Mac Nudes & Metallics Group 21

MAC is just releasing a Pro-only collection called Nudes & Metallics, which consists of coordinating eyeshadows and lipsticks. Essentially, the Nudes collection includes four light-to-dark shades in soft finishes. As the name suggests, the Metallics are richly pigmented, metal-shine colors. Although I do not typically buy much MAC, this pro release had the promise of satisfying my craving for neutrals with a twist, so I invested in the eyeshadows of this collection.

MAC Nudes & Metallics group 11

Details on this release are little hard to track down. According to Temptalia, the collection is MAC PRO store (4/18/13) and PRO Online only (mid June 2013). Non-PRO members should buy from a Pro store now, because non-pro members do not have access to the MAC Pro online site.

MAC Metallic Group

This review considers MAC PRO’s Metallic eyeshadowsLove’s Lure, Crimson Tryst, Deep Fixation, and Brazenly ($15 each). These have a Veluxe Pearl finish–really, the softness, finish, and highly metallic quality of this group is extraordinary. These Metallics give consistent, rich payoff of the type that gave the Veluxe Pearl finish its great reputation so many years ago. It’s back, and it’s Pro.

MAC Metallics Group1

MAC Love’s Lure is a metallic deep red with raspberry undertones.

MAC Love's Lure1

Love’s Lure outdoors:

MAC Love's Lure2

MAC Deep Fixation is a high-shine metallic brown:

MAC Deep Fixation1

Deep Fixation outdoors:

MAC Deep Fixation

MAC Crimson Tryst is a very complex color with berry and fuchsia:

MAC Crimson Tryst1a

Crimson Tryst outdoors:

MAC Crimson Tryst Outdoors1a

MAC Brazenly is an amazing deep purple duochrome. The color is so deep that it works for all ages, it avoids classification as a summer bright because it is so close to black.

MAC Brazenly Indoors1a

Brazenly outdoors:

MAC Brazenly4

Here are the swatches:

MAC Metallics Swatched1b

MAC Metallics swatched:

MAC Metallics Swatched2b

Here’s the set tilted down so you can see some of the duo chrome effect:

MAC Metallics Swatched3b

Tilted up:

MAC Metallics Swatched4b

These are accent colors, that can be used to add some on-trend dash to a summer look. Really nice–if you get only one, get Brazenly. It’s a really good non-black.  The Nudes released in parallel in this same collection are reviewed here.

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