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Armani ETK Taupe Shimmera1a

I succumbed to buying another Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Shimmer Palette in Mystery ($59/ #11). Having had such success with the Armani Eyes to Kill Shimmer in the peachy shimmery Mirage, I wanted to try the taupe-themed version.

Armani ETK Taupe Shimmera3

Giorgio Armani Mystery palette gives an overall light and cool impression. Three of the shades are shimmery and high on the tonal scale. As you can see from these swatches, most of the Armani Mystery are far lighter than the standards Chanel Safari, Shu Uemura ME Silver 945 (discontinued) and Burberry Rosewood.

Armani ETK Taupe Shimmer1 swatches 3c

Here is a comparison with Armani Eyes to Killy Mystery, Chanel Raffinement and Chanel Prelude. Tonally, Chanel Prelude is very, very close to Armani Mystery. However, some of the shades in Armani Mystery are more shimmery. Chanel Raffinement is warmer, with mauve tones compared to the more neutral/cool Armani Mystery.

Chanel Prelude Raffinement Armani Mystery 1a

Like the Armani Eyes to Kill Shimmer in Mirage, Armani Mystery is nicely pigmented, soft, and very easy to work with. Only the deepest liner shade is matte, the other three have a pretty complexity. This is Armani Mystery on Liz, who used primarily the two center shades with a touch of the top shade, with no eyeshadow base.

Armani ETK Taupe Shimmerb1

Liz wearing Armani Mystery with eyes open:

Armani ETK Taupe Shimmerb5

Here’s Liz applying a Nars lip pencil, where you can see Armani Mystery’s texture on the lids:

Nars Hyde Park application1aa

I’ve been using Giorgio Armani’s Eyes to Kill Shimmer in Mystery for a subtle daytime look for the past several days, over my typical Laura Mercier Eye Basic. It gives a pretty, neutral daytime look. Between Mirage and Mystery, I find that the peachy warm Mirage is a touch more flattering. There texture on the Mirage palette is more pearly, it truly is quite unique. Nonetheless, I love a good taupe palette. Certainly, Armani’s Mystery is a beautiful one and would be my preference for those with cooler skin tones for a defined and pretty eye.

Mystery is sold at Nordstrom.com with free ship and free returns.

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  8 Responses to “Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Shimmer Palette in Mystery”

  1. Hi Amy, What a gorgeous quad — I can never get enough cool toned neutrals!

  2. This looks like it could be similar to Chanel Prelude, doesn’t it?

    • I’ll try to do a swatch comparison when the sun comes up here, Anne. I suspect Prelude is a touch warmer, but let’s look at the photos in a bit.

      • Oh- thanks Amy! I have Prelude (I talked a friend into bringing one for me from the US), and I love it. Your review and lovely photos definitely helped me buy it!

  3. I can see some differences, but how do you think Mystery compares to CHANEL’s Raffinement and Tom Ford’s Enchanted (I know; here we go again!)?

  4. What Nars pencil is that – looks lovely on Liz!

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