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It’s been literally months since Cafe Makeup has brought you “Here’s what three things I’m Obsessed With Today…” In one bit of news, we’re finally moving to a smaller, more personalized host provider. We’re hoping that this means that our site will be more dependable, stable and (dare to hope) load a bit faster. We’re terrified, but wishing that it all goes smoothly. Please pardon our dust during the move. We have a very patient professional assisting us (thank you, J!)

On with our list…

First, goodbye Peter, we hardly knew ye…. In the past, readers Cafe Makeup have know of our undying love for Chanel’s Creative Director of Beauty Peter Philips. We’ve been traumatized to learn that Peter is moving on from Chanel, hopefully to continue to do all of the creative wonderful things that we know that he’s capable of doing. That offer of lunch still stands, Peter, by the way. 

Peter Philips resigns

We’ve heard that Peter will still be heading the Chanel Fall 2013 show in Paris in a few weeks, so I know we’ll see him again. And now the speculation begins? Who will be next? Dick Page? Pat McGrath? Who is your guess?

Second, our Man Repeller Glossyboxes arrived. Cafe Makeup has never tried a subscription service before, but when we saw that Glossybox was offering one hosted by Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller blog, we had to jump on board. We like her style, we like her sense of humor, so we were hopeful that her beauty selections would be a “best in class” experience.


This is Glossybox’s January selection (we received ours last week). Inside where some fun things, including an awesome sample of Le Metier Replenishing Daily Solution (take that on your next flight and arrive with baby soft skin). I’m wearing the Narciso Rodriguez For Her now, it’s subtle, sophisticated and a little spicy.

MR 3a

It was sort of fun to play with someone else’s makeup selections, sort of like playing “what’s in your purse?” with a friend’s makeup bag. Overall, although I’m glad to have tried Glossbox, I ultimately cancelled the subscription. I don’t think the sample box service is something that I’d like to repeat monthly. 

Third, Omovoricza is having a gift with purchaseIf you’d like to try a variety of things, this is a good time to try out the line. This bag of sample size products, including the Queen of Hungary Mist, Copper Peel 2-part system, the Instant Plumping Cream and the Deep Cleansing mask are free with a $175 purchase online. It pops into your cart automatically (no code needed). I suspect that Omovoricza will run out of these soon.

Omorovicza 1

So, gorgeous readers, what are you obsessed with lately?

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  7 Responses to “Here’s What Three Things….”

  1. Hello Amy, I’m a long-time lurker (also on your twitter) and finally here to share my thought. I’m also sad to see Peter Philips’ departure from Chanel. As for his successor? One may think Lisa Eldridge would be the underdog, but I think she is a very good contender, considering she 1. has worked for a Japanese name brand as creative director, 2. is currently the creative director of Boots No. 7, and 3. is the regular contributor to Chanel’s new makeup vlog. Certainly big names like Dick Page and Pat McGarth would be an easy, obvious choice, but who knows..Whomever it is, I’m sure that Karl will have something to do with the choice.

  2. I’m really surprised at the announcement! I wonder if it had anything to do with lack-luster sales for beauty. Seemingly all Chanel has been offering are the same items with just the tiniest of tweaks. Lately, I’ve been able to skip so much of it because of a dupe or close dupe I have, within the Chanel brand, no less. Dior polish has been killing them surely since their resurgence of late. I too, would love to see Lisa as the new creative director as her website is just divine, but I have to wonder if she has the creative edge Chanel is so known for.

  3. Hi
    I have to agree with KW-only notorious eye and contour was lustworthy thy last year-All the collections have been to similar and the formula’s not with the$$$-I’d vote for Lisa Eldridge-love her.

  4. Peter, noooo :((((

    • If I look back at theese last years of beauty products, I think of Peridot, Graphite, Black pearl and Green Jade nail polishes.
      At my favorite go-to palettes: Prelude and Kaska Beige.
      At the Noir ivoire duo: so elegant and versatile (Liz’s picture for this product was really inspiring)…
      And at the best bronzer ever: last year’s Sable Rose, so becoming for my complexion.
      So, thank you Peter Philps, for many exciting and flattering products, and for the anticipation that accompanied each new collection…
      I wish both you and your successor good luck.
      And while I’m at it, I wish Chanel will release their US (un-baked) formula in the European market!!!!

      • I second all of your selections, Zazie, especially Graphite; Kaska Beige, which I’ve hoarded since it was discontinued; and Sable Rose.. I’d like to add the Byzance Collection (love Topkapi and the Rouge Blush); Mimosa and the Khaki Vert nail polishes; the Illusion D’Ombre eye shadows especially Emerveille, which I use weekly; and the Or Rose and Rose Plantine waterproof liners that I originally hated, but have come to love on the waterline. And Notorious, which is my perfect eyebrow product.

  5. i’m very curious who will take peter’s place at chanel, and what products we can hope to see! I got the same stuff in my glossy box, and didn’t continue the subscription either.

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