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Chanel Moon River1

Chanel has released a collection of six shimmering cream shadow sticks for Summer 2013.  Cool to the touch, most of these are vibrant colors that include a warm gold, an electric blue, and a shimmering jade green. I understand that these look fabulous on dark skin tones. Unfortunately, these are not colors that I can wear. A sales associate at a major retailer didn’t even try to contradict me when I confessed that “these don’t look like my colors.” However, she did convince me that one of them–the shimmering champagne Chanel Moon River ($34)–was necessary.

Chanel Moon River12

Summer calls for simplicity, particularly for day. Chanel Moon River is a twist-up pencil in a chic slim cylinder. This is an easy-to-swipe-on lifesaver that, when paired with a black liner and a brown powder crease color, gives me an effortless eye that looks polished and pretty.

Chanel Moon River16

Applied by itself in very warm weather, a few swipes gives a cool silver-cream sheer wash of shimmer. It’s so glowy and pretty, adding a touch of a moonlight-toned lightness to the lid.  The formula is a little unusual–it’s tenacious, but it creases on me after several hours (no primer, warm weather).  A quick swipe in my crease will allows the creasing to dissipate, and there is still plenty of shadow left for a pretty look.  It feels cool to the touch, and very calming, which is helpful when the thermometer starts pegging.

Chanel Moon River15

You might be surprised to find me recommending Chanel Moon River anyway. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. No one does shimmer sparkle like Chanel. No one. Their imperfect, creasy crazy cream eyeshadow is glowy, elegant, magical and lovely.  It just looks so good, and adds something to my face that no other shimmering eyeshadow does. It makes my eyes and skin look better, even though it isn’t a textbook-perfect formulation.

Burberry Dark Spices

Liz and I discovered that a soft matte brown is key to making Moon River work. Here, we used the second shade from Burberry Mocha quad.  Using a powder in the crease also seems to keep Moon River from creasing.

Chanel Moon River Eye11b

Here’s a look on Liz using Chanel Moon River, Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle, Burberry Light Glow Blush in Hydrangea Pink, and Laura Mercier Matt Radiance Baked Powder in Highlight (review to come soon), over Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation. Overall, this gives her skin and eyes a pretty, elegant glow.

Chanel Moon River look 1

Here are some swatches of Chanel Moon River, next to MAC Powerchrome in Rich Glance (the most tenacious, most crease-proof, and most pigmented), Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Rosegold (runs pink-gold and is a more standard metal cream formulation compared with Chanel’s fairy-ephemeral glowy-sparkle), and Dior Twin Set in Beige Ribbon (messier, more subtle compared to Chanel).

Chanel Moon River swatches10a


Chanel Moon River swatches12

Aside from the nail polish (review to come) and Moon River, I didn’t get anything else from Chanel Summer 2013. For the first time in my memory, Chanel did not release a bronzer, blush, highlighter or other product. I didn’t fall in love with the lip products.  As I am a tried and true Chanel fan, I feel like I’m missing something. Did you find yourself getting anything?

Chanel Moon River is available at and other sources of Chanel makeup.

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  23 Responses to “Cool, Shimmering Summer Lids: Chanel Moon River Fresh Effects Eye Shadow”

  1. I do love this look. I picked up the Rouge Coco Shine in Pygmalion, which I love, and just went back to day for the Rouge Coco Amant, which may end up being my favorite lip color until fall. While at Nordstoms I swatch the nail colors Cinema and Paparazzi. Cinema was a soft, warm red that looked great on my hands, so I bought it, and another shopper saw the Paparazzi on my nail and bought it! I sampled the fresh effect eye shadow and had glitter on my cheeks by the time I got home. Great idea to layer it over the Burberry shadow. These two high end lines have a very different sensibility about color but occasionally there is a luck mix and match.

  2. Liz looks lovely Amy, as always! 🙂 I actually picked up three of the stylo eyeshadows, in Moon River (of course, I’m powerless against a taupe, especially one form Chanel), Pink Lagoon and Black Stream. Incidentally, Black Stream is almost identical to the MAC powerchrome pencil in Polished jet once applied. My favorite amongst these has to be Pink Lagoon because it has just enough of a coppery tinge to it to be flattering on my deep skin tone. I’m also biased in that I’m really fond of pink shadows like the Armani ETK in number 7 which is quite “pink” in the pot but goes on as a beautiful, almost plummy wash to brighten up and add life to a neutral eye look. I reached for Pink Lagoon on two consecutive days when I needed to get ready quickly and needed a polished subtle smokey eye. I paired it with MAC’s Mystery eyeshadow in the crease with a deep brown pencil liner and was happy with it’s effect. As for the other items from the collection I picked up Pygmalion, the blue liner and the blue/green polishes 🙂

  3. This looks amazing. I’m such a fan of cream shadows, especially the Caviar Sticks from LM. The rest of this collection from Chanel really doesn’t seem to be their best work though, sadly…

    Jillicious Cosmetics

  4. I got the new quad and it’s amazing. I’m fair-skinned and have blue-grey eyes, so I first thought all those blues are not my colours too. Wrong! Blue and turquoise look fantastic on someone with fair skin. Sure, the colours don’t stand out so much like on the dark-skinned beauties. But as a pale girl you have other qualities. Wearing blues and greens make you look like an elven queen, trust me on this.
    The gold stylo should also work for blue eyes. I’m still undecided if I need it, since I have some spectacular golds already, but I guess I’ll kick myself if I let it go.

  5. hi amy! i’m running late for work so, i’ll add another response later….questions…..could you please suggest other shadows for the crease, especially single ones?? any from burberry or chanel?? or any other brand. i don’t want to buy a quad unless i can use all of the colors. i love liz’s look but, could you suggest blush and lippie for a more corally look. i have a very fair complexion. thankyou very, very much!!! happy thursday!! xo.

    • Hi Wendy, I don’t think either Chanel or Burberry have a medium matte brown single.

      If you want to stay in those brands, Chanel Taupe Gris (cool) or Burberry Rosewood (neutral) would be nice choices. Maybe Chanel Fawn. None of these are matte–the Burberry Rosewood has the least shimmer. Fortunately, the shimmer in any of them is pretty subtle. I’ve heard that the Guerlain taupe loose shadow that is out right now for summer is good with Moon River too (but it’s shimmery too). For mattes, MAC Wedge or Cork, or a dark shade like Espresso would work. Bobbi Brown has a lot of nice mattes.

      Burberry Tangerine blush might be nice, or MAC Ripe for Love (hard to find, but worth a look). The Dior Coral Glow Blush/Bronzer duo is beautiful too. Dior Diablotine on lips would be very pretty (reviewed here at The Beauty Look Book), or Chanel Pygmalion that was released with this summer collection.

  6. amy, what liner did liz wear under her eye? is it the new mac black “stick” from temperature rising collection? and, did she use a liner on her upper lid? thankyou so much!! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! i don’t have a burberry counter here in cincinnati. do you think that quad would be good for fair skin? xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hi Wendy, no it’s the Prestige Total Intensity in black (no liner on upper lashline, just mascara). Yes, the Burberry quad is beautiful on fair skin!

      • i was checking out burberry on nordsrem’s website. i saw the burberry quad but, there seems to be few pieces, like the blush…did not see tangerine, to choose from. i wonder if their phasing this brand out? i call them later, maybe they can put a lok together for me? xo.

  7. Moon River is about my favorite piece in this collection! I love the pairing Liz did. Her eyes really sparkle with Moon River!

  8. Just love this pen I got moon rivier and jade shore if you use a base underneath like the too faced glitter glue they do not budge at all and no glitters on your face, I have oilly eyelides and even without the primer they do not pile up in the crease thankfully. I got all three nail polishes and the Pygmalion lipstick. I do not know if I will be getting any of the colour mascara’s?

  9. Like you, I only picked up Moon River and the polishes. I wasn’t impressed with Chanel’s summer collection at all. It does seem rather strange there wasn’t a bronzer in the collection (although between GA, Tom Ford, Guerlain and Dior my pocketbook is happy there wasn’t).

  10. Hi Amy; Hi Wendy

    Amy, you said it was the Burberry Dark Spices quad that was used, but your picture looks exactly like the Mocha quad. Mistake? I’ve read comments from Wendy before and know that she is quite fair. Dark Spices would be very intense and warm on her skin whereas Mocha would be lovely.

  11. I also picked up Moon River and Azure. I wore Moon River over the Nars primer and it stuck like glue…funny, since I didn’t have the Burberry I used one of the browns from the Armani ETK palette #04 in my crease. Same idea! I really would like another one since the shimmer is beautiful and it feels great going on, especially now that NYC is hitting 90 – ugh!

  12. I love this shade! It reminds me very much of the eyeliner rose plantain released a couple summers ago. Oh how i always wished they would come out with the same shade in their illusion d ombres. This is so convenient in stick form, i bought a back up may have to pick up another.

  13. I agree–I wasn’t super impressed with this particular Chanel collection. I actually hadn’t planned to pick up anything from this one but then I started seeing more and more reviews/swatches of Moon River pop up and I KNEW I had to have it! I know just what you mean about the sparkle–it’s so very shiny and fun yet understated and very “Chanel”. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! 😀

  14. Sorry to be a dummy, but for the matte brown, did you recommend using it on top of Moon River, just in the crease, or both? Thanks!

    • We used it just in the crease. We didn’t want to use it on top, because they you wouldn’t see the shimmer/glow of Moon River at all. Thank you for your comment! 🙂

  15. This is absolutely gorgeous! <3 i love how it looks on you!

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