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Guerlain Sun Scrub1

Guerlain Sun Scrub ($65/5.1 oz.) has just been released for Summer 2013. This cleanser is unusual, with a niche appeal, yet fits a market need so well that it’s worth a look. This scrub has very subtle self-tanning  properties that will appeal to those who frequently exfoliate. This will be a bit of a surprise to some, as the descriptive material does not mention this quality.  I learned about the self-tanning aspect through my discussion with the extremely helpful Guerlain Las Vegas Boutique. We tried it, and it does work on us.

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First, Guerlain Sun Scrub is an all-over body scrub. The tube is big, with a relatively generous 5.1 ounce. It has a lush, summer-in-St. Tropez scent that gives me a sort of relaxing “I’m on a beach” effect. The moisturizing gel has microbeads in the formula to give you a softening, moisturizing and exfoliating effect. According to Guerlain, the primary purpose of this product is to prepare the skin for tanning. I’ve used this all over, including on the face, without any breakouts or concerns and it’s quite a luxurious way to start your day.

Guerlain Sun Scrub

There are a group of women and men who exfoliate frequently, including those who use retin-based products or overnight exfoliators, masks, shower scrubs, Perricone MD Blue Plasma and/or brushes and textured cloths. Gentle, frequent exfoliation is a wonderful way to get glowing skin, but makes a self-tanner temporary. I haven’t wanted to spend time waiting for self-tanner to set and dry, only to start over the next day.

Guerlain, apparently reading our minds, has added a gentle, self-tanning property to this scrub that gives just a very subtle tan effect. So as you wash, you tan. If I were to estimate the effect on me, I would say it’s about 1/8 to 1/4 step between foundation shades. It’s a nice effect on winter-white skin. Of course, it’s Guerlain so it’s a flattering non-orange color. The effect is cumulative–if you wash twice in a row, the effect is stronger.

I realize that the price point and the niche appeal of this product will not have everyone rushing to the counters. Yet I found the idea ingenious, so I thought this was a review worth publishing for those looking for just a boost of color as we transition from winter to spring.

Guerlain Sun Scrub is available at and other Guerlain counters. I don’t yet see this on Sephora.

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  8 Responses to “Guerlain Sun Scrub Review”

  1. I enjoyed reading your review and it caught my interest. I want to give this a try 🙂

  2. This sounds like it would be perfect for me!

  3. So do you just scrub with it like you normally do and rinse it off? Do you have to leave it on for a period of time to get the color?

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  5. I may try this for my legs. I haven’t worn shorts or short skirts in a long time, so my legs are a few shades lighter than my upper body that is exposed to sun more often. That sounds like it might help even it up a little bit without trying to tan only half of my body.

  6. I think this is ingenious, too. Will definitely look for it. Thank you!

  7. What an intriguing product.

    Would you be able to post the ingredients list? I wonder what in it makes the fake tan. I can’t imagine DHA works quickly enough to give color after being applied for only 30 seconds or so.

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