Jan 252013

Burberry Hydragea Pink1b

Spring 2013 brings Burberry Hydrangea Pink blush ($42), a beautiful rich pink fuchsia color. Unlike some of the Burberry’s previous shades, this color is bright and intense.

Burberry Hydragea Pink2b

We found that it was cooler than Burberry Coral Pink (also released for Spring 2013, review forthcoming). The shades are different enough when worn to warrant having both. For the record, Liz prefers Coral Pink and I prefer Hydrangea Pink.

Burberry Hydragea Pink3b

Here is Burberry Hydrangea Pink on Liz, together with Burberry Pink Sweet Pea Lip Glow Natural Lip Gloss (review forthcoming). We had to apply this carefully with a soft brush (Nars Yanchiyo) as the pigment is very bright. Fair warning–if you go after this Burberry blush with your standard blush brush, be prepared for some seriously bright color.

Burberry Hydrangea Pink 3b

Here, Liz has used the new Burberry Gold Pearl Eyeshadow on her lid (review forthcoming), together with two of the softer colors from the Burberry Pink Taupe eyeshadow quad. She’s also using NARS Corcovado Eyeshadow Pencil under her eyes (from the Nars Spring 2013 collection).

Here are some swatches of Burberry Hydrangea Pink, compared with Chanel Ultra Rose, Burberry Coral Pink, Chanel Tumulte, Tom Ford Narcissist and MAC Pro Full Fuchsia.

Burberry Hydrangea Pink

Although you can see that there are several out there in the ballpark, none are precise duplicates. Burberry Hydrangea is a fabulous, finely milled blush that seems to be more satin compared to the more intense, shimmery Tom Ford Narcissist. It’s much deeper than Chanel Ultra Rose and Tumulte, and more sophisticated and soft compared to MAC Full Fuchsia.

As I love colors like Burberry Hydrangea Pink, this was something that I’ve wanted since I saw the promotional images. Burberry delivered an edgy color that is definitely worth a look.

Available at Nordstrom.com.

This post contains affiliate links (see About Cafe Makeup for more information). Nars Corcavado Eyeshadow Pencil was sent to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review.

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  12 Responses to “Burberry Hydrangea Pink Light Glow Blush Review”

  1. At first, this seems too bright for my taste. But it applies beautifully on you. I may actually check this out. Great review.

  2. What a beautiful fuschia! I would have been hesitant to try such a bright color, but it looks gorgeous on Liz (especially when paired with the unexpected gold of NARS Corcovado). I’m looking forward to your review of Coral Pink!

  3. Every time I want to find out about a new product I am interested in, I Google it…and it is always on your website! Thank you for the review yesterday on the new Nars powders, and today thank you for the Burberry Spring review!

    I would love your opinion on the new Gold Pearl eye shadow. I have pretty much every Burberry eye shadow, and wonder if this is worth getting. It looks pretty sheer, and dare I say it…glittery? …but if it has a brightening effect, then I would be interested! Please review soon, if you can!

  4. Omg, this blush is to die for!! Tom Ford Narcissist is gorgeous too but they are both different enough to own, whehehe. Got too much blushes on my wishlist, I hope I can resist this one!

  5. I wasn’t sure about this one, so when I stopped by my Burberry counter I asked the MUA to apply it for me. I was really impressed with the makeover she gave me, and the blush looked great, so I ended up purchasing it as well as Coral Pink, along with two of the glosses (Mallow and Sweet Pea). I’m really loving all of the items I picked up.

  6. I’m in the bright pink stage so this collection really catches my eyes. Wish I have a local Burberry counter as I need to decide between Cool Pink and Hydrangea Pink. Lovely review!

  7. I love the color… it’s just beautiful. Shades like this have such a brightening effect on my complexion.

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  9. i keep debating this blush and i just can’t decide! it looks great on liz though! 🙂

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