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Physicians Formuala Deluxe Bronze Booster1a

As you know, sometimes we try drugstore items as part of the Dollar Menu here at the cafe. As any sane person would, we sometimes wonder if paying $40 or more for a blush, bronzer, or eyeshadow palette makes sense. There are makeup treasures everywhere, certainly there are excellent lower priced mascaras, nail polish, and eyeliners. In this spirit, I explored the “new on the pegboard” Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster (Deluxe Edition) ($15.95) (Light-Medium) (0.42 oz).  In the pan, you could even say that it glows:

Physicians Formuala Deluxe Bronze Booster2

According to Physicians Formula:

Revolutionary Italian technology combines the best features of powder, baked and cream bronzers for the most stunning bronze glow. Delivers a skin-perfecting finish unlike any other bronzer, we had to call it “Deluxe”!

Luxurious, light bronze veil melts into skin providing an airbrushed lit-from-within glow that looks so natural it is virtually undetectable on the skin.

Glow Activator Technology provides Triple-Action Bronze Boosting that helps to enhance and extend the life of your tan glow and improve skin’s clarity and radiance.

 So far, so good. The bronzer is pretty, but I had to wonder–is this baked-in glow, or overspray that called to me from behind its clear lid?

Physicians Formuala Deluxe Bronze Booster3

I dug at the top with a brush, and found that although there does seem to be some surface treatment, the bronzer below has a fair amount of shimmer embedded into the formula.

Physicians Formuala Deluxe Bronze Booster5 Here are comparison swatches with the comparatively  matte Soleil Tan de Chanel Terre Ambre and the subtle shimmer of last summer’s Guerlain Pucci Terra Azzura Bronzer.

Physicians Formuala Deluxe Bronze Booster6

As you can see, Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster Deluxe in Light-Medium is far lighter and more shimmery than the others. One more:

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster 9

Overall, if you are looking for a glowy, shimmer bronzer that is light and warm in tone for a good price, Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Deluxe Edition delivers. As a baked product, I found that applying the color in layers did cause it to frost up. Also, more than a soft application seemed to emphasize pores. I suppose there’s a lesson that I keep  having to learn–although you might tire of hearing me say that most of the higher end products are “finely milled” and “buildable,” those are attributes that really make the difference in quality (and, let’s face it, price). 

There's a little brush in the bottom level of the compact.

There’s a little brush in the bottom level of the compact.

In other words, being able to build adds to the product’s versatility because I can decide how deeply I apply the color. Also, powder products that adhere well to the skin without emphasizing (or creating) imperfections is worth more dollars to me. As I use my bronzers all the way up, I’m living with a bronzer for quite a long time. Overall, I have to say that this bronzer is a fun, shimmery, glowy confection but not one that I’ll be reaching for often.

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  8 Responses to “Dollar Menu: Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Deluxe Edition”

  1. Could you tell your (and Liz) favourite bronzers? I have fair skin and you always help. Could you please tell your favourite perfumes (Liz and Amy)? Thank you for your time.

  2. I love the design in the powder. You can definitely see the glitter compared to the other bronzers. It looks it has a more yellowish tone too.

  3. I bought these (both the lighter & the darker shades) mostly because I just love the sunburst design. I suspected they would be too shimmery for me to use as bronzer and they are – but they work as eyeshadow 🙂

  4. Love the quality of the pictures! They make the bronzer look super gorgeous!

  5. Very pretty design from a drugstore based makeup company! I think the color would be very pretty for a night out paired with a gloss for the summer! I think I’m still going to check this out!

  6. PH is having a huge 50% sale at CVS right now. Sale ends Sunday!

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