mercier? I will be keeping these, so I’d love to try this out.

      • You’re welcome! I used NARS’ eye primer. I sometimes use my foundation as a eye shadow base and plan to try that soon.

        • Great Ava-thank you! I have that one. I’ll try it tomorrow. It would be marvelous if I could get these to work. The colors are pretty!

          • I’m going to try that tip out too. I have the same problem with Rose Platine and since then I have refused to buy this formula of liner. It just won’t put color on my eye and going over it 5-7 times is just too much for delicate skin! Rose Platine is such a pretty color that I really want to use. I like Santal from this collection, too bad it’s problematic too.

          • I would love to see how this turns out… Or Rose and Santal are gorgeous! But I’ve seen ths hard texture and tugging problem on a couple of blogs now and am very hesitant — especially at this price point.

  4. I have Santal coming as well…will report back!

  5. I have three Chanel waterproof pencils (Violine, Celadon, Rose Platine) and all of them are rock-hard and hurt my eyes if applied dry. What helps is a quick blast from the hairdryer – just a few seconds and the pencil glides on. But yes, definitely faffy and not worth the high purchase price and the texture is too gritty for comfort.

    I love Chanel makeup but have had lots of quality problems lately. One new Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick broke weeks from purchase, and eye shadow buttons from two different palettes (Lilium and Ecolosion, baked euro formula) fell off.

  6. I have Rose Platine, I also found it rather hard, so I have to “warm” it up by pinching it slightly. I have high hopes for Beryl, but I had a hard one as well!! I passed on Or Rose because I love a slightly similar version from Burberry (Golden Brown) — not as light as Or Rose but the same effect nonetheless.

  7. Hi Amy-
    Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof liners are my favorite. Honestly, the Espresso color is my holy grail beauty product! When they stopped making that color a couple years ago I was freaking out. I use the Urban Decay eye primer and apply in short strokes. It lasts all day!
    I have found that the lighter colors of the Stylo are harder but I use these on the inner corner of my eyes to brighten or on the waterline.

    I purchased Santal and haven’t had any problems.

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