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Guerlain Four Seasons Bronzers2

Lately I’ve been testing three of Guerlain’s Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzers in Nude 00, Naturel Blondes 02, and Moyen Blondes #04 ($75 each/ 0.35 oz.). These were part of a recent comprehensive release by Guerlain, which considerable expanded their shade range for the 4 Seasons line.  You can see all of the shades here at The Beauty Look Book. These come inside a tortoiseshell compact that is both beautiful and quite strong and sturdy.  The shape fits comfortably in a side pocket of one’s purse, beach tote or carry on.

Guerlain four seasons case

Although I am beyond pleased to see this French company offer shade ranges that will look beautiful on women of all skin tones, I chose Nude (Nude #00), Natural Blondes (Naturel Blondes #02), and Medium Blondes (Moyen Blondes #04) because they fell at the lighter end of the spectrum range to coordinate with my skin tone (MAC NC15/20, Chanel Claire/Ivoire, Guerlain #2).

Guerlain Four Seasons Bronzers3

Although the price point of these is high, the quality level is excellent. These are incredibly finely milled.  Applying them is a luxurious feeling, and they meld beautifully to the skin. These bronzers would never even come close to highlighting or creating imperfections. The formula is truly superb. As you can tell, these bronzers each have four shades that allows you to emphasize certain tones in different seasons for different effects. I think the brush head would have be fairly small to get precise effects (something like a small face highlighter or small contour). I use my standard brushes and swirl over the top.

Guerlain Four Seasons Bronzers1

Here are my thoughts about the colors that I’ve tried on my skin tone. Starting with Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons in Nude 00, this color gives a barely perceptible, natural glow.

Guerlain Four Seasons Bronzers No. Nude 002

The slight pink mixes with the warmer bronzer colors to give a very natural finish. This adds a touch of natural color that helps me look alive, especially when I’m wearing  a medium coverage foundation which covers my natural skin tone variation. It’s a good “winter bronzer” color, when you aren’t expected to show much sun (although it certainly could be worn by those with pale skin tones who love to enhance their natural coloring with just a touch).

Guerlain Four Seasons Bronzers No.002

Nude is a good daytime office bronzer, it doesn’t look like I’ve flown to Hawaii over the weekend. Instead it’s a “is she wearing bronzer?” type of natural look.

Guerlain Four Seasons Bronzers No. 21

Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seaonss in Naturel Blondes 02 gives me a standard bronzer look, sort of similar to Edward Bess Daydream in tonality. I cannot say it more accurately than this–> Naturel Blondes will be a perfect everyday bronzer for summer.

Guerlain Four Seasons Bronzers No. 22

One of the quarters has a very slight touch of shimmer, which mixes with the other powders to give a natural skin effect. There is nothing over the top about this shimmer. Here is Liz wearing Guerlain Naturel Blondes, topped with Burberry Coral Pink Blush and Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Yu.

Nars Yu2

 Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzer in Medium Blondes (Moyen Blondes) on my skin tone is a high drama bronzer that I absolutely love.

Guerlain Four Seasons Bronzers No. 41


As the sun is filling out California spring skies, I’ve enjoying it’s beautiful glow. As with the others, the powder is excellent quality, so that it melds with my skin. Unlike the others, this one does give me a “I’m just back from Hawaii” tan glow.

Guerlain Four Seasons Bronzers No. 42

Although this color will not be for everyone (some may find it too obvious), I find that I love this bronzer particularly when I’m wearing nude tones (which otherwise cause me to fade out), or very vibrant corals and pinks (when my face needs some color for balance).

Here are swatches of all three shades, which don’t do the bronzers justice. One really has to try them on the skin to see how they look once applied.

Guerlain Four Seasons Bronzers4

A reader asks a good question–how does Nude 00 compare to last year’s Burberry Sheer Summer Glow palette? Here are some swatches that show that Burberry’s Summer Glow is swatching much more bronzy/shimmery than Guerlain’s 4 Seasons Nude 00:

Guerlain 4 seasons comparisons1a

Overall, this trio is a beautiful selection of shades. The quality is excellent, really worthy of a luxury line.

Available at Nordstrom.com and other Guerlain counters.

 Cafe Makeup received Nars Yu without charge for consideration for review. This post includes affiliate links (for more information, see About Cafe Makeup)

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  19 Responses to “Guerlain Terracotta Four Seasons Bronzers: Nude, Natural Blondes and Medium Blondes”

  1. I think Guerlain has one of the best bronzers out there, they look so natural and every skintone can find a match I think. I am very pale and currently using the new bronzer and loving it! I agree with you, it looks incredibly natural and the deeper shades add a ‘I am back from hawaii’ touch 😉

  2. I’m not a fan of bronzers…they always look muddy to me, on my skin and on others.

    Don’t love it on Liz – her natural coloring is so pretty and delicate, I don’t think it’s flattering.

  3. Hi. Thank you for the swatches! I am wondering how the Nude shade compares to the Burberry Summer Glow highlighter from last summer? Thanks!

    • Good question, Suzanne. I’ll try to do some swatching later on? Please check back tomorrow. If I can do it, I will.

      • Thank you! Looking forward to it!

      • Thank you for the comparison against the Burberry compact! I’m shocked how much more golden the Burberry appears next to the Guerlain nude. Very helpful! Now I can own both, lol.

      • I was wondering that too! If I may also add to the request, could you also compare it to the Dior Aurora bronzer please? (The one with the basket weave pattern in the powder.) If I recall correctly, that also had peachy-pink woven in, so it would be nice to see the two side by side. I would be so grateful.
        Lovely reviews as always.

    • Thanks for asking this!!! Comparison swatches are very helpful, and Amy, thanks a lot for listening to your readers 🙂

  4. These look really great and I just might have to visit a counter to try them out, at least the first two. There’s no way I could convince someone I’ve been to Hawaii with the contrast to my winter pale skin! I would say that Guerlain makes the best bronzers for my skin tone, it’s very hard to end up looking orange which I’ve done with other ones I’ve tried.

  5. Hi, thank you for review and swatches. I only got Natural blondes but still eyeing Nude and Medium Blondes . Not that I need another bronzer, probably as much as a whole in my head but no one makes bronzers like Guerlain.

  6. Sold, sold and SOLD! Naturel Blondes 02 looks fantastic and I cannot wait to pick it up. Thanks for the review!

  7. I got last week 4 seasons bronzer in 04 medium blondes… my skin is quite darker (around NC30, sometimes between NC25-30) and I totally love it. I tried 03 natural brunette and it didn’s show up on my skin, while 05 medium brunettes was way too dark and made me look burnt. It’s funny, since I’m a brunette.

    I’m currently pairing it with Terracotta Light 02 Blondes, but plan to pair it with Terracotta Light 04 Sun Blondes, since the latter is pinker.

    By the way, I’m using it today in a similar way Liz in this post: with Nars Yu satin lip pencil and Burberry Hydrangea Pink blush (I found it first than Coral Pink).

    I was initially interested in 08 Ebony, which is probably too dark for me but has this marvelous Coral shade. Fortunately, a lovely MUAer let me know that coral I fell in love with, is really close to the red in Guerlain Red Hot blush duo, so I don’t need it anymore.

    Overall, I’m very happy with my Guerlain 4 seasons bronzer 🙂

    Thanks for your review and swatches, they are always very helpful

  8. I love your blog! The tips and products you share are great! You seem to really know what you’re doing. I just started a blog of my own and would love for you to check it out! Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated!

  9. I have this in 03 – Naturel Brunettes, and I’m surprised by how much I like it. I don’t normally go for bronzer at all, I’m Snow White pale and I like it that way, but when I stopped by the Guerlain counter the SA put it on me and it just looked so incredible I had to buy it. I thought 00 would be the one for me, but 03 works really nicely. I also have the Burberry compact from last year, and I’ll probably be using that more this year. What brushes would you suggest for the Guerlain or the Burberry? I never seemed to have much luck with the Burberry compact even using their brush, so I’m looking for other ideas.

    • The Armani Blush brush works with anything that is softly pigmented and so works well for the Burberry. Actually that Armani brush will beat the pigment out of almost anything. It’s not scratchy, but it does mean business. It works with the liquid Fluid Sheers too. For the Guerlain, I can use almost anything from a blush brush to a kabuki, depending on how densely I’d like it applied (and how quickly I’m working.).

  10. […] I also love Guerlain bronzers (comprehensive review of a few of the new four seasons shades here on Cafe Makeup) and since I read Allison Williams (serious girl crush!) swears by this Jouer bronzer to contour, […]

  11. I remember stealing my sisters Guerlain bronzer in high school and how much she wanted to kill me for it. I absolutely loved that bronzer until it was nothing but an empty compact! I never could bring myself to pay full price for another though. Maybe some day! These look so beautiful.

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