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Burberry Coral Pink2b

Spring 2013 brings Burberry Coral Pink Blush ($42) a warm, deep rose with a touch of coral. Like Burberry Hydrangea Pink (reviewed here, also released for Spring 2013), Coral Pink is a very intense color that requires care during application. In the photographs in this post, we used Nars Yanchiyo brush to ensure light, controllable color.

Burberry Hydragea Pink3

Coral Pink and Hydrangea Pink look similar in the pan. When applied to cheeks, Coral Pink is warmer. 

I have no coral blushes remotely similar to Burberry Coral Pink. The closest that I found is Guerlain Series Noir Rouge G blush with the colors mixed. Here are swatches of Burberry Coral Pink, Burberry Hydrangea Pink, MAC Hipness, and Guerlain Rouge G:

Burberry Coral Pink 3a

More swatches of Burberry Coral Pink and Hydrangea Pink are here. Here, Liz is wearing Burberry Coral with Burberry Mallow Pink (also new for Spring 2013). She is also wearing Nars Dark Rite under her eyes, and a touch of Nars Corcovado (Spring 2013) adding a touch of gold to the undereye area.

Burberry Coral Pink4b

Both colors will work on cool and warm skin types. That said, Hydrangea Pink will be more dramatic on warmer skin tones. If you have warm toned skin, Coral Pink will give you a vibrant but more natural look compared to Hydrangea Pink.


Burberry Coral Pink Blush 1a 

Both blushes are a welcome addition to my collection. Although I love Burberry’s other blushes, these vibrant colors are lovely, gorgeous colors that brighten for spring.

Available at Nordstrom.com.

This post contains affiliate links (for more information, see About Cafe Makeup). Nars Dark Rite was sent to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review.


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  13 Responses to “Burberry Coral Pink Light Glow Blush Review”

  1. Beautiful….what color is on the eyelids?

  2. OK, I have a big problem now. I thought I would pick up Hydrangea Pink because it’s a shade I don’t already own a billion of, but now I’m beginning to think this coral is sufficiently different from my existing stash as well. Perhaps I should own both LOL

  3. It looks gorgeous! Burberry is definitely on my wish list. Slightly off topic, do you guys know if Burberry pale barley eyeshadow is ever coming back? I’m kicking myself for not getting it while available. It just seems odd that Burberry would discontinue one of their most popular shades, especially considering the numbering system for the shadows.

    • A sales associate told me that Pale Barley is on back order at Nordstrom. I heard conflicting information, though so…

  4. Both colours look absolutely gorgeous!

  5. I’m so glad you reviewed these blushes! You’re swatch comparisons are always great. I’m wondering how this compares to Burberry Rose and Chanel Tweed Fuchsia. I’ve always regretted not picking up tweed fuchsia so it’d be great if they’re similar.

    • This will be more pigment-rich than Tweed Fuchsia (and more matte). They are certainly in the same flattering neighborhood (especially Hydrangea Pink!) Thank you so much for the comment! 🙂

  6. Oh my..these colours are amazing! I love the fact that they are both suitable for warm and cool skin which means that they will look great on my fair winter skin and on my slightly tanned skin during summer months.
    I think Coral pink is the winner for me. But I will try too hard not to buy both 😉

    Your posts are always sooo amazing!! I love your work honestly! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Amy, Wow, I’m surprised to see that Coral Pink looks more dramatic on Liz than Hydrangea Pink! I would not have guessed that from looking at the pans. Both are beautiful in their own, right though!

  8. I’m sorry if you’ve mentioned it, but what color Lippie is Liz wearing? I want it all! So beautiful.

  9. Pretty as it is, I think your post convinced me not to get Coral Pink and go for something like Blossom instead. I had been SO excited about Coral Pink, too, but after seeing so many reviews and swatches, I decided it’s just not as warm and coral as I would have liked. Also, it seems super pigmented, which doesn’t usually work out so well for me as I am prone to overapplying cheek color 😛 I have Cameo and I like that it’s pigmented but soft–I’m hoping Blossom is the same. At least it’s more along the lines of what I wanted color-wise

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