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Dior Paradise Duo Bronzer 203Dior does bronzers so well. This summer’s release include two blush/bronzer duos–the Dior Nude Tan Paradise Blush & Bronzer Duos in Pink Glow #1 and Coral Glow #2 ($56 each) They’re both beautiful.

Dior Paradise Duo Bronzer 207

Both are packed in a velveteen slipcover together with a small kabuki brush (which has its own velveteen slipcover).

Dior Paradise Duo Bronzer 202

Dior Nude Tan Paradise Blush & Bronzer in Pink Glow #2 has a lighter bronzer color and a cool-toned pink blush. 

Dior Paradise Duo Bronzer 11a

As with other Dior bronzers, the powder is finely milled and has a flattering sheen that mimics a healthy skin texture (without sparkle or shimmer).

Dior Paradise Duo Bronzer 14

Dior Nude Tan Paradise Blush & Bronzer in Coral Glow #2 has a slightly deeper bronzer and warm coral blush that packs a beautiful pigmentation level.

Dior Paradise Duo Bronzer 205a

Like Pink Glow, Coral glow has the same beautiful Dior texture. 

Dior Paradise Duo Bronzer 206a

The split pans are relatively small, but it is possible to keep the application separate by using a small headed highlighter or blush brush.  To play with the blush and bronzer portions separately, I’ve been using this Hakuhodo H2109 blush brush, which has a small, dense head.

Hakuhodo H21091

Another good choice is a MAC 165 Cheek & Highlighter brush. Of course, any blush/powder brush can be used if you with to swirl the colors together, which gives a beautiful effect as well. Here are swatches of both bronzers, separately and mixed. As you can see, mixing Pink Glow with the bronzer really warms up the color nicely. In fact, the more that you mix Dior Pink Glow with the bronzer the coolness of the pink blush disappears almost entirely:

Dior Paradise Bronzer Swatches3

Here is Liz in Dior Pink Glow #1:

Dior Bronzer Paradise No 1a

And here she is in Dior Coral Glow #2:

Dior Bronzer Paradise No. 2b

As you might expect, we love these (Liz prefers Coral Glow, I love both). Another lovely summer bronzer set from Dior–well done, beautifully executed in its packaging and quality.

Available at:,, and other Dior points of sale.

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  9 Responses to “Dior Paradise Duo Blush and Bronzer Duos: Pink Glow #1 and Coral Glow #2”

  1. For someone with no bronzers and my only contour a bit too light in MAC MSF natural medium dark (though I’m ordering that same hakuhodo brush and I think my old revlon angled brush may be the issue), would you suggest springing for something like this or going for a contour like Burberry’s Earthy blush. Sorry, I know they’re not really comparable products but I need something for every day contouring and I’m on a limited budget so I can’t get both at this time. I’m NC/W 15 or Armani Maestro 5 for reference.

  2. So beautiful had a hard time choosing so glad to hear that Amy prefers coral glow cause’s thats the one I finally got! Thanks for reviewing will you be reviewing anything else of the bird of paradise collection?

    • No–this is it for me. I didn’t invest in the eyeshadows, the colors aren’t ones that I would use often enough to invest in.

  3. hi amy! coral glow was used on me at a dior event recently. i’m extremely pale and, it worked nicely for me. i did not like the eyeshadow offerings at all. i’m much more comfortable with a more neutral pallette. are there any pallettes that you would recommend to coordinate with coral glow? i guess i should have looked at what dior offered in their “regular” line but, i’m funny when it comes to makeup. i want something new and not colors that have been sitting on the shelves for awhile. i guess that sounds strange. anyway, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! thankyou!! xo,

    • I’d keep an eye out for MAC Bare My Soul (just releasing now). Also combining colors like Chanel Moonstone with a deep taupe powder in the corner (maybe Guerlain Cuivre?). If you have Chanel Topkaki, that should work well. Nars Kalahari, or the Dior Nude Glow trio are other options. I’m thinking that something with a touch of warmth coordinates well with the coral.

      In this picture, Liz is wearing some colors from the Nars Hearts New York palette. We thought that it pulled together pretty well with the red lip color that she’s wearing.

  4. Coral Glow is gorgeous! I love the shade mixing the blush and bronzer makes.

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