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Oribe Volumista ($38) Mist for Volume is, as the name suggests, is a treatment spray used to give hair some oomph. Beautifully packaged in a tasteful paper box that whispers “this smells nice” (and it does, it does), this is a quick and easy way to give yourself some pouf. Not being talented with round brush twirling or major rollers. I just spray mostly into my roots, dry my hair upside down using a blow drying, and voila, I’ve got some all-day volume.

Oribe Volumista2a

 The bottle is a lightweight plastic:

Oribe Volumista4

Although this isn’t designed to be beachy, I notice that it does give my hair some separation along with the volume. Also, my hair feels dryer when I wear it, a little bit like wearing some of the surf-type hair products. At any rate, I usually use some oil on the ends when I’m using Oribe Volumista because I want my hair to look soft and conditioned rather than just back from the surf (although that can be fun too).

Orible Volumista1

I’m still experimenting with volume-creating products–do you have any suggestions?  

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This is far more volume that I can handle. But it’s nice to see how far this product can be pushed.

Oribe products are available at Barney’s with free shipping (affiliate link).


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