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Le Metier de Beaute is releasing the Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo ($150/pack of 8). For northern California buyers, Jennifer at Neiman Marcus can help you with these (415-362-3900).

Le Metier’s Ultra Hydration Masks include eight envelopes, each of which contain two patches applied to the eye area to provide an instant moisture infusion into the skin. These are wet to the touch with a seaweed-based patch, and are intended to hydrate, soothe, and provide these other skin benefits:

– Reduce undereye redness and soothe

– Diminish puffiness

– Provide a smoother undereye area

These jelly-like mask are housed in a foil envelope to keep them fresh. When you open the pouch, you can see these two bean-shaped patches are ready to go:

Le metier eye mask 2

One of the features that makes the Le Metier Ultra Hydration Duo unique is the translucent aspect of the mask. On Liz:

Le Metier eye mask 3

I think we’ve all surprised our friends and families with our all-white paper masks, or green concoctions that we’ve worn during our at-home spa days. Le Metier’s eye mask has a high-techie coolness that will far less startling for those who share our home because these little masks are transparent.  They would be awesome for a spa party, of course. For the brave, they would be nice for all-night flight (once the cabin lights are down), or maybe even a late-night commute alone in a car.  I used to have to drive two hours, these masks certainly would have made the ride more enjoyable. They feel like a luxurious treat, and something that will undoubtedly make the toll-booth operator look twice.

Le Metier eye mask 4

I’ve used a similar product from Chanel, the Ultra Correction Total Eye Revitalizer ($125/10 pieces). The Chanel is a two-piece system, with a separate tube of product that is applied to the eye prior to placing the mask on the eye. The Chanel system, which uses a separate applicator for the hydrating serum, has a metal ball that must be run over the eye area. In contrast, the Le Metier system is a single-use all-in-one solution. For Le Metier, one simply opens the pouch, place these on the eye area, and leave on for a cooling, calming, hydrating 15 minutes.

Chanel eye mask

Of course, with the Chanel system one is wearing a white paper under the eye with “Chanel Chanel Chanel” printed all over it. It’s not a bad look (Chanel never is, in my book), but it’s certainly extremely noticeable if one is answering the door.

Overall, Chanel has a less expensive system, as it sells for a lower price for more applications (never thought I’d say that). Note that the Chanel system’s separate serum can continue to be used after all of the eye masks are gone (in my experience, there is more than ten applications in the serum tube, so you can whisk it over your eye before applying your makeup for the day even if you aren’t wearing the masks anymore).However, the Chanel lacks the  convenience compared to Le Metier (never thought I’d say that either). If one is crashing at home for some quality time with an at-home mani/pedi, there’s something quite luxurious about opening up the Le Metier system and being ready to go. If you enlarge this image, you can see the ingredients for Le Metier Ultra Hydration Mask at the bottom of the pouch:

Le Metier eye mask 5

I have to give Le Metier points for innovation on this one. Overall, Le Metier’s Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo is a luxurious at-home spa treat. I wish the price were a bit lower for these as single-use products, but we are discussing the high end of the ranges for skincare. According to Le Metier, these are gentle enough to use everyday and should be left on for 15 minutes.

For northern California buyers, Jennifer at Neiman Marcus can help you with these (415-362-3900). Tell her Cafe Makeup sent you!

Cafe Makeup was provided with with one foil pouch without charge for consideration for review.

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  1. Hi Amy-
    I was wondering how these compared to the Bliss Spa Oxygen Eye Mask. Have you ever tried them? They work very nice too.
    Thank you for the review I want to try these now. LMdB has wonderful skin care.

  2. Frownies makes a similar product (I got a sample in my Birchbox). I’d be curious what the difference in the ingredients are…..

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