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Guerlain Spring Meteorites1

Lacking time to do a thorough swatch comparison, I thought it worth doing a short post to provide my thoughts about the Spring 2013 Guerlain Perles de Paradis Meteorites Powder ($70) (available at NordstromSephora and elsewhere). As you likely know, this container is larger than the standard sized Meteorites powder. In other words, Sephora’s site shows that the standard Meteorties contain just over 1.05 oz. of powder. The Spring Guerlain Perles de Paradis are rated at 2.08 ozs, so nearly double in weight for another $12 in price.

Because of the weight increase, the price difference from $58 to $70 for the Spring 2013 version isn’t troubling to me.

Guerlain Spring Meteorites2

 The container is slightly larger than the standard Guerlain Meteorites containers. Of course, the new Spring Guerlain Perles de Paradis comes with a kitten-soft puff with a bow, sure to draw sighs at its prettiness.  Inexplicably, the Spring container is cardboard, while most others are a nice moisture-resistant metal.

Guerlain Spring Meteorites4a

I love the soft barely-there pastel veil that these give my skin. Although I had heard that this season’s Meteorites were glittery, I had to try them myself. It is true that these have silver-metal colored balls in the mix, which might have caused me some concern.

Guerlain Spring Meteorites3

After applying these over the course of several days, I asked the ever-patient members of my family to do a glitter-inspection under some hanging light fixtures. Overall, the verdict was quite positive. We detected a fleck or two, but never more than that. The light-diffusing effect of these Meteorites gave me a beautiful finish, even over a heavy-duty sunscreen-based foundation that I’ve been testing. 

Overall, I love these. Yes, they are lovely for Spring but they are also beautiful any time of the year.

Available at NordstromSephora and elsewhere.

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  10 Responses to “Guerlain Meteorites Perles du Paradis Review”

  1. Lovely! These just scream spring. 🙂

  2. That’s a bit disappointing, that the container is cardboard rather than metal, only because any kind of cardboard container I have for highlighters such as this (I had an old one from Stila) seems to get bent and worn much more quickly. These pearls DO look beautiful though, and the woman on the Nordstrom’s website recommended them to me ages ago! I’ll add it to my list of things to try.

    • Guerlain was going for a boudoir powder box bit of nostalgia when it came up with this packaging idea. Unfortunately, many of you are too young to remember these beautiful and utterly feminine powder boxes made of pressed cardboard. The boxes were pretty things that were filled half way with product and had a powder puff on top. They were on every woman’s vanity throughout the 40’s, 50’s, and into the 60’s which was when the use of glass and plastic became more commonplace. I’ve been collecting Météorites for years and personally prefer the metal containers, but those that are in cardboard have not deteriorated. I wouldn’t let the packaging deter you if you fall in love with Perles du Paradis.

      • Thanks for telling me, I am familiar with the little puff powder boxes you are talking about but am usually weary of cheaper/ deteriorating quality products. As long as its a move to a different material for a reason and not just for money saving purposes, I’m fine with it! I plan on going to try out these beads this week to see how they look on my skin!

  3. Haha I like that glitter inspection story! I usually have to do it on my own because I don’t think I can tempt the boyfriend to play “find the glitter” game here 😉

  4. Which Meteorites are your favourite? Which shade? I love your reviews. Thank you.

  5. Beauty bloggers always rave about the subtlety of the Guerlain meteorites — every time I swatch it in-store, though, I see my arm light up with differently-coloured flecks. Obviously it’s more finely milled than most but I still find it too obvious. It’s fine if I’m putting a face on for my girl friends, but when I’m getting up close and personal with a clueless boy I don’t want him to suspect a thing. I don’t understand why I’m seeing so much glitter when no review says so. Perhaps it’s overspray?

    • I use it as a finishing powder and run a light dusting over my skin when I’m done with my makeup and the result is a brightness and improved tone to my skin. I’ve never had an issue with glitter with all the other Meteorites I own although with this particular version you may see a fleck or two of the silver.

    • I’d like to say ditto to Evelyn’s response and add that there is often product cross-contamination in the testers in the store. People don’t always use a new applicator for each product and often get things mixed. And, we all know how easy it is to transfer glitter bits. Bottom line: The product is not always in pristine condition. I know an MA who once joked that he was going to create a new shade of blusher called “Dirty Brush”! LOL

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