Jan 122013

fotd sat

This picture is something that I posed on Instagram today. I’m starting to follow some beauty lovers on my phone. It’s so easy to just open the app and see what’s going on in the beauty world. I’ve put up a few images on my account “Cafemakeup” and found some other instagram lovely people worth following:

Instagram is pretty hard to navigate on my computer, but a dream on my phone. Basically, I’ve found it best to follow people via my iPhone app (I’m sure the platform is made for Android). Right now, I’m just playing with the format but really enjoyed the image stream that comes through periodically.  It’s opened a whole new world of makeup information. I hope it will remain active throughout the upcoming Fashion Weeks. Do you have an Instagram app? If so, who do you follow?

Face of the day is Chanel Soho blush palette, Lancome Regenerist foundation sample (Claire 20), MAC Amber Brown blush, Chanel Vega eyeshadow, Burberry Midnight Brown eyeshadow, Lancome Precious Cells Defincils, Bobbi Brown Brow Shaper, and Nars Liquid Liner (this liner was sent for review to me by NARS without charge for consideration for review, and yes I still love it). What are you wearing?

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  10 Responses to “Winter Face of the Day and Instagram”

  1. Hmmmm. . . I wonder why you’re having problems with Instagram. I haven’t had any issues with it on my Mac or iPad. I love, absolutely love all the adorable pictures of Sabrina’s kitten <3

    • I can’t seem to upload from my computer (only my phone). Would love to find a mac-friendly application that does so, but am thinking there may not be one? Are you posting there Eileen? Would love to follow you.

    • I’d love to follow you too, Eileen!

  2. I usually post in twitter what I am wearing. I find it hard to follow to platforms, so I barely use my instagram account. My products of today’s look are here: http://twitter.com/sara_beauTime/status/290078097028546561/photo/1
    I hope the link works…
    I also posted the look with that one, in case you are interested.
    By the way I am Los loving Burberry Midnight Brown at the moment and this Soho Palette from Chanel looks so gorgeous!

  3. You might just need to delete then reload the app because it was made for iPhones. My username is chanel_svp and I LOOOOVE Instagram. I do not have the patience to create a blog and I love to share beauty and makeup pics!!

  4. I love this idea of the FOTD. Keep on doing this, please. Thank you for your time. Is Liz going to do the same or tutorials? What’s your opinion about the Lancome mascara? Thank you.

    • I hope to keep it up, but maybe not every day (some days are super rushed for sure! I don’t know whether Liz will get into or not? I like the Lancome mascara because it doesn’t flake at all and gives nice length and definition. It doesn’t give lots of volume, but does deliver a nice clean look. Also, I don’t have to fight it to get it on–not a fan of dry mascaras.

  5. I’m fairly new to Instagram as well (@ommorphia), and absolutely love it! While Twitter is great for sending out quick messages, I prefer the more visual style of IG – and it’s a great way to keep up with all that’s going on in the world of beauty. Love these faces of the day posts – they can definitely be quite inspirational! Looking forward to more from you!
    PS: I’ve been following you since I began with Instagram!

  6. Love your FOTD Instagram posts! I follow you, Lisa Eldridge ,and Into the Gloss. There are others too, such as @MichaelKors and @PatMcGrathReal (who posts infrequently), but it is difficult to access their profile links.

    You can find me here: lin@avaruthk text.

  7. So glad to see that someone still has a Chanel Vega!

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