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Over the past several weeks, Dior has released the Diorskin Nude BB Creme ($44/1 oz.). I bought the Diorskin Nude with some hesitancy, because I really love Diorsnow UV Shield BB Creme. I really like the Diorsnow BB Creme’s SPF 50 rating, the medium coverage, and the overall feel and look when applied. Parenthetically, the Diorsnow BB Creme has never left me with a single clogged pore. Nonetheless, in the interest of Dior science, I took the plunge to try the Diorskin Nude version.

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One advantage to the new Diorskin BB Creme is that it is offered in four shades. Although some lines have only one colors, others have five–like Goldilocks, Dior must have decided that four shades are just right. You can see swatches of all colors on Karen’s site at the Makeup and Beauty Blog. After doing a swatch test at Nordstrom’s counter, I found that Diorskin #002 was a good match for my Chanel Claire/Ivoire, MAC NC15/20 skintone.

Dior BB Cream swatches1 copy

Here are some comparisons with Diorskin Nude BB Creme in #002, Diorsnow UV Shield BB Creme, Nars Tinted Moisturizer in Alaska, Chanel Perfection Lumiere #20 Beige, MAC Pro Longwear NC 15, and Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in #118. Of all of the swatches, above, Diorskin Nude BB Creme is the sheerest. However, Diorskin Nude BB Creme is genius when layered. I was able to add 2 and 3 layers over problematic areas without getting any texture or caking up.

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Diorskin Nude BB Creme is rated at SPF 10, a significant difference from Diorsnow UV Shield’s SPF 50. As California moves into the sunniest season, this lower sunscreen rating makes Diorsnow UV Shield a better product in my calculation. Yes, I do use a separate sunscreen but it’s nice to have on those rushed days. Of course, Diorsnow’s very limited available shade range is a great downside.

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 Diorskin Nude BB Creme has the easy travel portability, similar to the squeeze tube of the Nars Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturizer (reviewed here). Between those two, Nars Tinted Moisturizer has a larger available color range, stronger coverage, and lasts longer throughout the day. Also, Nars Tinted Moisturizer has SPF 30 plus skin care ingredients that help reduce dark spots and hyper pigmentation. Diorskin Nude does not advertise those qualities.

Dior BB Cream swatches2

I noticed that Diorskin Nude BB Creme has a long dry-down period. This means that the product seemed to stay moist on my skin for a good 20 minutes before I felt that it had settled down. I don’t like to apply blush over wet foundation, because it can go patchy. I usually resolved this by adding Nars Light Reflecting Loose Powder on top, so that I could proceed to add powder blush or bronzer faster.

Overall, Diorskin Nude BB Creme gives a nice, natural, sheer, glowy coverage. It feels much more like a light tinted moisturizer than a BB creme, nonetheless the 4-shade range is an advantage.

My personal take is that the higher-SPF coverage products in my drawer (Nars Tinted Moisturizer and Diorsnow UV Shield BB Creme) are better suited to my own needs. However, I’ve come to recognize that foundations and base products are very much “your mileage may vary” type products. Dior’s offering fills a nice niche for those looking for a simple, comfortable, moisturizing, and sheer product.

Ingredient and use listing (click to enlarge):

Dior BB Cream03


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  22 Responses to “Diorskin Nude BB Cream: My Thoughts”

  1. I don’t like BB creams at all, thanks to that “wet” period you mention. On me, that extends into a greasy feel that lasts throughout the day. I I’ve tried this Dior BB with extensive sampling and it never improved, although I will qualify this by saying that I live in humid Florida and tend to do much better with a long-wearing foundation.

    On the up side, I thought the four-color range was an improvement and that the colors had enough range to work with many skin tones.

    • I feel for you Suzanna. I was in Florida for a few months last fall and that heat melts almost everything. Which foundations do you prefer? I settled on 2-3 that held up pretty well, I’m thinking of doing a ‘hot humid weather’ makeup post for summer soon.

  2. I tried this in store and loved the shade selection (warm shades–yay!) and the feel but unfortunately it’s much too moisturizing and dewy for my super oily skin :/ I think it’s great though! Dior did an awesome job with it

  3. Great post. The Diorsnow UV Shield BB Creme has been one of my all time favorite bb cream, so I’m quite hesitant on if I should get this or not. This sounds like a wonderful product, but the lower SPF doesn’t make me too happy.

    • You know Angela, I think we’re about to see a whole bunch of BB and CC creams. I’m curious about the new Guerlain BB Cream, and the Chanel CC Cream. If you are hesitant, I would hold off on this one. One of them will probably work better for your needs (I can imagine the variety that we will see will be mind boggling!) and I’m hoping that the shade ranges and sun protection improve.

  4. I swatched this the other day, but my major gripe is the low SPF. I think I’ll stick to Hydra Life which has a healthy 30, though it’s nice that these have at least 4 shades. Hydra Life matches me well during the warmer months, but it’s not something I can wear all year.

  5. Thank you very much for the review. I had a tester of last year’s BB Creme (in Germany we have Dior Hydra Life BB creme with SPF 30), there is only one color and I believe it is almost the same as Dior Snow shown above. Even for me NC 20 -25 skin it was too dark. I really liked the consistency and the coverage though. Later on I have seen Nude BB creme on the counter but they told me it is only for around the eyes (which was wrong information as there is a new one coming up for eye area with a sponge tipped applicator) so i didn’t purchase it. As it seems too sheer it was probably the right decision for a wrong cause anyway.

  6. I have taken your advice of major sunscreen for the past year or so and have been using Nars tinted moisturizer, too. However, my husband usually picked it up when he would visit home in Illinois. I just bought the Canadian version of Nars tinted moisturizer here in Canada, and there is no SPF! This is also true of Chanel Les Beiges (Canada version).

    My question is , with the array of skincare I use, when should I apply the sunscreen? I use perricone toner, formula 15, then face finishing moisturizer. Should it be sunscreen next and then the tinted moisturizer? It just feels like so much! What is your procedure? Thanks!

    • I apply the sunscreen after all of my skincare (formula 15, moisturizer), but before the moisturizer. So we’re twins! 🙂 It’s a lot of products, but to me the sunscreen is the most important one.

  7. From the pictures it doesn’t look like BB cream, it is more like light foundation 🙂

  8. I love this BB cream. I live in Mississippi and it holds out just fine all day. I haven’t tried the Nars or the other BB creams though. If I need it to last day through night I mix with my doir forever foundation and its perfect.

    Although this has a pink tint to it, so I don’t know how that’d translate for warmer skin tones.

  9. I just bought this, a couple days ago they put it on my face when I was on my lunch break I got lots of compliments from my collega’s afterwards that I had such a beautiful healthy glow so of course after that I had to buy it. I think it looks very natural looking and like the texture and smell.

  10. I understand the Dior Snow UV BB was being discontinued for this new version. I loved that it had SPF 50 as I am very fair. Have purchased every tube from my local Nordstrom has. Suppose I will layer a high SPF under this one as long as I am happy with the color/coverage. Thanks for sharing.

    • See, this is what I am afraid of. I have one backup, now I’m worried. Thanks for sharing the information, maybe I need to look at Keihl’s BB creme next. It has SPF 50.

  11. I don’t think this would really be worth the price tag for something that doesn’t offer a very high SPF and only comes in 4 shades. If I was going to go with a BB cream, I’d probably pick one like the Smashbox BB cream or the Dior one with more coverage.

  12. I have this in shade 001 and I really love it. I don’t need or want full coverage, and this gives me a lovely, radiant finish that’s not dewy or shiny. The best way I’ve been able to describe it is that this BB cream (which isn’t really one but I digress) makes my skin look like velvet, and I love it. No, it’s not a BB cream if you go by Korean standards, but most American BB creams are closer to tinted moisturizers than bb creams anyway. For what it is, I think it’s a great product. If I want a more traditional BB cream I have Missha’s Perfect Cover.

  13. I really don’t get American BB Creams at all! Seems like another name for a Tinted Moisturizer!

    • It really is. I think the brands are all just trading on the “BB” name for the Western markets, bringing us products that the Asians wouldn’t even consider BB because they know better. Did you know that brands that have BB creams in both Western and Asian markets have different ones for both? I’ve seen reviews of both Bobbi Brown and Garnier BB Creams where the Asian and Western versions were compared. Basically, the Western ones compared unvfavourably each time. There are so many to choose from that I’ve pretty much written out Western brands for BB cream (that or to look for the Asian version).

      I wasn’t surprised that this one was thinner and with lower SPF than the Diorsnow, which is formulated for the Asian market. Much as I love Dior, I’m not going to bother with this one.

  14. Took a sample of this home today. I really liked the way it wore, but it’s nothing I’d sing home about, especially given the huge loss of SPF content from Dior Snow (which was, unfortunately, too dark and warm for me). For the price, I think I’m liable to look elsewhere.

  15. Great post! I have been using the Diorsnow BB Creme for a while and love it. Thanks for giving this one a go but I don’t think I’ll be doing the same. When you find something you love why change!! xx

  16. I love the Nude BB and I am super oily! I top it with Dior Forever powder, and I stay matte for hours 🙂 I know for a fact that the Diorsnow BB is NOT being discontinued. In fact, some Dior counters will be carrying a Diorsnow BB shade #010 (yay!!) and #020 (this is the same color shade as the original tube– the tubes will be larger as well and show their shade number, but the formula you love is the same as it has always been)! I cannot wait to try the lighter shade!!!

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