Feb 052013

Nars Persia 1

Spring 2013 brings two vibrant colors from Nars–Nars Persia Single Eyeshadow ($24) and Nars Corcovado Soft Touch Shadow Pencil ($24).

Nars Persia Single Eyeshadow (available at Nordstrom, Sephora, Nars.com and elsewhere) is a “matte paprika.” It’s an intense burnt orange color that’s true to pan in application. Nars has a knack for creating colors that are unique mixtures of ideas. This very intense matte is no exception.  Not quite an orange, not quite a red, this color is striking in every respect. Mixing this with the Nars Mad Mad World duo eyeshadow would be quite dramatic. This color will be extremely difficult to duplicate.

Nars Persia 6

Swatches, light on the left and dark on the right:

Nars Persia 2

Megan applied the Persia Single eyeshadow combined with Nars Corcovado Soft Touch Eyeshadow Pencil:

Nars Persia 3

Nars Corcovado pencil is a very warm shimmery yellow gold. Like Persia, this is available at Nordstrom, Sephora, and Nars Cosmetics.com

Nars Corcavado 1

 Close up:

Nars Corcavado 2

Liz did a completely different look with Cocavado pencil, combining it with the Burberry Pink Taupe eyeshadow quad. Here, she’s wearing Burberry Hydrangea Pink blush.

Nars Corcavado 5

Nars Spring Persia Single and Corcovado Soft Touch Pencil are on par with Nars quality. Both colors are unique and vibrant. 

Available on Nordstrom.com, Sephora.com, and Nars Cosmetics.com.

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  2 Responses to “NARS Spring: Persia Single Eyeshadow and Corcovado Soft Touch Shadow Pencil Review”

  1. Wow I love the look that Megan did with the orange and gold–SO vibrant and bold and really really fun! 😀

  2. The orange with the gold is just too much for me – it looks like makeup for a costume party. It would be a good look for a costume! I must say, the way Liz wears it is more subdued and pretty…good for a blonde (and a young blonde at that)!

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