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Chanel 7

Earlier today, Chanel had its Haute Couture Spring Summer 2013 show at the Grand  Palais in Paris. The show had a garden them, and much of the collection seemed inspired by a modern take on the 1930’s. The set was decorated with delicate trees, and guests were handed bottles of 1932, the latest Chanel fragrance.

Chanel 6

 Much of the clothing was formal and beautifully executed. There was a mix of tweed suits that emphasized shoulders, flowing dresses and several variations of white formalwear appropriate for wedding attire.

Chanel 31

The sketch displays Karl Lagerfeld’s vision: structured shoulders, ivory color, lace and tweed:


The variations on the classic tweed Chanel suit accessorized with feathers and fanciful boots and shoes.

Chanel 29

 Close up of a cropped sleeve and fingerless glove:

Chanel 30

This beautiful jacket hangs from the shoulder, allowing a formal shirt and bow tie to evoke the signature of Karl Lagerfeld. Nails were a soft pink cream:

Chanel 28

Dresses were unstructured yet beautifully worked:

Chanel 23

This jacket and flowing skirt are incredible:

Chanel 24

A lace themed boot:

Chanel 25

The beading on this demonstrate the extremely high level of quality for this couture show:

Chanel 21

This blue color is like a night sky, very signature Chanel:

Chanel 26

This white dress incorporates the structured shoulder that we saw in the earlier suits:

Chanel 27

Karl Lagerfeld evokes the topic of same sex marriage in his display of the finale gowns:

Chanel 20

Backstage, Peter Phillips gave a lacy goth eye to the models:

Chanel 11

The faces were prepped with Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum. To my eye, this image appears to be using the Chanel Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow pencil (my review is here).

Chanel 8

The eyes are lined with Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof liner in “Noir Intense.”

Chanel 9

This pencil the new Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow in Black Stream (due out for Summer 2013):

Chanel 10

According to this sourceChanel Mirifique Illusion D’Ombre (reviewed here), was used. This pictures show that Mirifique was applied over Black Stream.

Chanel 15

The result is a glossy eye. I recall a few years ago, Chanel released a glossy eye product that was not very stable (it creased). The combination is likely far more so, but we’ll have to wait until the summer shadow pencils are released to know for sure.

Chanel 13

Lacy lashes were applied:

Chanel 3

Applying the lashes (do I spy Chanel tweezers?)

Chanel 17

Close up of the final eye:


Light soft color applied to lips. According to this press account, Chanel Rouge Allure Chanel Fantasque was used, as well as Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Frivole (reviewed here). Some of the images show the model’s blush as more pink, others look more like Frivole so perhaps there was a bit of variation in uses or in the lighting.

Chanel 14

Some final looks, including nails using Chanel Le Vernis in Emprise (reviewed here):

Chanel 19

This cheek (below) looks like Frivole blush to me:

Chanel 2

Emprise on nails:


Beautiful work by Peter Philips (we love you Peter!):

Chanel 12

Images are from Vogue.fr. This post includes affiliate links (for more information, see About Cafe Makeup)


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  4 Responses to “Chanel Couture Spring Summer 2013 Fashion”

  1. My husband asked if that was the running-for-the-bus-on-a-rainy-day look. I am shaking my head! I do think that that is Black Stream. It looks like what I had wanted Mirifique to be.The Chanel SA whom I spoke to yesterday said that the Stylo Eyeshadows are incredible (release date ± March in Canada). The lips look luminous. Looking forward to more info as it is released!

  2. Hi Amy-
    I’m so glad you posted the info about lacy lashes because when I first saw the pictures I thought someone made the girls cry after they did their makeup LOL. Your photos are more detailed and close up it looks very cool.
    I can’t wait until the Stylo Eyeshadows are out. Melanie, I agree it looks like Nirvana and I was so disappointed that was never released.
    I wonder what the Navy polish is on the toes…
    Looking forward to your update. Great review as usual so far!

  3. The makeup is just gorgeous!! I absolutely love the sultry eye/light lip combination. I too, thought someone had made the girls cry or perhaps they got caught in the rain, but the detail in the tulle and lace eyelashes is divine! I would have to seriously think about purchasing them if they were released! I could see wearing them to a fabulous Mardi Gras Krewe party!

  4. Thanks for the update! Those appliqués really a quite beautiful. I adore the colours used and will now have to see about that lipstick, too. I had heard that 1932 will be released this spring. Fingers crossed! In the photo above where you mention Black Stream, it looks as though they are using the elusive n°24 eye brush. Still kicking myself for having left behind the only one that I found last year at the Chanel at Heathrow (I did only because it was in an absolutely crushed box, complete with a long, trailing dust bunny. I was too appalled.). And wouldn’t Chanel tweezers be just wonderful!

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