Apr 042013

Guerlain Jambes de Gazelle 1

This summer brings Guerlain’s Terracotta Jambes de Gazelle Cooling Bronze Mist ($59/ 3.38 oz/ 100 ml). This is a light, temporary tanner meant for the face and body. It has a spray top so that the colored liquid is controllable. 

Guerlain Jambes des Gazelles 2

As with most Guerlain products, Jambes de Gazelle is lushly scented with a sort of luxurious tropical with a hint of coconut. There is hydrating effect, it leaves skin with a slight gleam of moisture.  I don’t see any embedded shimmer or highlighter. It leaves skin lightly tanned on first spray, and can be built up for more intensity. It takes roughly a minute or two to dry, and I haven’t noticed any transferring once the liquid sets.

Guerlain Jambes de Gazelle 2

Here’s the final effect of the spray that we used in the photograph, above:

Guerlain Jambes de Gazelle

I actually didn’t notice any cooling sensation with my room-temperature bottle. I suspect that I would need to refrigerate first. Some may find the price tag a little high for the effect, however, I’m happy with the product. There’s something that I find very mood-elevating about Guerlain’s scents (in my spare time, I’m obsessing about which Guerlain fragrance must be on my shelf—any ideas?). Also, I like the “your skin but tanned and glowy” effect that doesn’t depend on artificial shimmer bits which can go all sorts of wrong in direct sunlight. 

Bottom line, Guerlain Jambes de Gazelle gives a believable, temporary glow that is a nice transition product as we head toward summer.

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  9 Responses to “Guerlain Terracotta Jambes de Gazelle Cooling Bronze Mist”

  1. Hi Amy — I enjoyed this post, especially the seeing the in vivo experiment + results of the Guerlain Jambes de Gazelle spray! This does seems like a better option than temporary sparkles, and probably would transfer less too. As for perfumes, I tried a tester spritz of Guerlain L’Heure Bleue in passing— I wish I’d tried on the skin instead! That’s my to-try next time I head out!

  2. I love Guerlain perfumes. My favorites are L’Heure Bleue and anything Shalimar, but really, all their classics are worth a try, not to mention the l’Art et Matière collection. Which should be no big sacrifice anyway… 🙂

  3. Hi Amy! thank you for this new intresting post!
    I love Guerlain’s fragrances, in my opinion you should try Idylle and L’instant Magic ^_^

  4. Hi Amy,
    thank you for the great post. For scents, try L’Instant Magic, and the absolute classics Shalimar (leave on for at least an hour on skin so it can unfold. Although it’s called a pink juice by critics, do try the 2011 rendition Shalimar Parfum Initial as well) and Samsara.

  5. It looks very nice but i agree with what you say, not sure the price tag is worth it. There are plenty of other temporary tans which might not smell so gorgeous, but look perfectly nice. Shame it’s so expensive really.

    Jo x (@essentiallyjo)

  6. Beautiful review, as usual. Love that range. One thing though. If I am not mistaken, this product is intended for legs.

  7. Hi Amy,

    Thank you for covering another product in the 2013 Terracotta line…I am lusting over this collection! I also appreciate that you (or Liz?) have fair skin and so I can get a good idea of what kind of color we’re talking about from this tanner.

    CAVEAT: Once you start with Guerlain fragrance, you won’t go back.


  8. Guerlain does such beautiful bronzing products!

    As for the fragrances – it’s honestly really hard to go wrong with the classics, Jicky, L’Heure Bleue, Shalimar… And Apres l’Ondee is truly a work of olfactory art. L’Heure Bleue is my favorite so I will second that for a first pick. But I will say, even though Shalimar Parfum Initial is pink and I didn’t like it at first, I’ve been REALLY enjoying it lately – it’s such a beautiful float-y spring version of Shalimar. 🙂 (And also for the record, a number of us find Shalimar EDT/EDC a little heavy on the opening cat pee lavender, so I’d recommend starting with the EDP.)

  9. oooo this actually looks good! i bet i would like it, but it does seem a bit too pricy for what it is. Thanks for sharing!

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