Feb 082013

Nars 413 Blkr 2

Continuing its tradition to offer beautiful products in celebration of Nars flagship store, Nars has just released the Nars 413 BLKR Multiple ($39). As with Nars other 413 Blkr products, this is only available on Nars’ website and its New York City and Los Angeles boutiques.  This is not available online or counters at department stores or Sephora.

Nars 413 Blkr 3

Nars 413 Blkr multiple has the beautiful red-brick-blue color that mimics the storefronts along Bleecker Street, where Nars has created an oasis just next to several Marc Jacobs’s boutiques. This color is nicely pigmented–I applied this with a foundation brush on my cheeks, eyelids and lips. On lips,  I dabbed on the color with the foundation brush to create a deep red stain. The formula felt slightly moisturizing. On cheeks, the formula is highly blendable, mixing nicely with the powder bronzer that I had already applied. On lids, the deep cool brick made my eyes look slightly greener than usual. This is one of those universal, interesting reds that should work nicely on various skin tones. Here is Nars 413 Blkr swatched lightly and heavily (using a clean foundation brush):

Nars 413 blkr 6

Here are swatches of Nars 413 Blkr Street Multiple (applied heavily), compared to Nars G Spot and Maui Multiples and Nars Seduction blush (powder). As you can see, Seduction is a tad darker but in the same neighborhood. Nars G Spot is more pink and lighter in tone. Malibu has brownish tawny tones.

Nars 413 Blkr 7a

Verdict: modern love. On very long days when I have a late meeting or party, this is going into my bag when I do a foundation re-do. I love the convenience, and the gorgeous rich color.

Now available on Nars Cosmetics.com.

Nars sent the 413 Blkr Multiple for consideration for review. This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see “About Cafe Makeup”

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  4 Responses to “Nars 413 Blkr Multiple Review and Swatches”

  1. I would love to see a comparison swatch of this one with the G-Spot Multiple, which is my longtime favorite. It looks like this one has a bit more brown to it, and maybe a different finish (less sparkle), but I can’t really be sure unless I see them side by side.

  2. I really love this color – the more swatches I see, the more I want it!

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